Democrats’ oppositon; common sense

| December 11, 2006

From today’s Washington Times, a story from Donald Lambro about Obama’s threat to Hillary’s run at the Presidency;

 “Barack Obama is a threat to Hillary, but only if he makes a contrasting case against her,” said Democratic adviser David Sirota, a top strategist in Ned Lamont’s come-from-behind Democratic primary upset over Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, who went on to win the general election as an independent.
    “If it’s a popularity contest between two well-known Democratic politicians, then he isn’t much of a threat. But if he starts campaigning on the issues of the Iraq war, on economic issues in contrast to Hillary, who voted for the war resolution, opposed calls for early troop withdrawals and supports free-trade issues that have destroyed jobs here, then he’s a real, major threat,” Mr. Sirota said.
    These Democrats say he has the political talent and grass-roots appeal to overtake Mrs. Clinton in a party that is hungry for new leadership.

If this is really the case, and I have no reason to doubt it, the threat isn’t from the opposition of the two prospective candidates, it’s from a lack of a common sense among Democrat voters.

They seem to be convinced that the majority of Americans are actually behind them after squeaking by Republicans in the midterms – something they should have been able to do over the last four elections if you believe their rhetoric.

They actually believe that Americans are generally opposed to tax cuts and free markets. They actually believe that Americans don’t think the war against terror is neccessary.

Regardless of their party or political proclivities, Americans usually act in their own self-interests, not, as Democrats would have us believe, as some huge generous ATM for the world. Americans are much more worried about their own families, their own take-home pay, their own retirement than they are about that piece of crap “framework” of Pelosi’s.

I know Democrats are convinced that they got some huge mandate in November, and if they still continue to believe that for the next two years, the American voters will hand them their collective ass.

ADDED: Read John Fund’s opinion piece in the WSJ on Pelosi and the challenges to ethics promises pre-campaign.

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