Michael D. Border; phony Army Beirut veteran

| July 1, 2018

Our partners at Military Phonies share their work with us on this fellow Michael Deon Border who claims to his friends that he is an Army veteran of the mission to Beirut after the October bombing of the Marine barracks there.

He claims that he was on patrol with his platoon and they were ambushed and he was the sole survivor. He regained consciousness as the evacuation helicopter lifted off. MP had a conversation by email with someone who was questioning Mr Border – you can click over and read that exchange.

But, Mr Border did serve in the Army, enlisting in October 1983, only a few months before he claims that he was sent to Beirut. His entire career lasted less than two years and his highest award was the lofty Army Service Ribbon.

Not even so much as an Overseas Ribbon – denoting service outside of the Continental US.

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IS2 (SW)







yeah baybee…she’s a light maker and a ground shaker

Whole sky would light up when she lobbed one of those inland at night.


I had the opportunity to call for the big cannons from a battleship during Vietnam. It was like lobbing explosive laden station wagons at the enemy. I can’t remember the exact blast radius, but I gave it about a K, figuring to would mess up a grid square.

2/17 Air Cav

That had to be the battleship New Jersey and the time frame 1 Oct 1967 to 1 April 1968. It was a war machine.



Rob G

That criteria for that Army Service Ribbon is pretty lofty. Just sayin’, he is a special kind of something.

Hack Stone

It’s not as if they just hand that out to everyone.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

What, no Seals today??


Asshole. One of my Expeditionary Medals was for Lebanon, flying direct support missions for USS New Jersey. News of the Beirut bombing just broke our hearts, and at the same time hardened them like steel.

Fuck this guy.

Green Thumb



Michael D. Border Want the fame
But haven forbid you put in the blood sweat and tears
Lowlife pice of shit

Michael D. Border Is a pile of shit

Michael D. Border Enjoy your google fame


The photo says it all.


FB says he is an outdoors man.

Daisy Cutter

Yeah, how many turkeys are in this photo?

comment image


I see a majestic, delicious American bird and a turkey.


Shyte, I can get that out my back door every morning. And I never been to Beirut

Daisy Cutter

Far be it for me to say, but it looks like the one turkey is “doing” the other turkey before it gets cold.

2/17 Air Cav

Outdoors? Like this?




If he was the only survivor and unconscious…who called and directed the medevac…and since I was one of the corpsmen in the medevac chain in Beirut at that time…how come this is news to me? Oh right…he’s just another fukking liar


Since the government went to great lengths to cover it up, ‘The Lost Platoon’ of ghost soldiers only exit in his memory.

You could even say that none of those men existed if it wasn’t for him telling the story.

Without him, there is no lost platoon.

At least we can take comfort in the fact that somewhere down in New Orleans, there’s a French-Cajun sauce made from pork drippings named after Lucian Saucier.



Club Manager, USA ret.

I shared the sonovabitch’s lie with his lady friend, Lorrie Ann-Samantha Wannepain-Border on her Facebook page. He claims to work as an “outdoorsman” so no employer to smoke him with.

A Proud Infidel®™

I take it that Michael D. Border likely plays around outdoors in between welfare checks.


Or is “outdoorsman” just a nice way of saying he likes bumpin’ uglies with small forest creatures?

A Proud Infidel®™

I bet that sheep don’t sleep whenever he’s around, just sayin’.

A Proud Infidel®™

Michael D. Border lasted LESS than 2 years and left the US Army as an E2.
Michael D. Border HAS NO Military Decorations to his name other than the Army Service Ribbon
Michael D. Border is a confirmed liar.
Michael D. Border looks and lies like someone who enjoys blowing winos behind bus stops for spare change.
Michael D. Border is likely a car accident that happened in the back seat of a rusted out Rambler.
Michael D. Border looks like someone who would shit himself and faint at the sound of gunfire.
Michael D. Border is rumored to have a lengthy past due account at Brucie’s Bath House (Entrance in Rear)
Michael D. Border is a walking circle jerk.
Michael D. Border is lower than fresh dogshit on a sidewalk.
I personally have more respect for roadkill than I do for Michael D. Border.
Michael D. Border looks like the type who cruises highway rest areas and trashy truck stops in a windowless van seeking a date.
Michael D. Border has less class than a public school on a Sunday.

ENJOY YOUR newfound Google®™ fame Michael D. Border, THE INTERNET IS FOREVER, hear me, Michael D. Border? Just made sure you hear us, Michael D. Border!

Hack Stone

But Michael D. Border is definitely All Points Logistics material.


The case it too long for me to copy and paste on this site, so will guide you all thru this if you are interested.

Something happened in 1997 to Michael Dion/Deon Border that he was arrested and had to go to court in Missouri. He had a habit of not showing up in court. Finally, in 1999, according to this site, there was a belief that Felony was committed…and that his trial was to be moved to another location in Missouri.

Go to this link: https://www.courts.mo.gov/casenet/base/welcome.do

Go to Litigant Name Search and type in Border, Michael.

Scroll to the last entry of the first page. The case is also on the second page, 1st entry.

The case numbers are 25R0397071F and 25R0397081F-01.

You will be able to see more in detail when you click on Docket Entries.

He also has/had something going on in the Omaha Nebraska Court system, unknown at this time since it is a paid site.

Buckeye Jim

OK. Who is keeping score? Are there more phony

B. Rangers,
C. Beirut bombing survivors?


It’s A all the way


i thought it was Combat Coastguard Cooks….


When the Army comes up with a “Combat Food Specialist Badge’, we’ll start seeing posers wear them… along with their Nigerian Jump Wings.
Don’t get me wrong… I love the men and women who feed the troops. They’re as important as any. No one ever falsely claims to be a ‘Food service specialist’ though.


I recall the ‘E Tool Assassin’. He could really work that E tool. There should be some recognition for him, also.

Actually, there really should be some sort of recognition and award for use of a John Wayne (can opener to some). Contestants would be given, oh, ten cans of varying size. The one who could open them all the fastest would be awarded with a sterling John Wayne.

Just rambling here, folks. Hope all have a good week coming up.


P-38 is a good tool as well. Probably is no longer used because of MREs?


The P-38 is long gone.

For MREs what you need is a “Rock or Something.” to lean it against while it heats up. 😉


You sure you are not confusing/conflating the P-38 and John Wayne bars?


The P-38 is still a marvel of simplistic engineering that created something which worked well. I still have several of the original.
I’m going to give my reunion buddies (all 9 of us) an engraved titanium version with our Troop designation, the next time we gather.

2/17 Air Cav

An engraved P-38? Give each a magnifying glass, too. They’ll need it.


It doesn’t matter. Their kids can read it, even if old eyes can’t.
BTW…I was A/2/17.

J.R. Johnson

Wait…my Nigerian Jump Wings aren’t real? I will have to call the Prince back that sent them to me…come to think of it he still hasn’t deposited that fortune he said he needed help moving out of the country!


Dude was with the 194th Armored Brigade at Fort Knox.

Unit did rotations at NTC (National Training Center at Fort Irwin, CA for Non-Army folks).

He probably got Beirut and NTC mixed up…on purpose..😉

Possibility of E2 rank, short tour:

(1) Drug use.

(2) Lost it at NTC.

(3) Ran over someone at NTC, perhaps someone name Lucien.

Just a wild guess.


He was gang raped by coyotes with rabies


Some non-Army folks go to NTC. They let non Army guys (like me) drive tanks and shoot all sorts of cool things there. 🙂


Yep..right after I wrote and posted, I smacked my head and muttered “Dumb Donkey”…that is what I get for not proofreading, cuz I meant “non-military” instead of “non-army”
(going to corner with dunce cap)..🙄


“Non-Military”= Civilians who have never served in the Armed Forces and never heard of the abbreviation “NTC”..😊


I will never forget NTC, just like I can never forget “Macho Grande” (shudder)


“Bicycle Lake”….it sucks. Out


I was there, twice, before it was designated as, “NTC”. Annual training, when the post was under control of the California Army National Guard. It was transferred back to the RA in July, 1981, or so.

Oh, and I formerly posted under my actual name+MI, “NormanS”. I pondered a cool nym, but never had an official military nickname. But a fellow BCT trainee, and fellow future WOC once said to me, “Miller, you live in a bubble”. So I asked why he said that. He responded, “Because you could fall into a vat of shit and come out smelling like a rose”. So I guess that counts … (Nothing to do with SCUBA, or water, or Naval shit.)


All I wanted was some fuckin’ mangos


Border: Since you are a vet, you should know some things in the military are sacred. Beirut is one of them. You should know that. Why not just fess up and disappear? Every time your name is typed, it’s pretty sure there is an entry in Google. If you go over to Google now, some of your embarrassment has found its way there.

The only thing ‘lost’ in all of this is your honor and credibility. You should look to be rebuilding those two things, provided it’s not too late.

BTW, the lady who has come to your defense is quite entertaining. Clueless but entertaining. Have her write some more stuff. You can tell her what to write, as I’m sure you have done previously.

Barry Clark

Good catch!


Border…..At best you appear to be a has-been who licks windows while being driven to see your shrink. Likely you are still bitching about not receiving your forty mules and one acre. As HMC pointed out, Beirut is indeed one of sacred memory for all who have served at any given time. Almost as bad, trying to bullshit we of all people on being the lone survivor of an unknown ambush of an unknown platoon. Have you no shame? It’s either used car sales at one of the “We Tote the Note” locations or politics. Your lack of credibility and integrity pre-qualifies you for either position. Just plain fuck you little boy.


Got to love the last comment left by the “friend” about empirical research… reminds me of someone else that blabbed about that and was always on the wrong side when it came to identifying people that engaged in Stolen Valor.

A Proud Infidel®™

“Empirical Research”, is that about the same as the “Empirical Evidence” howled about by some UC Berzerkely turd that got himself banned some time ago?


“The Empirical Strikes Back”


I remember the big fishbowl of of ASRs at the clothing sales store.


I was stationed with a guy in Alaska who was in Beirut and he was all kinds of screwed up, apparently he swapped shifts with a buddy who ended up being killed when the bomb went off. Never knew this at the time though, found out about it years later when I reconnected with him after he sobered up and got his life back on track; he apologized if he was ever an asshole to me when he was drunk – he was always GTG with me, I made sure he made it back to the barracks safely many a night. It all made sense after he told me the how and why of his time in the bottle. Having walked in his shoes, survivor’s guilt really sucks I just dealt with it differently. This peckerhead needs to take an asswhuppin’ from petty cash and disappear, the Army guys in Beirut on the day of the bombing all knew each other (hint: there weren’t that many of them, Dingus nowhere near a platoon). IDIOT, you’re standing on the graves of men whose poop you’re not even fit to burn on your absolute best day.


Mike Border decided to give his two cents on all of this:

From: Mike Border
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Dead horse
Date: Jul 1, 2018 11:00 PM

I think you misunderstood my message. Let me be clearer. I was talking about the entire military experience, from day 1. I regret ever enlisting because the whole experience sucked. Have I embellished a story? Sure. Now, are you happy? Have I spoken clearly enough for you? Now, Please go beat some other dead horse. There is no need to contact either of us further, as it will just be sent to the junk pile as spam.

Sent from my iPhone


comment image

A Proud Infidel®™

It sounds to me like he’s not even sorry he got caught.


Yeah, it comes across as arrogant that HE is the one who decides when the issue is a dead horse.

He rocked the lie for years but seems to have no tolerance for the sunshine given to it stretching beyond a mere day.






A Proud Infidel®™

I bet he’ll be about as repentant as either Bernath or *SLUUUURRRRP!* QuEeFeR41.

Frankie Cee

Phony Phuck Phace Michael D. Border has some commenters at his page that now are aware of this link and his phony phucking claims. Phuck him.


That’s it, Border, take the ‘woe is me’ approach to all of this. You milked this cow for a long time, trying to impress those with little knowledge of the matter. Now you’ve been found out and it’s all about you. No, you owe an apology to everyone in any way associated with that horrible experience, especially those KIA/WIA, but also those who were genuinely there in a rescue/medical capacity.
I’ll say this and be done with you. You say you regret your military experience, you regret having joined? I can almost guarantee you that the country regrets ever letting someone such as you come on active duty.
Maybe if enough people are publicly ridiculed, this crap will stop. Everyone wants to be a hero, but few want to do the work associated with getting there.


Mike Border wrote again.

—–Forwarded Message—–
From Mike Border
Sent: Jul 3, 2018 12:20 AM
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Soul search

I guess I have a pretty thick skin, and tend to disregard the fact that things that wouldn’t bother me in the least, things I would shake my head at and regard as human nature, may have a negative impact on others, so on second thought, I feel I do owe others an apology for my poor choice in fabricating a story about my time in the military. It was in poor taste and I sincerely apologize to any and all that my poor choice has negatively affected. I would appreciate it if you could pass this along to the folks whose feelings I have hurt. It won’t happen again.
Sent from my iPhone


Mike Border wrote once more.

—–Forwarded Message—–
From: Mike Border
Sent: Jul 3, 2018 12:46 AM
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Thanks

After baring my soul to Miss. XXX this morning, she helped me find it within myself to admit I was wrong about something I wouldn’t have given a second thought, helped me to understand how my falsehood could offend you and others. I also want to thank you for helping me realize that I needed to face this, and if it’s any consolation, only 2 people, one of them XXX, ever heard it. I also would like you to know why I disliked the military so badly. I had a specific purpose in mind when I joined. I chose 3 MOSs and was told I was guaranteed one of them. All three were in the medical field. MP would have been one of my last choices and that’s what they stuck me with. I considered them in breach of contract. For the good of the service I was told. It was a waste of my intellect. I tried to get it changed but just got the usual song and dance. I also tried to do my best but got disillusioned after getting in trouble for following orders. For example, during my time at Ft. Knox, it was unlawful to have PT formations on certain roads at certain hours of the day. A Colonel had a battalion run during rush hour and I was dispatched to clear it. I tried to be as respectful as possible but the man was confusing his rank with my authority and became physically aggressive and I was forced to arrest him. I received an article 15 for doing my duty. That is just one example. Here’s another, I got busted for saying the word ass on the radio during a high stress situation. It just wasn’t a good fit. Just thought you should know. I am more at peace with myself now after telling XXX the truth and I appreciate your passing along my previous message.
Sent from my iPhone