Goofy Bastards, grabasstic clusterphucks that should have been spit out.

| August 28, 2018

We get all kinds of reports.  There is always that small band of Mental Masturbators who seem to want to do little more than diddle their life away being scumbags.  Here is an example:

Some people take pride in being Integrity Retarded, they get their kicks by seeing how much of their own flatulence they can huff.  I realize there are women into Pegging and the Cuckold thing and they deserve to have someone to live out their dreams with.  I often wonder if their mothers were loving women that just wanted to be proud of their sons.  Or, maybe this kind of thing is all my fault for supporting their mothers during their donkey show at the hump hump bar.  I once spent a whole roll of quarters to watch one of these ladies drop them one by one into glasses of Tequila while…sorry I digressed.   Anyway,  I would like to apologize if some act of mine had unintended consequences and resulted in the conception of a few moral mongrels.

This one likes to play some kind of Air Force Kink too.

I don’t really have much time to play with Spike, but he seems lonely.   The sphincter of service has a Facebook Page if you are so inclined to visit with him.

In other news of this nature, there are still those who think Jonn gives a phuck what they think about him.  I know Jonn would like me to pass on the fact that it may not be possible for him to give a phuck less about them now that he is dead than he did when he was alive.   I checked the spam folders for someone today,  no living monument could be more satisfying to Jonn than knowing that he is still living large in the heads of those he exposed for what they are.     If a comment or two squeak through that say bad things about Jonn,  smile when you see them…I do.




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“Spike” looks like a two-hole worker…

Green Thumb


jim h

he’s definitely got a thing for three star rank. suppose he can be an Army LTG and a Navy VADM to round it out?

Combat Historian

Is Lt. Gen. Batista the new Commander of Space Force?

Deplorable B Woodman

Yes. The Space between his ears.


Army Overseas Ribbon on USMC uniform. Nice touch. Can anyone recognize anything else on his left side, or are they of the “Commemorative Medals” variety?



JROTC ribbons?


But it’s so purty, isn’t it???


I think that’s a National Defense Service Ribbon on that USMC uniform wearer’s right side and the ribbon for a Purple Heart?? (Aww come on you gotta be….) Are there repeats on his left side rack? Is that an Army NCO development ribbon on the second row from the top?

Ummm, I think there may be bats in the belfry (or an IQ below 80).

2/17 Air Cav

The worst thing for those who would speak ill of Jonn is to unpublished. They write. They send. They get frustrated. The thought of it makes me smile. Sure, one day, a nastigram make sneak through but it won’t be up long enough for the sender to read it twice.


“…but it won’t be up long enough for the sender to read it twice.”

Count on it. I went through the spam folder once before Jonn could cull it- there are some very nasty assholes out there. And they mean us harm.

2/17 Air Cav

Guarding the gates. Thanks AW1Ed and thank you, Dave.

jim h

minor point of clarification: even though they are reading the really nasty stuff, I tend to believe that the gates are being guarded from the likes of us getting out…

I mean, think of it. most all of us are combat veterans, pretty highly organized, know how to work as a cohesive unit, are pretty technically competent, know how to work with (or around) the law, and have enough firing synapses to keep us from becoming lawn darts ourselves. here, we can be lunatics in our own asylum. sent out into the world….one shudders to think.


Kind of an “I’m medicated for your protection” type of thing? 🙂


If you could just collect all that drivel into one volume, the royalties might support at least 5 years ahead for TAH.

Think of the possibilities: How To Be a Really Wretched Troll!


Justin Paisley is crapping on Jonns good name on his Facebook. I added this here to help stop the prick..

2/17 Air Cav

Yeah, Friend, that will have an impact. How many people follow that guy on FB, not counting him, the other him, and the other him? On the other hand, a Google of his name for whatever reason reveals him to be a spotlighted military phony.
That makes the score:
Good guys: 3
Him: 0

A Proud Infidel®™

“Batista” looks like a a wannabe “Private Pyle” pretending to be an LTG in the top pic and looks like a “Blobfish” wannabe in the second!


The head gear hides the lobotomy scar


Whiz Wheel™® score:

Felipe Philip Batista (FLTPSM*) 33 x 9 = 297

*Full Loonie Tunes Past Shower Mold (Hat Tip to 25X)



His real name could be Felipe Batista Cifuentes (Philip)


Okay. Whiz Wheel™® recalculation:

Felipe Batista Cifuentes (Philip)(Spike)

82 x 9 = 738

Sgt Fon

no idea what this story was about….


Even though Down Doppler Dan is no longer among us, and the DRC has been de-fanged, there are still people out there who wish Jonn (RIP), and by association everyone here, ill. And they have plenty of time to devote to their fetish.


ok, i thought it was abou a fetish of some sexual nature but i was not sure…. i read it before my first cupa so forgive my brain fart!


Deviant behavior. No harm no foul, SGT Fon.


Felipe Philip Batista is wearing Army Dress Blues with bling, bling in this picture:


Wow. He really does get all over the place, doesn’t he?


This guy’s wife (or husband) must give him an impressive uniform allowance. I love how he doesn’t just discriminate in favor of one service branch like most of our POSers. He is an equal opportunity faker. Wonder if he also does a French Foreign Legion impersonation.

Commissioner Wretched

So this alleged “guy” is an Army general, an Air Force general, *and* a Marine general? Maybe even a Navy and/or Coast Guard admiral?

Wow. I’ve known some overachievers in my time, but …

This fool is most certainly NOT one of them.


…he is the very model of a modern Made-up General…..


“If a comment or two squeak through that say bad things about Jonn, smile when you see them…I do”

I saw that happen the other day. No need to respond or react in any other way than to think of Jonn’s lasting effect on those that think it is now safe to come out and play.
Smile? hell yeah.


Pleased to know someone else saw it. Jonn was the real Cool Hand Luke. Me…I’m admittedly crazy enough to know prison doors would have been the result of my short fuse.


Felipe Philip Bastista in another Marine Corps outfit minus the jacket. He really needs a shave. He also autugraphed this picture as well as the Army picture.


Batista has upped the ante in those pictures.

The Purple Heart and POW ribbons have stars/devices on them.


If one is captured by the enemy and held as a POW twice, does one get a star or and oakleaf cluster on the ribbon? Just asking for a POSer acquaintance.


Slouch much?


He has obviously been buying his uni’s from the Big and Large stores where Heavy Chevy and the Round Ranger get theirs.


Felipi Philip Bastista Navy outfit:


I’m particularly baffled by the second photo. Something that is of interest to me, the Air Medal. Or should I say “TWO” Air Medal ribbons. I knew/worked with MEDEVAC aircrews that flew in some really crappy weather, and did some amazing things to be awarded the AM. This idiot is just an “airhead.”


Distinguished Flying Cross ribbon also.

“airhead”? More like a rusted dzus fastener./smile


Airhead? He’s vacuum packed!

RGR 4-78

Darth Dumbass.

Pineywoods NCO

Even Sith Lords are not this stupid.


Dude is a three-year-old in an adult body. He is playing dress-up and play-soldier. I don’t think he would even begin to understand any insults or criticisms you might throw at him. Not worth the time.

That is all…


Annnnnnnndddd ^^^^THIS^^^^


If you go to this site, where is wearing a Navy shirt, there are documents featured there that I cannot enlarge to read:

He also said he was from Spain.


More likely that he’s from Bastardia.

Ever wonder if he thinks Don Quixote was real?


The Coneheads said they were from France.


Glad I put down the ice tea before I read that.

Still laughing.


One is a framed letter of STFU:

Department of the Army

Mr. Filipe Batista Cifuentes
Cerro De Los Perdigones – 1
Pomelo De Alcaron
28224 Madrid, Spain

Dear Mr. Batista Cifuentes:

Thank you for your interest in the U.S. Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (Airborne). Unfortunately, our governing regulations and directives preclude my organization from promoting individuals directly into the military and thus prevends us from accepting your application.
Again, thank you for your support and interest!

Major General, U.S. Army Reserve

Taped to the framed letter of STFU is a calling card:

Filipe (Philip) Batista
Lt. Gen USMC

Cerro Perdigones 1
Pomelo De Alcaron
28224 – Madrid – Spain

Telephone numbers xxxxxxxx

Perhaps he really is NOT playing with a full deck.


I would love to show the first picture to Secretary Matthis and see his reaction, from a distance of course.

He could explain to flag rank Batista the penalties for unauthorized use of a uniform before sending him into a void so deep he won’t be heard from again.


So Mamacita didn’t let him play dress-up when he was 4 years old, right?

Just shaking me head over this one.

Wilted Willy

What a first class troglobite, this piece of moldy cheese really went to first class retard water headed boy! Does he really think anyone would believe any of this shit? I think Dave should post some of the postumous nasty grams in Jonn’s spam folder, we could all respond to them so they think Jonn is still getting them from the grave???


Oh my God…the stupid…it HURTS. There is so much WRONG with the first pic, I can’t even begin to start. However, I will give him credit: no matter how BAD my day is and how much I question my life choices I can always look at sock sniffers like this guy and know that I could ALWAYS be worse….

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Question-Why did Batista hate his wife??

Answer -Because she slept on a “Castro” (castro convertible sofa/bed).

P.S. Of course all you over 70 crowd knew this.


Found this link on him:

The write up is in Spanish.

Was able to interpret the headline that read:

“The President in Spain of Alpha 66 recognizes that the Terrorists Organization is in Spanish Territory”


Here is the English copy of a letter which suggests Batista had yet another last name. Appears to be the head of some military group, as opposed to the look of a Polish twin engine plane pilot coming down on Sunday morning. Thursday, September 29, 2011 An article by Yolanda Castro – Cubainformation.- The anti-Castro periodical newspaper Diario de Cuba published an article yesterday, with its photograph included, 1 in which the president in Spain of Alpha 66 declares what Cubainformación already revealed at the beginning of September 2: that the terrorist organization is in Spanish territory. “It is not formally registered because that takes a lot of time, money and paperwork,” confirmed Felipe Batista Cifuentes, president in Spain of the paramilitary group that conspires to undermine the bases of the sovereign state of Cuba through “armed intervention” “by exiles.” ; textual quotes of their statements. Alpha 66 is not an entity legally registered in Spain according to the National Registry of Associations of the Ministry of the Interior but he corroborates that it represents the organization in Spain and, therefore, exists, acts in Spanish territory and has a formal, though not legal, entity. With greater reason since yesterday, therefore, there is no doubt that the Spanish judicial and institutional authorities, with all their intelligence apparatus, knew and know that the bloodthirsty organization roams our territory, developing illegal and criminal activities, establishing bases of conspiracy and intervention, from the territory outside Spain, which are aimed at promoting the uprising, conspiracy and armed intervention in Cuba, with manifest violation of Spanish national laws and public international law. All the above shows that if no action is taken by the Spanish government, it would be consenting, in clear connivance, that in our country criminal and terrorist actions against another sovereign country such as Cuba will take place. It is unthinkable that the Spanish forces and forces that watch over the security of the State -experts in struggles against terrorism and against the establishment of sleeping terrorist cells- do not know of the existence in Spain of an organization whose objectives, of clear… Read more »


He is on this link as well with his picture…all in Spanish. Can anyone interpret what he wrote in the link?


Just copy and paste any language into and presto!: The Spanish State tolerates in its territory a paramilitary terrorist organization against Cuba – Alpha 66, September 30, 2011, Written by El pulvorín Tagged in #Politica Norelys Morales Aguilera .- Alpha 66, an armed terrorist organization based in the United States, as is known and has been denounced, now stands for its respect in Spain, as the site Cubainformación had already revealed. “It is not formally registered because that takes a lot of time, money and paperwork,” confirmed Felipe Batista Cifuentes, president of the paramilitary group in Spain that conspires to undermine the bases of the sovereign state of Cuba through “armed intervention” by exiles. “, affirmed with total cynicism and the complicity of the Spanish authorities. Alpha 66 is not an entity legally registered in Spain according to the National Registry of Associations of the Ministry of the Interior but, Batista Cifuentes, corroborated the “Diario de Cuba”, supported by that government, if the authorities there want to know, that represents the organization in Spain and, therefore, it exists, acts in Spanish territory and has a formal entity. Secret and paramilitary associations are prohibited and punished by Spanish law, but this has not been taken into account for Alpha 66, which is a counterrevolutionary terrorist organization that fights against the Government of the Republic of Cuba based in Miami, United. As he announces, on his site he performs “clandestine operations, sabotages, strikes, protests in silence and other not so silent,” and acknowledges the United States government itself: html The Spanish capital “currently administered by the right-wing Popular Party (PP), has financed and promoted since the beginning of the two terms of former President of the Government José María Aznar (1996-2004), to what group or person says to call itself an opponent of the Government and people of the Caribbean nation, “Granma newspaper said. The newspaper has considered the admission of Alpha-66 as “a new step in that aggressive escalation towards Cuba of the Madrid authorities (…) in obvious contradiction with the fight that Spain is waging against terrorism”. Madrid… Read more »


The Jarhead Book of Translations reads it as such:
Seeking well-dressed, but dog shit stupid woman (or tranny) so they will let me out on weekends. Pay no attention to TAH comments. Simply a bunch of jealous aholes trying to get my military pension taken from me. They know not whom they are phukin’ with….wait till they see me in my General Magilla Gorilla suit wading among bodies I have dismembered with my own mouth!


In that second pic, is he trying to show he is a three-star squid whose highest award is the dreaded NDSM? (I suck at medals, had to use a picture to get my own in order and lost the picture).


Totally legit. After all the Supreme Commander of a Combined Arms Force must have a uniform for each branch of Service. Obvious a spawn resulting from a three way encounter with DeGualle, Franco, and Mrs. Cone Head. Is awaiting final instructions from the Big Giant Head, in 3,2,1 aachoo.


Guy definitely has a short in his headset.


That dude screams child molester,


Last name Batista, and seems to have ill will towards Cuba, eh? Wonder if he’s old >Fulgencio Batista y Zaldívar’s love child by a Spanish mistress?


Holy crap…..those pics made my head hurt. Whatever TF is wrong with this guy doesn’t have a cure.


One such post re Jonn got through last week. The post said some horrible things about him; I mean horrible things that made my blood boil. Anyway, myself and about two others were on the poster like a fat girl on a donut. I called him a low life rate fucker bucket of smegma. The entire posting re Jonn and responses to the post were removed before others could join in and defend Jonn. I don’t know; maybe such posts should be allowed to stay, while I fully understand the reasoning for removing them. I don’t know specifically the ID of the poster, although I believe I have seen him here a time or two.

You said, “In other news of this nature, there are still those who think Jonn gives a phuck what they think about him.” I know Jonn didn’t give a phuck what was said about him; he stood my his guns. When he was right he knew it and would not back down. Well, we care and would like the opportunity to respond to these lowlife scumbags.

Rant over; so long Jonn.


Screen name was “incorrigible”. Only today I realized where he got his fake ass news. Go to the story which starts with…Stunningly attractive man…..immediately below the dude’s picture is a video entitled” Failed Assassination Attempt”…has a picture of a boxer on it. Click on it and you will wonder if “incorrigible” is in fact the dude referred to in the Stunningly Attractive Man. Reference is of course to the content of the audio.
Take your blood pressure medicine first. You know how we old timers tend to go ballistic over character assassination of one who has done so much for so many. Betcha ass incorrigible is watching and reading this. If he is ever allowed to comment like that again (Yes I know it slipped by for only a few minutes), I suspect a record will be set for the greatest number ever of people wishing harm to a nobody. Probably have to limit all comments to one word each, knowing incorrigible is looking for an easy pay day. Imagine the double and triple dippers when limited! Gotta get off here before doing what I promised I would not do.


Jarhead: Yes, I could easily believe it’s the same guy and I kinda recall the screen name being he same. I waded through a ton of bullshit, character assassination on his video. I’m fairly new to this site, 3-4 years or so, and I read a tremendous amount elsewhere on the net, and I never read anything to validate his numerous claims about Jonn, claims that I will not repeat here. I’ll just drop this here:
If he ever comes back here with his bullshit, I’m going to be on him like stink on shit. Actually, stink on shit describes him fairly well. The problem? He almost certainly does not care of another’s opinion of him; he’s lost in his own imaginary world. It’s easy to character assassinate someone who is no longer here to defend themselves.
Take care … Chief


Chief….same for me, 3-4 years or so. May seem like a short time to many, but those of us from the older crowd still extend respect and allegiance to those who gave so much of themselves as Jonn did. Sometimes I think we are more prone to go off quickly and loudly than some of the younger crowd. At this point I’d be satisfied to know the bullshit poster we spoke of had taken the place of an Elks Club Fake SEAL who recently beached.


Must’a been a Mustang, since he’s still proud of his enlisted cover…

2/17 Air Cav

Rectangle man has a goiter issue.


Looks like he stores cum in that pocket under his chin….


Even Hollywood comes up with more legit looking uniforms!

How many selfies can one guy take in his jerk off chair anyway?

Doc Savage

It must be driving stolen valor turds absolutely bug shit to have Jonn Lilyea living rent free in thier minds…most of these shit biscuits will pass into history with little or no notice whatsoever..they wont even make it into the foot notes of a book.

But the knowledge that Jonn and Company not only called them out into the light and ushered them into obscurity, but that Jonn and his works will live on in the world, and have taken root forever in thier little minds?

Yeah….they truly are living in a hell of thier own making.