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Cheddar heist costs German police officer his badge

A German police officer who was fired for stealing cheddar cheese from an overturned truck while attending a traffic accident has lost his appeal against dismissal, a court ruled.

In his defence, he denied nibbling on any of the cheddar.

The police officer, who had been called to secure the scene, instead drove up to the side of the truck and ordered a rescue worker to hand him nine 20-kilogramme (44-pound) packages of cheese, which were worth around 554 euros ($595) in total.

He took some of the parcels to his office, but the final whereabouts of the other parcels could not be conclusively clarified, the court in Koblenz said on Tuesday.

It was assumed that the police officer had kept “four parcels for himself or his friends and relatives”, it added.

The police officer, who said he did not even like cheddar, had appealed against his dismissal, saying the cheese had been worth practically nothing as it had not been kept chilled and would have gone to waste.

Source; Reuters

Correctional officer honking his horn to ‘drive faster’ calls 911 after getting traffic citation: PCSO

An officer at the Polk Correctional Institute has been arrested after deputies say he called 911 because he was upset he got a citation for repeatedly honking his horn while driving.

According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy on patrol saw Douglas Morse, 34, driving a red Jeep in the area of Recker Highway and Avenue G NW, repeatedly honking his horn around 11:45 p.m. on Sunday.

The deputy pulled Morse over and said Morse claimed to be honking his horn because it “makes him drive faster.”

The deputy added that after writing Morse a citation for the violation, Morse became upset and verbally abusive and dialed 911.

When the deputy asked him to hang up, Morse refused, saying he did not agree with the citation, according to PCSO.

The sheriff’s office said when the deputy took control of Morse’s arm to escort him out of the Jeep, Morse pulled away and continued to resist.

Morse was arrested for misusing 911 and resisting arrest.

Staff at the Florida Department of Corrections were notified of the arrest.

“We expect more professional behavior from those who work in the public service industry,” stated Sheriff Grady Judd. “And dialing 911 because you are upset that you received a traffic citation is not only ridiculous, it ties up an emergency line and resources that are designated for those who have true emergencies.”

Source; Fox 13

Teens Stealing Road Signs Have to Be Rescued By Police

Everyone knows teenagers will do dumb things and should face the consequences of their actions, but that doesn’t make this situation with some teens getting caught stealing road signs any less hilarious. In a twist of karma, they became stuck in the mud and had to be rescued by the very people they were trying to avoid: the police.

According to California Highway Patrol – Santa Rosa this hilarious story happened on the night of January 3. Around 8:30 pm someone called dispatch to report a truck stuck in the mud of the side of the road with the accusation that it had been used to intentionally run over street signs.

However, when CHP officers arrived on the scene it quickly became apparent the teenaged occupants of the truck were in fact cutting down and stealing road signs. The evidence was in plain view in the pickup bed.

When asked, the teenagers admitted to the theft and said it was all done in good fun. However, the officers weren’t quite as amused by the antics, with the extent of the damage done to public property constituting felony charges.

The driver, who is 18 years old, was arrested and booked into the Sonoma County Jail. Likely, he realized at that point the fun and games had turned quite serious. As for the rest of the kids, their parents came to the scene and police released them into their custody. They were probably glad their fate wasn’t quite as scary.

It’ll be up to a prosecutor and judge to determine what happens next with these errant youth. While they did destroy government property by sawing the signs down, there’s no telling if the kids were actually going to keep their trophies or turn them over to authorities. That said, slapping the one who’s technically an adult with felonies for this stunt might seem a little harsh, but we bet these kids will never do anything like this again.

Source; Yahoo!

Catalytic Converter Thief Trapped By Forklift

Nobody likes a catalytic converter thief. We’ve heard even their mothers disown them. If you’ve ever fallen victim to these lovely individuals, well you know firsthand why they’re so loathed. That’s why we think it’s completely appropriate a scrapyard in Akron, Ohio who had a problem with one trespassing to steal from them finally caught him by raising the car he was hiding inside with a forklift, then called police.

Humiliating the guy, who decided instead of chopping cats off people’s rides in a parking lot that he would just help himself at a scrapyard, is just oh so sweet. Employees of the business told police it was the third time he had trespassed on the property, so they were pretty happy about catching the guy.

As one can imagine, the thief himself was compliant and pleasant when the forklift was lowered and police opened the back door. Actually, he was defiant, telling cops his name was “Mr. Funk.” Considering his lack of personal hygiene that seemed oddly appropriate. He then said it was “none of your business, bro” when asked for his first name.

These are the morons climbing under your car with a Sawzall to hack off your catalytic converter so they can get a quick score. They’re also criminal masterminds as this guy concocts some poorly constructed story about running from someone and hiding in the scrapyard out of fear. Three times. Yeah.

He proceeds to try having a philosophical discussion with police about the difference between a lie and the truth, which devolves into the well-groomed Mr. Funk acting like a belligerent toddler.

By the way, the police found a Sawzall in Mr. Funk’s backpack. That’s like a totally normal thing for someone to be carrying when they get chased by someone and hide in the backseat of a car in a scrapyard, right bro? Catalytic converter thieves sure are dumb.

There’s a link to a video of the incident at the source.

Source; Yahoo!

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Road signs are pricey to replace. A stop sign alone costs north of $700, not including post or labor to reinstall.


Well, this happened in California, so the outcome is easy to figure. If the kids, especially the driver are white, they will be facing felonies and whatever else the DA can throw at them. If they’re not, they’ll be released without bail, and if they ever do come to trial, it will be for misdemeanors which will either result in dismissal, or a slap on the wrist..

Change my mind..

RGR 4-78

With Liberty and Justice for ALL.


Everything is a felony these days.


Speaking of felonies, or a government too big for their own good..


Government doesn’t buy anything from Amazon that they can’t make themselves and overcharge for.


$600 hammer?


$600 toilet seats too, aviation grade.


I loved those toilet seats. They paid for BAH and comped hotels with Michelin-worthy restaurants.

Don’t shit on my toilet seats.


I always thought the $1,000 hammer, and $600 toilet seat was due to government contracting not because the hammer or seat actually cost that much. You know: odd size, made of non-conductive, super light material, or has a service contract for five years or more added to it like all computer purchases!


The extended warranty will get you every time.


The German cop should have known better. We all know the difference between right and “right”. Maybe he truly was trying to ensure that all of the cheese wouldn’t go to waste. Regardless, there are procedures to follow. I’ll admit, I never had so much bread and condiments as I did during my time on Sand Hill. UPU (unit pick-up) chow was my company’s preferred method of feeding the Trainees, and we’d get a pallet of bread, boxes of salad dressing, fruit, and other stuff. Whatever was left over went straight to the dumpster, so when I was running chow, I ensured the Trainees got their fill and then some. Over time, I figured “why let these bagels and loaves of brand-name bread go to waste”, and by the time I PCS’ed I had amassed quite a few bottles of Heinz 57, Texas Pete, and boxes of Ken’s salad dressings. I always liked getting the Italian to marinate steaks with. Of course, this was 2017 and Piggly Wiggly had sirloins for $5/lb, with bottom round steaks for around $2.50, so the lab and I ate decently. Was it right? No, the stuff should have gone in the dumpster. Was it “right”? Well, we weren’t allowed to donate it to local food banks and tossing $50+ dollars every time we served chow just felt wrong.

I was caught liberating road signs once. I closed at McDonald’s and often had to walk home around midnight, after curfew. One night, they had replaced a street sign and left the old one on the curb, so I picked it up and kept walking, only to have a county Mountie stop me. He made me take it back but was otherwise cool. I guess he wasn’t used to seeing teenagers stealing signs while walking home from a six-hour work shift.

As for the thief, good catch. Those catalytic converters require quite a bit of meth to figure out the proper algorithm for risk versus reward. A lot of salvage yards no longer take them with extensive documentation.


It may be harsh for a felony but a while back, here, some punks stole a stop sign and a car plowed on through into a pregnant lady and her other kid. The lady, unborn kid and kid died. Teens got some a lot of jail time. It may be all fun and games until someone gets hurt but I have no sympathy for them.


I’d suggest that the penalty should depend on what type of sign it was. As you point out, stealing a stop sign could have deadly consequences. Others might not. An example out here are the signs saying ” Now entering South Park Ambulance District”.. No question about the costs, etc, but nearly zero chance that anyone will die from one of them being stolen (for context, friends that work there said the life expectancy of one of those signs, back when the TV show was at it’s peak, was less than two days)


Construction flagger… been there, done, had the sunburn and sore muscles and feet to prove it.

Sore muscles? You would be amazed how much wind those little signs catch. Now multiply by xx hours, usually with no shade. Road temps are always higher than air temps too.

Slow down, pay attention and if you must wave, use all 5 fingers. Some of those guys/gals aren’t afraid to throw or hit your car with a stop/slow paddle . Or so ive heard 😏


Odie, I’ve heard that the wind can catch a hard hat and toss it toward a vehicle like a frisbee. Sometimes with enough accuracy to go thru an open window. Even heard that the wind can catch the tools in an aerial linemans tool belt and toss tools towards vehicles.


Yep. The wind caused it. My word against yours.

My reply to the people investigating the incident would be, I will try to keep a firmer grip.

Last edited 5 days ago by Odie
jeff LPH 3 63-66

Back in the day when someone was robbing/breaking in to a store, they usually had a lookout, and when the lookout saw a cop approaching the shout was cheese it the cops meaning start running. this was used during the silent majority generation before the baby boomer generation and carried into their era.
So a lady goes into the diner and goes to the order window for food to go and says to the waitress that I would like lamb chops au gratin to go and the waitress yells to the chef,
cheese it the chops.

BlueCord Dad

(Groan) 😎

A Proud Infidel®™

Stealing road signs isn’t a victimless crime, some years ago in Tampa, some kids stole s stop sign and later there was a fatal crash at that intersection. The teens were caught, and that theft resulted in a Manslaughter Conviction.


In college the police had a temporary stop sign they put up at ‘school crossing ‘ over a half mile from the school which did nothing. Walking home one night I ‘liberated’ it – no stop. The second day they brought a replacement, so I brought the original back. Next day they had two, so they removed their replacement…so that night I reliberated the one left. We kept this up for over a week till I spotted the stakeout car and decided the party was over. Great fun.


I shorely would like to nibble on that thar cheesecake depicted above. HONK! HONK! Is that a come hither sign she is giving me? Wanna take a bubble bath with me? Bet that would be exhausting. I’ll see my 12 yo personification out.

Teh Stoopid…strong it is.

Last edited 5 days ago by KoB

Keep the girl, the folding cloth top, invest in some bear claw latches for the doors, ditch the horn and whatever that white thing is hanging beneath the spare tire. If it’s a mudflap (weird placement), at least make it black so it’s less noticeable.

Nice thing about the cars and trucks of that era KoB, is your sweetie has no choice but to sit close to you.


As someone who was once a stupid kid (and still acts like one despite 25 years in uniform), scare the living shit out of the kid and let him go.

I’d completely support community service, save for the degree of stigma associated with a criminal record in this day and age.

I’ve done worse and his only crime was getting caught. Don’t give him reason to reoffend.


Doing stupid stuff has no age limits or restrictions. Sometimes Darwin has to get involved.


When I read the post about the Corrections Officer, my first thoughts were the cops were cutting him a break by not performing a field sobriety test and citing him for DUI based on his response.

As I read on I became more convinced of the possibility of impaired driving when he followed up with the 911 call as he didn’t recognize the breaking they were cutting him.

Just my thoughts based on the info provided and the fact I may be cynical and jaded.