A ‘Classified’ Voting Bloc?

| August 25, 2015

Remember Leona Helmsley, the billionaire Queen of Mean, whose infamous attitude of, “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes,” presaged Hillary Clinton’s mocking attitude towards national security and classified documents? While the two are similar in other ways, such as being hugely wealthy New Yorkers who were and are snottily rude and abusive to the hired help, including those who protect their lives, it is Clinton’s queenly dismissal of the rules governing the handling of the nation’s secure electronic transmissions that got me to wondering how her Leona-like, I’m-above-the-law behavior might affect her election prospects in 2016 even if the corrupt Obama administration lets her skate on her clearly criminal violations of federal security statutes.

From what I’m hearing, those of us who have served our country in positions requiring us to handle classified documents and transmissions take a much dimmer view of Hillary’s behavior than those who have never borne that responsibility. Perhaps that’s because we have a better understanding of the potentially perilous consequences of her crimes, actions that done by us could have, and sometimes did, imprison we “little people” who dared handle classified materials with the Clinton circle’s cocky contempt. There are many Americans out there whose careers were stunted professionally, if not ended, by mere allegations or suspicions of mishandling of such materials. Some actually have, and still are, serving hard federal time for far less risky behaviors than what we have seen from Hillary Clinton.

The question in my mind is just how many current and former security clearance holders there are in America right now who are following Hillary’s deliberate and intentional treachery and who will be absolutely livid if this Clinton Queen of Mean ultimately pays no price. Determining current numbers is no problem. As reported by defenseone.com approximately 4.5 million Americans held security clearances at the end of 2014. That figure is down significantly from 2013 when it was over 5 million. According to that same article, requests for new background checks is also down but still is 665,000 annually, including first time requests as well as reissuances, which are required every five years for Top Secret and every ten years for Secret. But these numbers only tell us about current holders. How many Americans are out there who like me haven’t held a clearance for decades but who still hold a very healthy and patriotic respect for the process?

Because figures on the Internet vary, even from supposedly authoritative sources, all the figures that follow are approximations. There are roughly twenty-plus million veterans alive today with about two million of those being retirees. Since almost all retirees are senior officers and senior NCOs, you can make a safe estimate that virtually all of them held security clearances and most of those Secret or higher. Also most of those retirees are married to spouses whose lives at times were constrained by the necessities of their mates protecting sensitive, national security information. How many of them heard many times in their lives, “Sorry, Babe, but I can’t talk about it.”? Being more familiar with the need for tight lips and the concept of national security than your average American, most of those marital partners will tend to vote like their spouses.

Now, let’s take a very conservative estimate of fifteen percent of the remaining eighteen million, non-retiree veterans as having held security clearances which gives us another 2.7 million voters. Figure most of those are married to similar-voting spouses and round the figure to four million.

As for retired federal employees and federal contractors who held security clearances, that’s anyone’s guess. The total number has to approximate the military figure but since so many are unionized and thus Democrat voters no matter how corrupt the candidate, I’m only going to take a very cautious figure of one million and double that for spouses. Retired federal contractors who held security clearances is another rough guess, but based on the graph attending the article at defenseone.com, it looks like they are roughly one-quarter of the current active total. Let’s call it one quarter of the combined military retired with spouses and retired federal employees with spouses and when we account for their spouses, we have a figure of 2.5 million contractors.

Now add ‘em up: 4.5 million active security clearance holders, 4.0 million military retirees with spouses, 4.0 million non-retired veterans including spouses, 2.0 million retired federal employees plus spouses and finally, 2.5 million retired contractors and spouses. I get roughly 17.0 million American citizens in the high-voting, senior age category with the potential of becoming single-issue motivated, negative voters if Hillary is allowed to skip on these national security violations.

Even if I’m off by half, this “Classified” voting bloc is still substantially more than the number of votes by which Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney in 2012. It’s also more than the entire Jewish population in America and many more times that of the much vaunted “Jewish vote” which the Democrats tend to claim as their own. And if I’m off by only a third, we’re talking possible political disaster numbers somewhere between the Reagan-Carter debacle and the Reagan landslide over Mondale. Were I a Democrat strategist, or more importantly, a party powerbroker or fund-bundler, I’d be taking a hard look at the huge negative consequences to the party if Queen Hillary is allowed to continue to her criminally assisted coronation.

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Combat Historian

If the world is just, queen hildebeest should already be sharing a prison cell with that other paragon of infosec Breanna Manning…maybe that can be jailcell lesbian lovers…


That vision just soured the creamer in my coffee cup… and I use powdered.


dude, now I can’t watch lesbian porn for at least 3 days. Blue Falcon…


Good article … I like the premiss and the way you tee’d up conversation!


Interesting article–only problem is, how many of us who hold or have held clearances were ever going to vote for Hildabeest in the first place?


I’m the token leftie on this site and I wouldn’t willingly vote for her. Third party vote this year, unless the repubs put someone else up and Trump goes independent. In which case I’m sending in a blank ballot and calling it a day.


If it comes to that you are welcome to join me in writing in your vote for Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho and Not Sure. We have a big tent, Scro.

Sam Naomi

Stand fast you guys, your in for a big suprise when Mr. Joe Biden hits the highlites, and if he runs for the Presidents seat in the White House. I’d say it’s going to be between Biden and Mr. Trump. I any case who ever wins, we are still going to be in DIP SHIT, right now I would say that Hillary is going out of the picture, slow but sure. I can only guess… Read more »


Have to agree with you, Sam. At least a Trump-Biden match-up will be entertaining, perhaps the most entertaining in either of our lifetimes. Poe, can’t argue with any of your assumptions or conclusions. Your figures are probably very low actually. Back in the 60’s and 70’s, they were handing out TS to nearly everyone. Much later, when I actually needed it, they had revised the standards to include forks like me in the “need to… Read more »

2/17 Air Cav

I would love to hear those two in a debate.

Trump: ” Your opening remarks sounded familiar, Joe. Don’t tell me you plagiarized them too! And by the way, nice plugs.”

Biden: “Fuck you! If I could think of something to say, dammit, I’d say it. Fuck you!”


I’d tune in just to hear the off the cuff gaffes from both sides :).


That would be one of the highest rated programs in TV history just for the entertainment value.


Wait, the guy who’s been a dem, an independent and now a Republican isn’t “two-faced”?


Aren’t politicians two-faced by definition?


Word ^^^^^^


Why, yes, yes they are.


BHO and company’s inner circle, no real fans of Bill and Hill, hold the cards and have likely been watching this self destruction with glee. They could have taken actions months ago to sweep this under the rug but chose not to and have permitted the now legal process to commence, where it will drag out for months. Given the recent revelations that Foreign Government Info (FGI), which is always classified, was passed on by… Read more »

Bill M

Yes, I think you are close to dead on with this thought. I can see a situation where Hillary withdraws “for health reasons” and a side agreement between Hillary! and Obama for a pardon in January 2017 “for the good of the country”. There is much to be said for the possibility that many of the “leaks” about this are being orchestrated by the WH due to the enmity between Bill and Obama. Then again,… Read more »


Val JarJar Binks has a long memory and she’s a hater. And, she’s never liked the Clintons. Make of that what you will.

Pinto Nag

Hell will freeze into a solid block before H.C. answers for this, or anything else. Benghazi should have taught you that. The game is fixed; haven’t you figured that out by now?

Veritas Omnia Vincit

I think the glow is falling off the Hillary Rose rather quickly as you point out. I am hearing that there are a lot of Dems disgusted with the concept that nothing she says bears the ring of truth. Biden or Sanders though aren’t much of an alternative in a national election. The self-implosion of the Dems hands opportunity to the Repubs, the question becomes which of the 16 clowns currently occupying the car are… Read more »


Another reason that Trump is popular is he’s saying what lots of folks have been thinking re:immigration. As you pointed out about Massachusetts, Illinois is the same way, they have had 4 governors out of the last 7 go to prison. And, who can forget Kwame Kilpatrick and Mrs. John Conyers, from Detroit? I wonder if Trump would appoint competent people, then step out of their way and let them do their jobs, or if… Read more »

2/17 Air Cav

Trump: “Let’s talk about your law school days, Joe. Or how about your coal-mining lineage. Or, maybe you should…”

Biden: “Just fuck you, Trump!”


Ha Ha Ha Ha ! ! ! …. and that’s the way it would be too 🙂

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Or Biden could just ask him how a man who has put several corporations into bankruptcy court and written off loads of debt would be a benefit to a nation already struggling with debt. I would hit Trump with lots of questions regarding his failed ventures and his follow up lawsuits to protect his “brand”…particularly when he filed for bankruptcy and Icahn and company took over Trump’s AC properties and couldn’t save them. After Trump… Read more »

2/17 Air Cav

And Trump could answer with two words, “Solyndra, Joey.”

Veritas Omnia Vincit

True dat…

2/17 Air Cav

Seriously, I am not defending Trump. It’s just that the mere possibility that the country might have him and The Moron as choices for president makes me want to laugh uproariously and vomit at the same time. If that’s the best the “system” can produce, there is no hope. Buy gold. Move to cave. Screw it.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

I get your point, I think what’s interesting about Trump is that he is in fact interesting as a candidate. He’s blunt, he’s altering between making interesting points and blundering about like an elephant in a china shop and it makes for really interesting television at the moment. He is making simple statements on complex topics and people are finding those statements to be a reflection of their thoughts on our borders and the dangers… Read more »


The one thing Trump has not done is to address the financial issues that the US is facing, e.g., the FRB raising interest rates, and the unconscionable level of $18 TRILLION US debt. The interest on that treasuries held by China, all by itself, is barely affordable. We’re facing the very real probability of a recession starting in the next 18 months. How is that problem going to be solved? I want to see a… Read more »


Be optimistic 2/17 Air Cav.



Ah, can you spain’ ‘dis to me?

I am knot two smart!


I wish I had a mailing address for you and Mr. 2/17. I’d send you both a DVD moving picture thingee. Then it would all make sence!

gas tank

did the lawn dart show up?


“If that’s the best the “system” can produce, there is no hope.”

Seriously, our “system” rewards form over substance. Therefore, Trump and Hillary et al are the logical top tier candidates.

Another example, is our stock market which stopped trading on fundamentals a long time ago. Just remember, today was the day the market rebounded. I read it in the news.

2/17 Air Cav

There have been 1001 items that should have grabbed and held our national attention in the past 30 days or so but the news cycle seems to be minutes nowadays. An item is reported (or, not) and it’s old news a few hours later, replaced by another item. Sometimes, I want to hit the brakes and say, “STOP DAMMIT! Is anyone paying attention?” Where is the EPA disaster story, the one that was generated when… Read more »


All that and you failed to mention the Kardashiun girlz. You really are a sociopath!

And, just some constructive criticism, when mimicking Joe Bite Me you have to sprinkle the word “pal” in there liberally. Bite Me would say something to Trump like, “Hey pal, it wasn’t me that had to hock my yacht!” And then he’d flash those million dollar chiclets.


If that choice is given to us, the green party might just have a chance of winning the election, or Mickey Mouse as a write in. Why did Trump use bankrupcy? Because the laws made it an available avenue to him. It has been a safety net for Americans for quite a while now. As president do we have something like this in place for the national debt? I don’t relish the idea of China… Read more »


I’m still not sure if Trump is a real candidate or if he is still just self-promoting. However, I am quite sure if he stays in the race he will be a top contender for the nomination. I’m not so sure it’s a bad thing either. He is loud, obnoxious and far from politically correct…but aren’t we all. Isn’t Trump more Joe Mainstreet than any other candidate? Politicians haven’t worked out well for us, so… Read more »


I held a clearance in the military. If I had done half of what she has I would still be in Leavenworth.

She is a piece of shit of the tallest order. The fact that she will never see the jail time the rest of us would is infuriating.


Those of us capable of an articulate conversation realize we have no voice in the election. It is Joe Six Pack who elects whomever, with the fantasy in mind that their candidate really personally knows them and feels their pain; in addition to start looking out for them the day after the election. Continue to elect the same b. s. artists and sooner or later all will change for the better. On and on it… Read more »