No longer posting content to Facebook.

| July 9, 2024 | 87 Comments


We will no longer post our articles from the site to Facebook.  They continue to threaten to shut down our account with petty and ridiculous claims of us violating their TOS.

The latest furry of violations center around them claiming that we are posting things strictly as “Click Bait”.   I have much better things to do with my time than try to defend our posts from such frivolous claims.

The “Hayday” of Facebook has come and long gone.  Any further investment of time and energy into Facebook has passed a point of diminishing return long ago.

Please offer some of your own thoughts on the issue and or some alternative Social Media recommendations for the future.


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Fuck Zuck and his minions


comment image


Also this


How in the Hell can I unsee that now…


Fuck Zuck the Cuck and his true Reptilian form.


I have always thought that Zuck looked like a reptilian. Those black eyes are exhibit one.


Its not what you post, its who you post it about. If you’re towing the party line about grooming kids, letting criminals walk free, hating America, hating DJT, and so on you’d have no problems.


Gab + Rumble

George V

I’m probably in a small minority, but I don’t do any social media. My alternative (to the mainstream outlets) news and info comes from sites like this and a few others that started as milblogs. I can’t recall how I found the first milblog, or which one it was, but I have a group that I check a couple of times per day if time permits, and that works for me. Sometimes a site goes dark, but then TAH or another site posts something that leads me to a new site to follow.

I don’t need no “social” media – which seems to me the most anti-social thing since tribal warfare was invented.


Nothing good happens after Midnight or over social media.

Hack Stone

How about after midnight on a social mediate site? Asking for a friend who formerly lived on Wilson Lane in Bethesda, since the Internet access from the cardboard box that he is living in is spotty at best.


Same here for me, George V. TAH and other blogs are my social media. Never had a Fakebook account tho I have had folks show me theirs when there was a question about one of their “friends” making stolen valor claims.

Phuque Zuck!

AW1 Rod

Try Signal. It’s not true “social media.” It’s a hybrid, on which only other Signal users in your circle may post messages and media. It’s also encrypted.


Ditto, with me. Don’t do Fakebook if you want to preserve your anonymity.


Amen. TAH is about the extent of “social media” for me. I have had some websites over the years that were pretty specific to conservative interests and may create another that caters to a variety of interests… music, religion, politics, cooking, machines, construction, media, and run of the mill renaissance stuff.

I like music theory and usually go to bed earlier than tonight.

Daisy Cutter

Social media? Social media! We don need no stinkin’ Social Media!

Last edited 2 days ago by Daisy Cutter

Not to sound like a middle school grammar teacher, but are you being facetious, with your double negative “…I don’t need no…”?


Good thing we aren’t posting for grade 😉

Daisy Cutter

Ranks right up there with a dangling participle.


I quit Facebook in early 2020 when I got tired of exposure to COVID stupidity from people I previously respected. It was consuming too much of my time as it was. I haven’t looked back and I don’t miss it.

Green Thumb

Never did it. Never will.

Forest Bondurant

Zuckerberg can keep “Facefuck”.

“MeWe”, “Mastodon”, “Parler” and “Truth Social” are a few others. Not sure about the pros or cons of any of them. I don’t have a preference since I don’t have a social media account of any kind.


MeWe has a business model that doesn’t sell your data. They just try to upsell you on stuff like fancy picture and more storage space. You are their customer, not a product.

Daisy Cutter

“Take a big step back and…”

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I was never on facebook or other social media sites and the only site I am on are this site and a “group me” site pertaining to the Exempt firemans Assn. and our company FD truck business.


I noticed the 4000+ SOCOM Commander accounts don’t violate their TOS. You would think they would be opposed to the military use of clones but here we are.


I don’t have time for shit like facebook. I’d rather book time


True, social media cuts into drinking time– which isn’t an improvement.


This one, at least, is honest:
comment image

Last edited 3 days ago by Anonymous

I left Facebook in 2020 when there censorship
was out of control…. I’m on X Sometimes
and it’s way better then dealing with the DNC
and the censorship


I left X some years ago. It go too ugly when it was twitter.

Went back after Musk bought it. I only use it a couple of times a week see those I subscribe too. Don’t post anything much.


Random post to see how it looks here (not someone I follow).


X (Twitter).

Decent click and view counts,
when MP was last putting up tweets with links,
last shown April 2023.



2 of the April 2023 videos now have over 2.2k views.


This is an excellent “101” intro to the TAH Rumble channel.

Do Rumble videos expand here, as YouTube dot com links do?
Let’s see….

Valor Vultures 101 HD


no they just jump you to the Rumble web site and then show you some TEMU adds…before giving you the list of videos…. and some more TEMU adds.

A little slow but that may be because the government is watching me on this computer

AW1 Rod

Fuck Farcebook. I shitcanned them years ago. They’re worthless.


Pretty much agree with what everyone here has posted. I have few suggestions. I’ll click a link or two from here, but I don’t use or go on X, Book of the Face, or anything. Rumble if I’m reminded, but really only for TAH related content. And yea, F Zuck and the Face he slid in on.


I was just sent this by a busy group admin in FakeBook PM.

ALL 3 of these notifications below are FAKE.
Spamalot, that looks like threats to take down a FaceBook account,
but amount to nothing.

Just report these when you see them as SPAM.

Unsure IF this is part of what Dave Hardin and other admins have been encountering.


Same ol’…
comment image

Last edited 1 day ago by Anonymous
President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande


Not working.
You put up a link to your own hard drive.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I know. I tried to take it down, but it wouldn’t delete.

Daisy Cutter

Who is General Failure… and why the hell is he trying to access my drive?


That is an awful lot of Chinese characters on your screen. Who is the guy with a Yahoo Australia account?

Daisy Cutter

Surprised you didn’t ask me what ‘SHSUCDX’ stood for.


Zuckerberg can kiss our asses in the county square!


I have this in my meme folder


I only use it because my family is on at the same pictures and other generic bullshit but if it went away tomorrow, I wouldn’t be too pressed to find something else to amuse myself with.

In memory of and I speak to him and Ex-PH2 On the regular at least a few times a week …
Artwork by Frankie Cee. God is in fact, blessing him now, and our Sarah …


Miss them.


Yea. Big time.

Army-Air Force Guy

You guys got my blessing, though that and .75 cents would get a cup of coffee at McDonald’s. Left Fakebook years ago, and I found TAH without going through social media just fine.


Small coffee at McDonald’s is now (discounted to) $1.00.
Plus sales tax (varies by state).


Thanks, Democrats!!


Now, a lunch for me and Mrs UN is $20.00, Same at Burger King. The only place we can afford is Culver’s.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone saw a self made video from a modern day snake oil salesman claiming his “tonic is good for what ails you”, such as curing diabetes and cancer. Hack Stone reported to Facebook for running a scam, passing false information, blah, blah, blah. Facebook said the video did not violate their terms of service.


“We get a cut.”

Green Thumb

Modern day snake oil salesman.

You mean Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics)?

Major Tuddy

How about Reddit? They seem to allow a lot.


I got a Perma ban from Reddit because they are a bunch of leftist little cry baby chomos.


I don’t have FB. Never have. I look at my wife’s if there is ever anything that I want to look at (mostly market place stuff).

When I do look at the page, half of it is click bait BS! Funny that they seem to have a problem with your postings!


Marketplace is the only thing I look at, but haven’t joined just so I can get contact info for what interests me. Probably a good thing as my garage is only so big, and my wallet is only so full.


I use FB for some family/ friends contacts.
Local Office of Emergency Management bulletins too.

But yeah, Zuck hoovers. They are commie pawns.


Fakebook is probably the only platform with more former users than current and its demographics are retired people so there is no growth, only decline. There is also a place in hell for them for shutting down private groups that memorialized service members because FB called the content inappropriate on a closed group.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone asked his grandnephew, maybe 12 years old at the time, if he had a Facebook account. His response? “Facebook is for old people.” No joke.

Daisy Cutter

Facebook is for connecting with people you used to know;
LinkedIn is for connecting with people you want to know;
TAH/VG is for being aware of people (POSers) you don’t want to know.

Last edited 2 days ago by Daisy Cutter

Don’t trust anybody over 30.

A corollary to that, is don’t trust anybody under 30 either.

Last edited 2 days ago by 5JC

The people we were warned about are now the ones in charge.

AT1 ret

long over fb

AT1 ret

tired to edit the other post

A Proud Infidel®™

FUCK Der Zuckerfuehrer and his idiot minions.


I’m on linked it, thats it. I joke about if you can find me on facebook, i’ll buy you lunch.. People still waste time looking for me. 🙂

Hack Stone

Hack Stone has a Linked In account. Gives him thev opportunity to network with people interested in buying outdated overpriced Red Hat software.

RGR 4-78

Facebook of the Damned.

Dave, you should continue to post the libs of tic tok links to face book weekly. Just to mess with them.


Sounds good to me. I don’t have an account with those cretins, never go there and I don’t mind paying for better content.


Facebook is the devil!

A Proud Infidel®™

WE KNOW just which crowd runs Farcebook, one 30-day jail sentence I got from the commie “Moderators” was for reposting a meme with a picture of Che Guevara that said “You can’t spell douche without Che”, another was for “Inciting Violence” because I posted:

  1. Rope.

2.Tree or Gallows.
Some assembly required.


The ” some assembly required” part got you in trouble. That phrase would suggest hours of cursing, I.E. something from Ikea level difficulty. Everything else is acceptable to them.

Green Thumb

Somewhere Phil Monkress is crying silently…..

Old tanker

I would suggest Rumble as an alternative to fb. I know that Brandon Herrera has another site he helped create for content that fb would have a coronary over. I don’t recall the name right off hand.

Forest Bondurant

Fascinating read.


X, free speech, still some clowns in the system, but it’s all pretty much Freedom of Speech thanks to Elon Musk.
Which is what we all served for, ain’t it ???


In memoriam,


I’m convinced I was able to get the job I did after retirement because I have no social media.

If the cunts that run these sites want to know what I like, what I want, and what I think, then they can PAY ME.

Goddamn, I hate people.

Not you guys, obviously.




I got off Facebook roughly 15 years ago. Life is all the better for it.

I see it as something more for older people in their 60’s to 80’s now. Useful for snoops, gossip, and keeping in touch with people from a distance, so you don’t really have to keep in touch with them at all.

No thanks.