Robert E. Wilson – Fake Beirut Sniper Resurfaces

| June 11, 2024

Robert Earl Wilson Jr (aka “9mmParabellum0321” and “Theron D. Patron“) has resurfaced after reinventing himself. He posted a photo of a Marine Beirut Sniper tattoo, which raised some eyebrows among actual Beirut Veterans and snipers.

Nobody in the Beirut veteran community seems to have heard of him.

It turns out that Robert E. Wilson Jr was exposed several years ago for claiming to be a Beirut sniper.

Oddly enough, he teaches firearms… and isn’t shy about practicing heart and brain shots.

In DeKalb County, Georgia, Wilson was picked up for Impersonating an Officer and Carrying a Concealed Weapon, so we are not sure if he’s even allowed to have a firearm. When he was exposed last time, he took down all the “9mmParabellum0321” videos on YouTube.

Here are the past blogs about him…

* (MilitaryPhony) Robert E. Wilson Jr. , US Marine Retired MSgt, Grenada, Beirut, Operation Desert Storm, POSer, Blog of Shame  (by MilitaryPhonies)

* (This Ain’t Hell) Robert E. Wilson, Jr.; Another Beirut phony  (by Jonn Lilyea)

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When I play pretend, I play as a scout-swimmer. No one questions the scout-swimmer.

Playing pretend is fun.


I pretend to work at a furniture factory assembling office furniture. Want to know how many questions I get about that? Has not been a one yet.


Whoa there, big fella….

One doesn’t just ASSEMBLE office furniture.

I officially question your bonafides!

Hack Stone

It’s even better when you claim employment as Director of Media Relations for a proud but humble woman owned business that sells outdated and overpriced Red Hat Software to the Federal Government. If the Vice President has a problem with it, he can bring the President of the company into court to deny that she gave you a lifetime contract.

John Seabee

Poster child for the term “Coq Slurping Phudtard.”


Synonymous with:
comment image


An evening POSer post. Cool!


SeMper Fizz?


If You think that’s hotness check out Miss Alabama. She looks like she was born and bred in Jacksonville, North Carolina (did I get that in the correct order) to be a dependaponomous.


Is it better to have a wife that is carrying a few extra pounds, or one that has dick bigger than yours?


That is the immortal question. Keep in mind if she’s caring a LOT of extra pounds she might have the D and you just never found it.


Don’t ask, don’t tell… brain bleach, if so:


Don’t ask, don’t tell….just get it to a motel


Lance Hart? What’s in a name?

USMC Steve

On his fitness report, I would mark judgement as “not observed”.

Daisy Cutter

Floated back up to the top. I guess Wilson didn’t go down the first time we flushed.

A Proud Infidel®™

SHIT FLOATS, that’s likely the only reason he can keep his head above water.


Doesn’t this guy know the police are racist? By pretending to be Police he is pretending to be racist, this is very offensive to racists everywhere.

Last edited 1 month ago by 5JC
A Proud Infidel®™

Maybe he was SooperDooperTopSeekrit, Code name “Corn Pop”?


The lying POS Robert E. Wilson Jr. needs to do what his Fakebook Page did and go POOF. Wonder just how proud that Robert E. Wilson Sr. is of his lying POS spawn? Did this lying POS not get enough attention as a Junior? Did he lay low waiting for the heat to subside from the last time he was burned by MP & VG? Or has he been a guest of Fool Ton or De’Kob Counties up in The ATL? May have even been in a State Sponsored Resort of some sort? Wonder if Stacy or Fani are looking for some tips on defending themselves. After all…you just know that there are all kinds of MAGA Folks in that AO.

Phuque this POS that is standing in the blood and on the bodies of True Heroes. He seems to be an attention whore so let’s give him some attention. I saw that ChipNASA was lurking around earlier, we’ll give him something to do.

I hereby make a motion to deploy the TAH As(s)teriod of Insults on the lying, Valor Thieving POS, Robert E. Wilson Jr.

Can I get a SECOND and an AYE?

A Proud Infidel®™



I’m pretty confident that You’ll get the Aye,
I’ll come back and revisit this tomorrow after I get my laptop set back up and get back into my Google Drive and take a look at the previous links to write a proper dissertation for fuck nozzle here.

Daisy Cutter

What?!? You’re not like a coiled spring, ready to be sprung at the drop of the hat? You have to unpack and set your shit up? You don’t have a combat/fighting load?


So Daisy….
I can “whip it out” at a moment’s notice but for whatever reason, I have always taken the time to personalize a deployment of the AoI for each individual for which it is requested, voted upon and then released upon said turd burgler and valor theif, because I believe it has more impact.
Now I know the The As(s)teroid of Insults®™ hasn’t been deployed in a bit and it hasn’t been deployed in the “OLDEN STYLE” as my posting it here in it’s entirety gives Dave heartburn for a variety of reasons all of which I understand and we discussed, but I return to the subject at hand, good old Robby Bobby Boi here.
Well there, Theron, Doo Run Run… you wanted attention and glory and such, you got it….AGAIN!! you fucking jizz gobbler. Apparently you didn’t learn your lesson the FIRST TIME….

Annnndddd awwwayyy we go!!! (Das Googeellleezzz Linkey….as always, let me know if it’s not working)


Gun Bunny…wept…as the entire Choir of TAH joined him in a rousing AMEN and harmonized along with Ray Charles in Ray’s rendition of America The Beautiful.

All Hail The TAH As(s)teroid of Insults and The Keeper thereof…ChipNASA…


(ps…the linky opened like a champ, Chimpy…you da man!)


Thanks for Checking KoB and HUZZAHHHH!!!! The AoI RIDES AGAIN!!!


I’m pretty sure baby Jesus heard you and approved of the message.



BlueCord Dad



Concur! Wake up the armorers!


His codename was Agent Orange?


Did he have a Chain Belt in Karate?

Amateur Historian

Cute how they think we’ll forget about them after enough time has passed (not really).

Anyway, fuck this walking heart attack Pillsbury doughboy!


He does seem a bit portly.

Amateur Historian

A bit?

Daisy Cutter

‘Rotund’ and ‘corpulent’ are other words that comes to mind.

A Proud Infidel®™

That belly of his says that he has NEVER met a dinner buffet he didn’t like!


Going to the beach has got to be a real problem for this tool. The beach goers would think he was a beached whale and drag his ass back in the water. Everything about this guy is phony, except his belly.


Moby Dick’s opposite.


That pose of his with the pistol really cracks me up. What a douche.



Last edited 1 month ago by ChipNASA

The guns most likely loaded and behind the mirror is anoth apartment. Ya his friggin finger is on the trigger. What a douche bag.

Forest Bondurant


Daisy Cutter

There was a YouTube video of him last time. I swear to God almighty, Mother Mary, and her baby Jesus… He was sitting on the couch eating Cheetos. An imaginary intruder came through the front door. He threw the bag of Cheetos up in the air (principle of distraction), did a back flip over the couch to get behind it (cover and concealment), drew his weapon, and then started to pretend to fire at the imaginary intruder. I about pissed my pants watching that video.


You had me sitting on the couch eating Cheetos.


OK…you can’t just throw this out there and expect me not to whip out MY GOOGLEZ-FU and find it. …so far no luck but I’ll keep at it.


No self-respecting sniper’s portfolio is complete without the bathroom selfie.


Wow! Two phony ponies in the same week, and it is only Wednesday.

Army-Air Force Guy

What? No claim of being trapped under the rubble for five days?

Daisy Cutter

He shut down his Facebook page already.

You all are heartless.


The dude is 3’ from the target. Why is he aiming. He could step forward and just put the barrel on the target and pull the trigger. I don’t think he’s much of a teacher for firearms. His students should ask for their money back.


His gut is fairly impressive– body by Budweiser!

Green Thumb

This loser obvioulsy recieved numerous certifications from Turd Bolling and Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency (both national and international).

Turd Bolling’s brother from another mother.

The loser’s stench is so bad (and similar to Turd Bolling’s) that I can smell him through the screen…..

Steve G

He was not STA Plt 2/8. I was a member of STA Plt 2/8 from 1983-86. Was actually the first STA ashore with our S2 Gunner to Pearl Airport, Grenada (the rest of STA didn’t follow till the next day) and we had NO WIA in STA or any other 8541 in the Infantry company’s. He was not with STA Plt in 1982 nor after I joined in 1983 before the 83-84 Beirut deployment with the side trip to Grenada.

My STA team was assigned to the Fox 2/8, which had belonged to prior to joining STA and there was no such such Scout Sniper with us or qualified with Fox by that name. Fox’s detached Platoon guarding the American Embassy did have Cpl Haga and Lt Ettore (a mustang) that both were Scout Snipers, that was it for Fox company.

Graham Fox 2/8 Beirut 1982, STA 2/8 Grenada/Beirut 1983-4, left STA in 1986.