It takes an idiot

| May 21, 2007

According to Fox News Channel, Hillary Clinton, unsurprisingly, is coming for your children. Since you don’t know how to raise your own kids, she’s proposing a Federal pre-kindergarten for your 4-year-old. At a cost of 10 billion bucks;

“I want every 4-year-old regardless of parental income to have access to high quality pre-K because it not only enhances their academic preparation, they stay in school longer, they have fewer behavioral problems,” the New York senator and former first lady said.

Clinton said she would pay for the program by closing tax loopholes and eliminating Bush administration programs she disagrees with.

“There is a lot of evidence that this saves money over the long run and economists and others have validated what experts in early childhood education have told us for a long time,”

And those “experts” are just slobbering all over themselves thinking about that 10 billion bucks and all of the experimental useless bells and whistles they can buy with it and all of the plain-as-the-nose-on-your-face research they can fund with it. We’ve been hearing for years how all our classrooms needed for kids to learn better was computers – and we’re still surrounded by post-pubescent want-wits.

Now we find out that the real reason kids are so stupid is because we raised them ourselves for four years without a government program. How the Hell did we reach this point in our history without pre-K – I’m surprised we’re aren’t so damn stupid we’d all fall off the planet.

Why did I stay in school without pre-K? Hell, my mother didn’t even got to kindergarten – how did she make it through life? I wonder how many of those “experts” attended pre-K.

It’s been my experience that everyone who ever called themselves an “education expert” is generally a moron. All of the real education experts I’ve ever known were teachers who knew how to shove knowledge into my hermetically-sealed brain-housing-group – and none of them would have considered themselves experts by any measure.

And I certainly wouldn’t take child rearing advice from Old Elephant Ankles. She raised ONE kid sporadically, and with the assistance of Arkansas State Troopers and the Secret Service. What does she know about parenting or a child’s education? And why should we listen to the old bag? Cuz some journalist once called her the smartest woman in America? I wonder if that journalist went to pre-K.

The education system in this country is turning out illiterate morons every year and inflicting them on the employers who paid for their shortchanged education. Why should we throw more money down that dark hole and give them more time to indoctrinate our kids into a culture of dependency?

Mike Bates at Townhall says the same and brings the numbers without all of my emoting.

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