I don’t need you to fight for me

| August 22, 2007

If you want to see the real difference between the Democrats and Republican presidential candidates, I guess you can find it in one phrase that Mike from Flopping Aces reports from Hillary Clinton;

In another of those interminable Democrat debates, Hillary was asked at a Sunday Iowa debate how she intended to counter the Republicans: ” I have been fighting against these people for longer than anybody else up here.” So apparently, “fighting” is a better way to address the concerns of the “invisible” than working with Republicans?

I remember Bill Clinton, Al Gore and John Kerry all offering to “fight for” me. Against Whom? Against the people that want me to have more money in my pocket from my own earnings? Why is it that Democrats are always so ready to “fight” a political opponent but they can’t summon the gumption or the wherewithall to challenge and fight actual enemies? They weren’t willing to fight the communists, they weren’t willing, even, to fight Saddam Hussein in 1991. And now, of course, they refuse to fight an even greater threat – radical Islam.

But who will they fight? “These people”. The people who stood in the way of her Stalinist healthcare plan, the people who beat her party by legitimate votes from the people to blunt her ambitions. I wish, for once, just one of them would fight for my right to defend myself. Fight the bureaucracy that stands in the way of our children’s education. Fight the wasteful spending of government agencies BESIDES the Pentagon for a change. Fight for my right to solve my own problems. Fight for my right to have an opinion different from theirs without have to endure the venomous and profane response I usually get.

The Republicans don’t offer to “fight for” me – they offer me the opportunity to exist peacefully and to enjoy the fruits of my labor. In fact, I can’t remember any Republican declaring that he’d fight for me – except against our country’s enemies. I guess I’d fall over dead if a Democrat ever offered to fight our enemies.

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Good read John. I especially got a laugh out of the last sentence 🙂