Adios, Kofi the Boob

| December 11, 2006

Kofi Annan couldn’t help but endear himself further to the anti-American wing of world opinion. Blaming the US and our President for his own greed and complacency, Annan warned, hypocritically, I might add, that “The Security Council is not just another stage on which to act out national interests”.

I guess it’s the stage where we act out our personal interests, instead. Like Security Council members who were paid off to protect Hussein’s regime from the inevitable. When a great, lumbering oaf like the UN under Annan has refuses to act as they’ve refused to act against Hezbollah, as they’ve refused to act in support of the refugees of Darfor, as they refused to act to save Rwandans, as they’ve refused to act to wrestle Somalia from the al-Quada warlords, as they let Bosnians and Kosovars languish under their respective oppressors.

I think it’s just a little bit strange that Annan relied on the United States, soley, to bring peace to the world in his early years, in Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, Somalia, East Timor, etc. while the rest of the world joyfully tagged along with just enough support to call it a UN mission, but when a real threat has raised up, and huge amounts of cash was exchanged, the UN suddenly draws up in the fetal position and then criticizes the US for acting with a cobbled-together coalition.

Shame on you, Kofi. How many people have died for your legacy of peace at any cost? 

Jules Crittenden has the transcript translation of what Kofi meant to say. Funny stuff.

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