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| June 12, 2024

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Kentucky State Police investigators believe fatal Saturday shooting on I-71 was self-defense

Krystal Goodner
CARROLLTON, Ky. (WDRB) — Kentucky State Police investigators know who pulled the trigger in a fatal shooting on Interstate 71 in Carroll County Saturday, but have no immediate plans to make an arrest.

That’s because they believe the shooting was likely a case of self-defense.

Kentucky State Police received a request to assist on a road rage incident just after 7 p.m. on June 8, according to a news release from state police. During the initial investigation, it was determined that two cars driving on I-71 got off at exit 43, KY 389. At that time, police said one of the drivers was on the phone with Carroll County dispatch, reporting that the other driver was “displaying a firearm.”

As the two cars were traveling on KY 389, the incident “escalated,” and shots were fired. One driver — now identified as 63-year-old Daniel Shouse of Carrollton, Kentucky — was hit by the gunfire and died from his wounds.

“The second vehicle passed the first vehicle, at which time we believe the second vehicle brandished a firearm,” said Kentucky State Trooper Chad Johnson.

Investigators said Shouse had a gun, and they’re treating the shooting as a case of self defense.

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Homeowners hold burglary suspect at gunpoint in Arcadia

by: Tony Kurzweil
A burglary suspect confronted by an armed homeowner was held at gunpoint until police arrived in Arcadia Sunday night.

Police responded to the residential burglary call in the 400 block of Walnut Avenue in the San Gabriel Valley shortly before midnight.

Investigators learned that several suspects exited the residence and were confronted by the homeowners as they waited for officers outside, a spokesperson from the Arcadia Police Department told KTLA.

One homeowner fired a gun into the air when a fight broke out between one of the suspects and another homeowner, the spokesperson said.

The homeowners then kept the suspect from fleeing until officers arrived.

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All our liberties are due to men who, when their conscience has compelled them, have broken the laws of the land.

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I’ve shared my thoughts on road rage before. Let the idiots be idiots. If they think you’ve wronged them somehow and start getting aggressive, remember that both of you are likely in large projectiles that offer both protection and a means of escape. The driver who fired in self-defense used another tool that almost all of us carry 24/7 now, his cell phone. There’s no need to look for a police officer or try to find a payphone. When both drivers pull over, there’s no telling how much farther things will escalate.

Down here, it’s not uncommon to see aggressive drivers. I recently pulled onto a clear stretch of road only to have a speeder come around a curve and pass me on a solid line like I was an a-hole that pulled out in front of him. I mean, I did, but 65mph rounds a blind curve a lot faster than doing the speed limit of 45mph. I caught up to him at the light and just acted like everything was normal. I suppose some hot-headed types would have started tailgating, jumped out when he was trapped at the intersection, and tried to start a fight.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I’m too old to start a fight.
Maybe finish one, but not in a way that the perpetrator would like.
I’m also too old to fight fair.
If you’re fighting fair, your tactics suck.

What is this “fighting fair” that you speak of? Never heard of it.

Mr. Shouse shoulda stayed at the house. And how does a vehicle “brandish” a weapon? *sigh*

Use the shot to put air in the perp’s brain bucket. That way, his friends are warned.

Make sure that you are as passionate about taking my liberties as I am about keeping them.

Still curry combing yard sales, flea markets, and estate sales hoping to get lucky and find a Randall. One never knows.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“…..believe….was self-defense”

Make sure yours is the only story told to the po-po.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“…..fired a gun into the air….”
Well, THERE’S a waste of an expensive round. As well as “I shot a boolit into the air, where it lands, I know not where”.
Hopefully there wasn’t a person, pet, or other animal in the El Zee.
If you feel that you MUST shoot a “warning shot” (other than center mass), shoot into the yard lawn. Not gonna skip or ricochet, only a few blades of grass and a square inch of soil are gonna die. Less likelihood of liability.


I’m enjoying AW1Ed’s theme in rabbit-hole links this week.

I try to not aggravate the idiots into a case of road rage. But in one case a female nutcase followed my daughter home.
(note: The GB Compound is deep in the woods with plenty of wild hogs in the AO, therefore it is a given that if any road-rage driver follows one of us down this road, they are a nutcase and must be responded to as such.)
Fortunately for the nutcase she turned around and un-adzed the AO before I got out the door.

FWIW, my EDC holster sits in such a location that the seatbelt does not hinder a draw. I made it that way intentionally – just in case.

I’m hoping the “into the air” is a reporter gloss, or the LZ was somewhere safe. I’ve found expended rifle rounds on the curb in Downtown Houston after New Years. Not a warm fuzzy.


“She turned around and left” sounds like the perfect cover story to sell To any law enforcement that might come around.


I admit nothing.
Talk to my lawyer.

John Seabee

That is one of the finest ‘toothpicks’ ever made. I used to park in Bo Randall’s driveway, on Holden Ave, when I was on the midnight shift and had a report to write. If he was up, he would bring a cup of coffee out to me. Fine man… Better knife maker. R.I.P. Bo.