Beryl lands in Texas

| July 8, 2024 | 22 Comments

Hurricane Beryl is hitting Texas today. So far something over 2,700,000 electric customers are without power.

I know there are several of the site readers (including myself) in the path of the storm – several vets I have heard from south in Houston are without power but OK. One, a lady I served with in the late ’70s, posted a picture of where a small tornado touched down NEXT DOOR.  Even a smallish hurricane (which this one seems to be) can do a lot of damage.

Thoughts and prayers for all the East Texas vets in her path. Especially you folks who don’t chime in daily – please comment and let us know you’re OK.

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Apparently it’s slow moving and lingered a bit. Looks like 8″+ of rain in Sugarland.


GB Compound is w/o power. Some further damage to the roadway, but OK.
Friends have a tree in the living and dining rooms.
Power may not be back to some parts in the AO for 3 days.
And FEMA was just about ready to pack up and leave…


About 4.5″ rain at the compound.


AB Son had a pine come down across his front fence, dropping the power lines next to his driveway.
Pretty well confined to the house until the power company tends to it.


A Prayer up to you, your’s, our fellow miscreants, and all of The Good Texicans, Graybeard. Be safe. I do not envy the linemen (power and telecom) the overtime and danger they will be seeing over the next few weeks. BTDT

There’s a reason that the Natives didn’t have big settlements along the coasts when the Europeans arrived. They knew that now and again, Mama Nature gets riled up.


Update: the GB Compound had power restored about 2130 hours yesterday (Wednesday).
All troops are in good condition.
We appreciate your prayers.


Never happened in Corpus Christi/Nueces County. Not even rain. Thank you Lord for the blessings we’ve had.

OTOH, it was looking gruesome for Graybeard’s AO. No word from the cousin’s in the Jasper, Orange and Lufkin areas but I know that they’re gonna get some heavy rain.

My first really big hurricane was Audrey in 1955. That was before the intercostal waterway existed and there were no levies between the Gulf and Abbeville, Louisiana.

Snakes everywhere, on roofs, in trees, power lines. Air conditioning had been invented by then but we didn’t have one, yet. Of course, power loss is a foregone conclusion. Kerosene lamps work pretty well.

If there is an uptick with hurricanes, they can really bring out the very best in people and communities. There once was a time that when the power was gone you could count on folks cooking and sharing everything they had in the freezer rather lose it spoilage.

Hope ya’ll other Gulf Coast folks are doing Ok.


Odd a army buddy of mine in the northern area of Houston said this isn’t jack shit
A storm they got a few months got was as he said


There power is on at there house
Lots of water in low areas
They live near Conroe tx
They got 4-5 inches of rainfall


I have to agree that this wasn’t anything like this past spring nor the hurricanes of the post-Katrina years.
But this last Springs’ storms and flooding did a lot of damage to the infrastructure and depleted reserves a lot. We’ve had 3, 4 weeks with no new damage but they are still trying to complete the recovery. Now this rolls in and sets them back.
Some guesstimates are Thursday or later for restoring power.
The linemen are getting battered.


Good Luck Texas!!!! God Speed!!!

Major Tuddy

So…still think electric cars are a good idea?


Best of luck to anyone affected!


Andy, why do you like living in the oh so boring Midwest?
This is why. All I’m going to see of this hurricane is some rain Wednesday.


Tornadoes, on the other hand…


Sugarland was hit the worst it seems. One of employees lives out there and has no power and a couple of big trees knocked over on his house. Just West of Houston, I am in good shape with only a power flicker or two and no damage to the house.


All the trees in the region have been stressed in the past few years. First the drought and extream heat, then a longer than usual spell of freezing temps, then super-saturated ground from the spring storms (which were also high-wind events). Some diseases have taken their toll as well.
We’re going to lose a lot more trees in the coming months.


Sorry to hear that GB. Take care.


Glad everyone is fairing well so far.

Now to pee in everyone’s coffee. Beryl is only the 2nd named storm of the season. I believe we got to Y last year! Standby

Old tanker

We were looking for a bit of rain in the Hill Country from this hurricane. We got zilch when it took that hard right turn that was the least predicted path. Had it gone into Mexico as originally predicted, we would have had possibly enough rain to finally break out of the extreme drought we have been locked in for the last 4 years or so, sigh.

I’m sorry we missed the rain but not sorry enough to feel good about those who got slammed by the storm. The flooding in Houston was terrible as well as the wind damage.


Anyone know anything about the welfare of the animals involved in bio-medical research labs in Houston? It’s not likely to be a topic the media will cover. Sadly, there are always losses.