Jeremiah Perez; Vets Hunting Cops

| December 24, 2014


According to KRDO, this fellow, Jeremiah Perez, has been posting threatening comments on the internet towards police officers, calling himself Vets Hunting Cops as a screen name;

On Dec. 17, Google contacted the FBI after seeing a comment on a YouTube post that said, “”SINCE DARREN WILSON our group has killed 6 retired sheriffs and cops……because of this event we will hunt two more in colorado this week…..for every innocent citizen that cops kill WE, VETERANS WILL KILL RETIRED HELPLESS COPS.” The threat further said, “COPS ARE THE REAL ENEMIES OF FREEDOM LOVING AMERICANS and TIME TO STRIKE BACK IN ALL OUT WAR IS NOW.”

The FBI began investigating the user, “Vets Hunting Cops.” Agents traced the post to an IP address in Colorado Springs and began surveillance, the U.S. District Attorney’s office said.

So, Perez has been arrested, as evidenced by the mug shot above. The affidavit filed by the US District Attorney claims that Perez was in the military, but it doesn’t mention which branch of service…not hard to figure out since he lives in Colorado Springs. But they also say that he was punished by the military before he left the service and he claims that he’s had some run ins with the police.

FBI agents seized his computer. Perez’ recent searches include: “Kill Sara Palin,” “Kill Barack Obama,” “Kill Mitch McConnell,” “Calls to Assassinate GOP Leaders” and “Someone Kill Fox News.” He also looked up Beaver Creek City Police Department and the address for Fox News Headquarters.

From “Smoking Gun“;

Perez said that he posed as “Vets Hunting Cops” since he “realized that other groups, such as the Ku Klux Klan, offer legitimacy to their arguments be being part of a large organization.” Along with threats directed at law enforcement, Perez allegedly wrote that he “cant wait to kill you fake patriots on the right.”

A real rocket surgeon. At least he’s off the street. There are two Jeremiah Perez in AKO, but neither are this guy. He faces five years in a federal pen and a quarter-million-dollar fine, according to KKTV.

Thanks to Chief Tango for the links.

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Ozzie 11B

I am a fairly new poster here, but, “VET HUNTING COPS”???????

It’s a sad day in the world!


Excuse for left/liberals to get on the “rightwing extremist” veterans even though he’s a leftard loon…


So I guess his gig as the GEICO caveman is over.

GEICO Caveman

That’s an insult to cavemen everywhere.

Take it back. 🙂


By way of apology from all at TAH:

Pinto Nag

Ya gotta love that low brow, though. Just about enough room for sinuses, and that’s about it.


Fuckin’ coward. I’m outright appalled.


Johnny Damon, how could you?

A Proud Infidel®™

Okay, they’ve caught that “wackazoid” and put him in jail, but I wonder just how much the mess media is going to hype the word “Veteran” alongside his name?

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Too bad someone hadn’t drowned him as a child…there’s no way this nut wasn’t exhibiting signs of being a lunatic for a long, long time.


Wonderful. All hat and no cattle central casting moron.


Wow, 5 years in jail and a hefty fine for making threats over the Internet. I seem to recall a few other people doing the same thing to some here, but so far no arrests and a DA who seems too busy to actually prosecute.

Mr Wolf

Countdown to childpr0n being found on his computer in 4…3…2…1…

The Other Whitey

Well hell, if this shitbag wants to “hunt cops,” he might as well hunt firemen too. And this particular fireman says, “Come get some, bitch!”

I’ll be waiting with my insurance policy in hand. My carrier is J. M. Browning Inc., policy number is 1911.