Danny Trejo, one of the actors in Bad Ass, gets pushed to the ground

| July 7, 2024 | 17 Comments

Danny Trejo played in the movie “Bad Ass“. This movie appeared to have been inspired by a fight that involved fake Vietnam Veteran Thomas Bruso, and another passenger on the bus. Recently during a parade, someone threw a water balloon at Trejo’s convertible. He decided to offer up a consequence in the form of a knuckle sandwich. He missed and then was pushed to the ground. Other people jumped in to stop the brawl. Trejo did not appear to get injured in the fight.

From RVM News:

Actor Danny Trejo was involved in a physical altercation during the Independence Day Parade in Sunland-Tujunga, Los Angeles. The incident reportedly began when a paradegoer threw a water balloon at Trejo’s vintage convertible, leading to a brawl.

Video footage captured the 80-year-old actor attempting to confront the individual responsible, but as he took a swing, he missed and was subsequently pushed to the ground. The situation quickly escalated, involving several individuals in a chaotic scuffle. It came to an end when bystanders intervened and the crowd dispersed before police arrived, resulting in no arrests being made.

In response, Trejo described the water balloon incident as “childish” and condemned the alleged perpetrators as “cowards.” Despite the physical confrontation, the actor emerged unharmed from the altercation.

Additional reading and videos:

RVM Entertainment Staff. (2024, July 5). 80-year-old Hollywood icon Danny Trejo gets in a fistfight at L.A. parade [VIDEOS]. RVM News. Link.

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

Maybe it was Corp. Agarns balloon flying Cousin who threw the water balloon.

Just An Old Dog

Oh, Epic Beard Man! That’s a blast from the past! The guy is probably still around… There was a Tik Tok someone posted up in Feb 2023 of his sitting on a Bench in San Francisco. It was short and he seemed pretty coherent for a chance.
He’s been through periods of homelessness and there are several videos of him acting goofy or high as balls.
He’s mentally off and an addict to boot. It’s a miracle he is still alive.


Trejo was quite the thug and hoodlum in his early years. Too old for all that now.


If only he was 25 years or so younger, the story may have had a different ending.


Never too old to have attitude.
comment image


80 year old ready to roll.



Not Machete in real life?


Super Bowl commercial, anyone ??
See who plays Marcia.
And also Jan.


Meanwhile, veterans sound off on Biden saying he’s “been in and out of battles” on July 4th:

Last edited 5 days ago by Anonymous

Well he is battling dementia


That’s his fight.


He will never get over Macho Grande.


He seems to be loosing the Battle of Bowel Control.
I hear they have plugs for that.


More like ‘ in and out ‘ of consciousness


Balloon Boi is probably lucky that it was just a swing and a miss. Even Old Bears don’t like to be poked.

Was watching at an Episode of “Bones” TeeVee Show the other night (Trejo played the part of a Bishop in a 2011 Episode) Full disclosure…I think Emily Deschanel is kinda hot…and Michaela Conlin is even hotter…but I digress…anywho… The episode was about a murder in an old folks home and who done it. Seems that there was a genuine War Hero Resident that got tired of a Valor Thief Resident running his scam, so War Hero beat the Valor Thief to death with his walking cane. Since the War Hero was very old and had terminal cancer, a life prison sentence for taking out the trash wasn’t much of a deterrence.


Saw an old dude wearing a T-shirt a week or so ago that captured my interest. Unfortunately, he was too far away for me to hobble over and ask him where he got it.

It said “Too old to fight, too slow to run, but I can still shoot”.

Green Thumb

Danny T!