Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| July 9, 2024 | 26 Comments

This puts the fear into China

And the other one’s been accused of sexual assault

For whom does she work?

Fascists gonna fash

Trust the science. Truth hurts

She is an eloquent, brilliant trailblazing woman uterus holder

He has brief moments of lucidity, so vote Biden! Or you ain’t black!


Oh, if the problem is just your brain, we should be fine

Fact check: He’s never been in battle

He’s as sharp as he’s always been, which is the problem

This can’t be real. Must be a cheap fake

Playing with another’s penis doesn’t make you gay?

And the useful idiots applaud this obvious pandering lie

I always knew that Great Salt Lake was a bigot!

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Ugh, that Navy pride event. The poor skipper in the middle with rope smokers on side & dykes on the other. Makes you wonder why anyone would want to be a CO anymore.

Hey, discount/wannabe Ricky Gervais: if it’s got a dick then its not a chick. No spin or mental gymnastics required. If your “girl’s” boner is poking on the dance floor then you’re dancing with a dude.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I got lost immediately after “men dating trans women…..” and just stopped reading/listening after that.

Forest Bondurant

That dickhead probably thinks his male girlfriend can get pregnant and breastfeed.

And yes, if you’re dating a man who pretends to be a woman, that’s fucking gay.

Yup, only sausage I’ll eat is made by Jimmy Dean.


Oh FFS! Some think that the perversions and teh stoopid at the highest levels of the grubermint or incompetence. Nope, it is the continuation of the “…fundamentally changing of the face of America…” that all got brought to the forefront starting with a fake birth certificate.


Big Mike packs more meat than Barry, too.


Re the hysterical mask chick:

I’d bet that the nurses she was talking with patiently explained to her WHY masks are “not needed at this point”…namely because they’re basically a pacifier that does nothing to prevent the spread of viruses.

That part of the message didn’t sink in because it goes against her programming and could cause massive cognitive dissonance, so she just didn’t hear that part. What she heard was “blah, blah, blah, we don’t care about you, blah, blah”.

She’s upset not because the masks she’s been wearing are ineffective, she’s upset that the nurses won’t keep playacting to make her feel better. Sort of like “trans” people who get upset when people won’t pretend they actually are the opposite sex.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Ahhh. The schadenfreude tears sweetens my covfe.

Fresh out, the box too…
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“ Sort of like “trans” people” – JUST LIKE!!!

Forest Bondurant

The mask lady should’ve been handed one of these.


Re biden at black church.

Looks like he was finding his rhythm like Steve Martin in the jerk. Waiting for him to claim how he was born a poor black child.


Well, that was Bill Clinton… at least on a declaratory basis.
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Although, to be honest, not by him:

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

To all those who think that the Great Salt Lake is racist (yeah, I’m looking at you, KSL and the Great Salt Lake Collaborative (huh? who? never heard of ’em)), the Great Salt Lake was here first. The Lake isn’t racist. It shits on everybody of every color. YOU moved into ITS neighborhood. Don’t like smelling Lake Stink? (it’s a real thing) Don’t like dealing with brine dust? Then MOVE to somewhere, anywhere else…..outside of Utah.

But… but… they would have to give up skiing on what Utah claims is the best snow in the world.

I wonder if the salt is racist people know just how much salt is used to preserve and season their food.

Hack Stone

All these people still “wearing” masks are accomplishing nothing. Even if they did work, when your nostrils are exposed it negates what little protection it would have afforded.

Forest Bondurant

To add: Celebrating Gay Month on a warship is gay.

Ilhan Omar serving in Congress is contradictory to her religion because she is forbidden to uphold or represent any law that isn’t Islamic law.

The NYT “Guest Essay” is a giant douchbag who served as a special advisor to FJB. (His article is getting smoked by conservative news sites and channels). 

Face mask lady is a clown. 

On Kamala: Meet Oliver Bartholomew – he’s the 6-year-old who writes Kamala’s speeches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3_nN0ERPL4.

On the 7 posts about Biden, all I have to say is “FJB”. 

The Great Salt Lake is rayciss? 

So it has joined in the ranks with Dr. Seuss, mathematics, Steve Martin’s “King Tut” sketch, the movie “Dunkirk”, one of the “Dove” soap ads, saying the word “clan”, the fact that Taco Bell doesn’t serve fries, cold weather, the Winter Olympics, solar eclipses, air, dogs (and dogs names), babies, nostalgia, Farmer’s Markets (and anything having to do with agriculture), obesity, the “pron” industry, aesthetics, crime-surge statistics, Bernie Sanders supporters, the phrase “you people”, 4th of July (and fireworks), STDs, not renting your home to criminals, lower taxes, fried chicken, the Declaration of Independence, the entire State of New Jersey, criminalization of marijuana, pollution, camouflage, the Oregon Trail, being punctual, highways, the SAT test, eating French Toast, any politician that filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Bitcoin, the fossil fuel industry, Othello, summer heat, Karl Marx, electronic music, Coca Cola, strawberries, the Bible, outer space, art (and Art History), George Wallace, band-aids, reporting rape, car insurance, the organization Black Lives Matter, medicine (and denying that medicine is racist is racist), apple pie, bullet resistant glass…

Forest Bondurant

…the term “Asian giant hornet”, emojis, milk, categorizing ancient human remains as either “male” or “female”, craft beer, the “okay” sign, ballet, GPA’s, Woodrow Wilson, describing criminal suspects, white people who have a good relationship with their family, not funding abortion, chess, makeup, the term “urgency”, Tamarisk Trees in Palm Springs, CA, climate, Socialism, credit checks, Hollywood (and the Oscars), Bill and Hillary Clinton, economic recessions, making fun of Elizabeth Warren, the United States, Robert Byrd, Capitalism, Lucky Charms cereal, the American flag, Star Wars, Lester Maddox, Caucasians competing against people of color in any sport, using proper grammar, eye-rolling, the term “black market”, diabetes, credit scores (or having good credit), enjoying any outdoor activity, the term “brown out”, asking voters to renew their registration, Canada, pumpkin spice lattes, Justin Trudeau, the Second Amendment, the English language, cartoons with frogs in them, denying reparations, fears of gun control, school discipline, body armor, homeschooling, black crayons, deporting people and immigration laws, owning property, diversity of thought, Jesse Helms, capitalization of words, white fans who enjoy the NBA (including the NBA draft)…

Forest Bondurant

…golf, the word “spooky”, asking children to behave and follow directions, September 11th, sculpting plaster, dislike of curry, the Welsh language, marriage, rocks, gypsy moths, suburbs, comedy, nature, visiting Hawaii, sugar, crossword puzzles, denying you are racist is racist, trees, the term “thug”, and the city of Boston, lacrosse, and denying all the examples given above are also considered racist.

Probably a few thousand I missed, so…


Ya left out herding cats!

Forest Bondurant

…the KKK, the names of National Parks, the Founding Fathers, tanning, free speech, the Democrat Party, Looney Tunes cartoons, the term “ghetto”, whiteboards, white chefs who make ethnic food, algorithms, masculinity, criminal background checks, Strom Thurmond, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Lyndon Baines Johnson, ice cream trucks (and the music they play, the Constitution (of course), the term “blacklist”, tipping in restaurants, physical fitness, American Airlines, physics, college admission standards, being “colorblind”, cameras, freedom, Joe Biden, meat, white people who celebrate Cinco de Mayo, former Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, any of the sciences, iPhone facial recognition technology, patriotism, the movie “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, white people who move from one area to another, Halloween costumes, French fries (or the lack of), determining kidney health, traffic violations, eloquence, unvaccinated people, Mount Everest, house fires, the song “Jingle Bells”, crime software, artificial intelligence, having pro-life views, Thanksgiving, using the word “looting”, self-defense, truck drivers, education, parental rights, roads, the Gadsden flag, ice hockey, modern day baby carriers…


“Playing with another’s penis doesn’t make you gay”

Good point, faggot.

Please teach my kids….


Just sayin’.
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