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| August 23, 2007

You’ll notice at the top of my blogroll in the right column are several blogs under the heading Liberty Alliance. It was started by my new friends Mike from Lamplighter (in Arizona) and Lady Vorzheva from Spanish Pundit (um, from Spain). I’ve been reading their blogs for months when they very kindly asked me to join this group of bloggers from around the world. I guess they needed a Homer Simpson-type to round out their otherwise brilliant and urbane bunch – even brain surgeons keep a hammer in the operating room.

Regardless, of their reasons, I’m grateful and I urge my readers to drink deeply from their intellectual well.

The group is loosely formed and generally dedicated to writing as often as possible about real human rights issues (as opposed to those fake human rights issues that usually turn out to be a way for some power mad lout to usurp people’s rights) that are really the core of western democracy.

There’s Kate from A Columbo-Americana’s Perspective who lives here in the Metro DC area, but she pops up from all over the world. A couple of weeks ago she made comments here from Managua. Her perspective on Latin America is unique and valuable.

And one of the most facinating blogs I’ve ever read is Kamangir. He’s an Iranian student in Canada and translates news reports from behind the Iranian curtain and shows us the real Islamic Revolution. I can spend hours just reading his archives.

I’d write an introduction to Fausta’s Blog, but anyone who has been on the internet more than a minute knows the Puerto Rican firecracker. I almost lost control of all of my body functions when I found out I’d be associated with Fausta.

In Partibus Infididelium is a Spaniard in Saudi Arabia – he really tests my Spanish skills, but he’s worth the work. Martha Colmenares blogs in Spanish, too, from Venezuela – a great perspective that we don’t get here from the pro-Chavez media. Another Venezuelan in the group is Julia from The End of Venzuela as I know It. She is on the inside of the White Hands (Hands of Freedom) movement and writes in English – she claims it’s not her first language, but you’d hardly know it.

jcdurbant blogs from France – now, I can read a bit of French sometimes (don’t make me write or talk, though – my wife and I lived on crousants and coffee the three days we were in Paris because that’s all I could say) and what I’ve translated for myself at this blog is a unique view of the world from France.

Pastorius, from Southern California, at Cuanas is just a pleasure to read – the words just melt into my brain. I envy people to whom writing comes so easily.

Reading Molten Thought‘s Teflon is like reading my own thoughts – only more coherent and much funnier.

But the most intriguing is Incognito of Confessions of a Closet Republican. She admits she’s a Hollywood actress who’s crossed over from the darkside, but since she wants to continue working, she has to remain…well, incognito. I love a mystery. She’s commented here a few times and besides being the mysterious lady behind the curtain (who, in my stuck-in-the-thirties-Bogart-movies mind, is tall, blonde and always wearing a black evening gown and a glass of red wine in one hand and an unlit cigarette in the other), she’s much brighter than my personal stereotype of a Hollywood actress.

Please take the tour and I hope you enjoy these new friends of mine as much as I enjoy them.

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[…] I update the post, because there something to say. US friend John Lyllea from This ain’t hell, has written an introduction to our new group Liberty Alliance. Mike and I were going to speak about how to introduce the group one of this days, but as he has done it, just go over and read it. This is not the official launching of the group, though. When we launch it, we will announce it, and the collaboration between all the blogs which have accepted the challenge will begin. […]


Just to say hi. 🙂


Hi John-

Great blog and looking forward to the Liberty Alliance project.

I will take exception to your comment that my posts being somehow funnier than yours.

I certainly rant like a lunatic far more frequently than you do, however.