Today is National Purple Heart Day

| August 7, 2018

Today is National Purple Heart Day.  Please visit the Military Order of the Purple Heart.

During the American Revolutionary War, the Badge for Military Merit decorated six known soldiers. Purple Heart Day on August 7 commemorates the creation of the oldest American military decoration for military merit, the Purple Heart and honors the men and women who are of the Military Order of the Purple Heart.

Created by General George Washington in 1782 to be presented to soldiers for “any singularly meritorious action”, the decoration was a purple, heart-shaped piece of silk bound with a thin edge of silver and the word Merit embroidered in silver across the face.

It is unknown who designed the Badge of Merit. It is also unknown how many soldiers may have received the honor symbolizing the courage and devotion of an American Patriot. According to The Badge of Military Merit by Professor Ray Raymond, The “Book of Merit” where the names of possible recipients and their deeds were recorded has long been missing. According to the Badge of Military Merit by Professor Ray Raymond,

Until Washington’s 200th birthday, the Purple Heart remained a Revolutionary War footnote. Through the efforts of General Douglas MacArthur, the U.S. War Department created the Order of the Purple Heart. Today the medal bears a bust of George Washington and his coat of arms.

I know most of you are posting some kind of recognition of this hallowed day in your social media pages.  Just because we are who we are here, I thought it would be worth mentioning no sacred military honor goes by without being leached upon by those who embellish and dishonor their service.

Got a Purple Heart? Scientology wants to exploit you


We have received numerous reports that these loons are having an event this year as well,  I will not post a link as it will only increase their google presence.

Much respect to those who have actually received the Purple Heart in defense of our nation.

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My favorite PH story is about the YOUNGEST Receipient of the PH, Calvin Graham, who was only 13 years old when he was wounded in the Pacific during WWII while serving in the US Navy. He later became a Marine:

Rest In Peace, Mr. Graham.


AP thanks for the links. Had forgotten about Mr. Graham.


WOW. now THAT is an incredible story!

Thanks for the link


Purple Heart Day:


In conjunction with National Purple Heart Day, on 7 August 1942, the U.S. Marines land on Guadalcanal.

Here are some color footage:


Probably the most popular SV award.
And not just one but three or four seems to be the common number.
Never met anyone that strived to be awarded one. Well, maybe Lt. Dan but he wasn’t real.
High School friend got one for taking a mortar round blast in the back. Another High School friend got one for being KIA. And then there was ………..


My Grandfather Received his purple parachuting into action in the battle of the bulge, had his thumb shot off at the joint hanging on by a sliver of flesh. A medic sewed it back on and he finished the campaign, by the time he got back to an actual hospital the bone had fused crooked and it stayed that way his entire life.


To those who have earned the award, a slow hand salute. Bravo!


Never wanted the “I forgot to duck award.” Sure didn’t want my Mama to be presented one. Papa didn’t get one, but a lot of his buddies and/or his buddies’ Mamas did. I also render much respect to legitimate holders. Comes to attention: Renders Hand Salute

Wilted Willy

I salute to all that have earned one! I curse my pos brother for claiming one in all of his lies.
I can’t wait to piss on your grave! David “Doc” Shrum, eat shit and die!!


In the pantheon of SV frauds, falsely claiming a Purple Heart award is about as low as it gets. The only worse fraud I can think of is claiming POW status and award.

Just An Old Dog

Today I have been engaged with an ongoing message back and forth with a phony purple heart valor thief supportor.
James H Bales was outed in Nov 2015. I messaged him, but as most liars do he failed to respond. I also messaged some of his friends.
One finally messaged me back saying I was delusional. He offered to give me Bales phone number, which I said I would refer to the blog to hear his side of the story.
The person i was talking inferred I was afraid to confront him myself and when I said I woulds try t o sort it out myself and do what I could he reneged.
This is a link to the Church that he is a prominent member of.

And this is his Facebook page.
As you can see he has added even more bling to his costume.

Dave Hardin

Oh, hell no. On it.


Sic him Dave. I’ve got one I’m working on for us, getting the info. I don’t fake book but Daughter & Sister do. They have been dragging the old man kicking & screaming into the 21th Century.

Dave Hardin

LOL, sadly I know how your feel.


You might be able to cure this kind of thing by offering to provide a real injury to justify wearing an award that frequently goes to someone with severely crippling injuries.

I doubt, however, that they’d take you up on it, since a lot of the awardees are dead.

Just sayin’….


The Purple Heart is one decoration which has a single event as the basis for being awarded… Every recipient was wounded, or killed, in combat or due to a terrorist attack. It is not an award for heroism, but recognizes the sacrifice of those who earn it.
I wear mine as a lapel pin on my sport-coat several times each year. Most who see it haven’t a clue, but some, mostly veterans, do.


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Green Thumb

The enemy marksmanship badge.