The return of Ron Mailahn

| January 1, 2015


We busted Ron Mailahn years ago and he resurfaces from time-to-time. At one point he tried to make a website that accused me of stealing social security checks from pensioners in order to coerce me into removing the blog post about him. Now that the tournament has ended, he decided to start campaigning for next year’s tourney even though he lost in our first one. Now he thinks that he can get the State Police to force me to remove the posts about him.

No one has threatened his family. I hung up him on when he called because I didn’t need to listen to his whining and begging, so he says that he’ll leave messages everyday. So I guess I’ll be posting videos of his messages every day.

He says that he never said that he was a Marine – well, that picture and his comments in the post prove otherwise.

Mailman photo

By the way, he was booted from the active duty Army after 13 months of service. Then it looks like he reenlisted in the Guard and Reserves.

Mailman FOIA

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There are people who know, there are people who don’t know, but this mouth-breathing booger-eater doesn’t even fucking SUSPECT.


Some of Gunny Driveway’s finer moments:

A Proud Infidel®™

It’s not like he hasn’t had plenty of time to unfuck himself, but booger-eating bedwetters like that thumb-sucking nut jam-sniffing brony will never learn.


Hey, Ronnie, this is excuse number – what? 34?

By the way, has your “lawer” called Jonn yet? I’m betting not, because no “lawer” would take your case without a substantial non-refundable retainer. And I suppose that the State Police, the CIA, NSA, your supposed friend at the FBI, or Magnum PI haven’t called Jonn yet, presumably because they’re too busy rolling in laughter at hearing your nonsensical wild-eyed half-coherent rants-and-raves.

Oh, and about claiming you never said you were a Marine – odd that you haven’t so much as said a word about this email that you sent me:

“I will not say sorry I did nothing wrong ask my x brother in law who sent u this stuff he got kicked out of the army then his mom and dad were left homeless I served in the army then transfered to the Marines so go talk to that loser frank ferris who hides behind the computer won’t face me cause he knows if I see him I will kick his fucken ass”

You’re just another chickenshit Stolen Valor loser.


If he had just come clean at the beginning and said something like “i was just pretending to be a badass i didnt mean anything by it sorry” and then SHUT THE HELL UP, he’d be in much better shape than he is now. Instead, he has to periodically act like a jackass and bring fresh attention to himself.

He has failed to learn the lesson that so many other fakers have also failed to learn.


Jonn was even kind enough to put up an instruction post for folks hitting the news here. Instead of making things better, it only gets worse for those not reading. Pretty simple stuff:


See that mailman, you have over 100 posts in less than a day because you were too stupid to not poke the sleeping wolf pack.

In the language of my people


A Proud Infidel®™

Ron Mailahn is a sixth degree pole smoker!!


This guy looks familiar! If its same guy, he possibly hangs with a dysfunctional BDSM crowd of other miscreant ‘service’ members in that scene and, in that regard, think he may have a “source”. Some people are better at hiding illicit activity than others, and using service connections to stalk people is one. Any idea what his age is? If it is the same guy, mid 50’s.


Diane Byars + Ron Mailahn

Wedding Date: October 20, 2015Location: NJ

Noone special

This never happened, cause she finally figured out that he was a liar…..


Gee, what a shame.