Trump-proofing NATO

| July 8, 2024 | 22 Comments

When Donald Trump threatened to leave NATO, he did so as a negotiation ploy. Trump took issue with many NATO countries not spending the agreed percentage of GDP on their military. Money not spent on the military became available to fund things like subsidizing industry. Thus, not wanting the Europeans to continue to take the U.S. for a bunch of suckers, Donald Trump threatened to leave the alliance. Trump also reportedly told a NATO country leader that he would let Russia “do whatever it wanted” to a NATO country that didn’t meet its military spending goal. However, Western media is spinning this as if Donald Trump wants out of NATO.

From Associated Press:

Even before the debate, European governments were deep in consultations on what they could do to ensure that NATO, Western support for Ukraine and the security of individual NATO countries will endure should Trump win back the presidency in November and temper U.S. contributions.

Some Americans and Europeans call it “Trump-proofing” NATO — or “future-proofing” it when the political advances of far-right political blocs in Europe are factored in.

This week’s summit, held in the city where the mutual-defense alliance was founded in 1949, was once expected to be a celebration of NATO’s endurance. Now, a European official said, it looks “gloomy.”

There are two reasons for the gloom: Russian advances on the battlefield in the months that Trump-allied congressional Republicans delayed U.S. arms and funding to Ukraine. And the possibility of far-right governments unfriendly to NATO coming to power.

The official spoke to reporters last week on condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations among governments.

Rachel Rizzo, a senior fellow on NATO with the nonpartisan think tank the Atlantic Council, says she has a blunt message for Europeans: “Freaking out about a second Trump term helps no one.”

For allies at the summit, she said, the key will be resisting the temptation to dwell on the details of unprecedented events in U.S. politics and put their heads down on readying Western military aid for Ukraine and preparing for any lessening of U.S. support.

Additional Reading: 

Knickmeyer, E. (2024, July 8). Can you ‘Trump-proof’ NATO? As Biden falters, Europeans look to safeguard the military alliance. Associated Press. Link.

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Forest Bondurant

“The official spoke to reporters last week on condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations among governments.”

Translated to mean whatever was said is a manufactured talking point by the MSM and nobody official said shit to any reporter.


Anonymous means they asked Bob in the mail room.


Trump proofing NATO.

They’re starting to realize that allowing yourself to become dependent upon someone else for your safety and security isn’t a wise decision.

Which is the entire goal of Trump’s blustering…so, again, Trump wins.

I don’t like the guy at all. I can’t stand his childish rants or his egotistical bloviating, but I have to admit, he’s a master at manipulating others.


The problem with politicians is they only know how to “bluff” with house money, the taxpayers money/our money, which they DO NOT care about wasting. DJT’s business is essential a family business run with family money, so he’s not pissing money up a rope. No one ever spoke to the bureaucrats like that before, and they would prefer a weak and feeble Joe to appease their wishes. They know DJT won’t cave, so they’ll adjust accordingly like they did in his first term. How much of what the MSM said would go wrong actually went wrong in term one? The camps? The persecutions? The wars? The economic doom? Nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada.


That would be called a TREATY which needs 2/3 of the Senate to approve.

Anything else is a drug deal.


There’s nothing wrong with making NATO countries pay their fair share of their defense

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

That sounds suspiciously like the DildoCrats when they DEMAND that Rich People pay Their Fair Share of taxes.
Just scale that up to “countries” and “defense”.

Yeah, DildoCrats should be making noises in Kongress. But instead…….(crickets……crickets…..).
Gee, I wonder why that is?


Welp, we’ve pulled their nuts out of the fire how many times in the last 110 years? At a cost of how many hundreds of Ks killed, wounded, missing Americans? That part easy enough to Foo The Google to get. And how many US Taxpayer’s USDs have been spent over that time frame, protecting Europeans from…well…Europeans? Sorry, not sorry, the Euros are as bad as the MEs at fighting amongst themselves. How many here dealt with the whole Bosnia/Serbia thing. And now they have imported massive amounts of ME trash to add to the mix of internal strife to go along with a threat of external strife. Anybody else see a pattern here? I say phuque ’em all and let them fight it out on The Plains of Megiddo…or the Fulda Gap. I hear it’s nice there, this time of year.

Personally, I think the demonrats know that their big steal isn’t going to work this time, The Bad Orange Man will be elected, and they are setting everything in motion make the world’s/USA’s problems be his fault. They’ve blamed for everything else for the last 4 years. I also don’t think we need to concern ourselves with the security of the world, but need to concern ourselves with the security of our own homes. We have more military aged young men from other countries here in the US than we have military members world wide.



Our faithful NATO allies, always willing to defend their freedom to the last American life, while making a tidy profit.

NATO countries have two or three times the population of Russia and multiples of its economic power, yet they claim to be too weak to defend themselves against the Russian juggernaut without US lives and $$.

This is not the 1940s. Europe is no longer a pile of rubble with a starving, decimated population. Time for them to put on their big boy/girl/whatever pants and defend themselves.


Europe needs to find its balls again:
comment image


An angry Austrian painter might help with that.


They Germans would end up in Paris again.
comment image

Last edited 1 day ago by Anonymous

Nope, not at all– at least 2% of GNP on your own defense, folks!

Last edited 3 days ago by Anonymous

When Trump demands that NATO countries pay their fair share it’s bad. When everyone else does it is good. That is what I am hearing lately.

Nowadays everyone is spending like crazy to catch up. Well, almost everyone that is….

Note that HALF of their rolling stock doesn’t roll.,policy%20update%20revealed%20on%20Monday.

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RGR 4-78

Justine Castro has cut Canada off at the knees.


Canada is a NATO freeloader.
But yet Fagboi Turdeau dumps our tax dollars into a notoriously corrupt non-NATO, sham-democracy Mafia state.
It’s only gonna get worse now that Vlad took the gloves off after the West greenlit long range targets. Escalation was inevitable


In their defense we do get a shit ton of early warning and other stuff from Canada. The current PM has nothing to do with and they seem to be using that as leverage.

They know that they are too valuable to lose, yet, one wonders of they realize they are turning themselves into a buffer stuff.

Last edited 4 days ago by 5JC

Not to worry.. Canada will be a freeloader no more. Twinkle socks has found a way to finance whatever ails Canada.


I thought Fidelito Turdeau was gonna start an Onlyfans. First Video…..He is getting double fisted by Jackmeet🤣


Yeah, about all those far-rightists taking power…didn’t happen.

Hack Stone

Sounds like Donald Trump wants NATO members to pay their fair share.

USMC Steve

When talking about fair shares, frankly, 2 percent of your GDP to fund your own defense, as required by the treaty by the way, is not at all unreasonable. And frankly, NATO is pretty much useless. It is only Russia now, not the Soviet Union. And they have proven they are not that much of a threat unless they launch nukes.