Der Nazi Trump ge-exposed ist!

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Or something like that… for going on 8 years the anti-Trumpers have accused him of being a closet Nazi, wanting to install a neo-Nazi government…hell, they have accused him of everything short of  barratry and simony. Yet somehow it seems that whatever they accuse  him of, is something they attempt to bring in themselves. Weaponize government agencies against political enemies? Can you say eff-bee-eye? Or eye-arr-ess? I knew that you could.

Barratry – first definition is “The act or practice of bringing a groundless lawsuit or lawsuits. “.  How many trials and impeachments? Then there is simony, which oddly enough can mean almost the same thing – its principle definition is “selling ecclesiastical offices or favors” but there is an alternate, identical definition for barratry that is the same.  So much for odd legal terms.

The damning one recently, though, is that Trump’s campaign released a video. In which:

On a mock-up newspaper, with the headline, “What’s next for America?,” text could be seen reading, “Industrial strength significantly increased drive by the creation of a unified Reich.”

Holy Crap! Even the White House, those paragons of truth and calm, jumped on this one. DT  is indeed a Nazi and you can see it right here! He even uses a German word for ’empire’ which must be Nazi because Hitler said it! (Note – we should probably ignore that the word ‘Reich” was used to describe the Holy Roman Empire ever since about AD 800…but why mess up a good narrative with facts, eh? Wiki *

So we’re back to TRUMP IS A NAZI and we can prove it, right?

…the “unified Reich” phrase, along with the entire mock newspaper setup, was part of a motion graphics template created by a Turkish graphic designer.

Enes ?im?ek, who lives near Istanbul, told CNN he made the template last May and listed it on an online marketplace. The “unified Reich” line was placeholder text, drawn from a description of WWI-era Germany.

“I love all the American people,” he said, adding that he doesn’t follow US or Turkish politics. “And please calm down. This is just a template. And, also, I’m not a Nazi.”The Independent

You know when you find a blank format in the net and instead of actual readable text it has gobbledygook text (always looks like bastardized Latin to me, but since it’s been 50 years since I cracked a Latin textbook, even church inscriptions look like gibberish as far as I am concerned.) Same thing, but this Turkish dude threw in some verbiage about the Weimar Republic because…well, because. The internet equivalent of those blank highway signs that say “Your Company Name Here!”

Seems copies of this particular bit of work cost a whopping $21 – Actual format

You’d think with all the material Trump naturally gives his critics:  I’m not a fan, and usually describe him as a bloviating bully whose Twitter access needs to be taken away because he obviously can’t keep himself from immaturely posting playground-level insults when he feels threatened – there is so much there already to work with. Not having an aide proofread something that is supposed to represent the candidacy?   C’mon, man! He, like Biden, has a habit of hiring aides who are ideologically ‘sound’ but prove incompetent…me, I’m thinking this staffer needs to go.

BUT – no, Trump did not throw any neo-Nazi trash around like they say. So when you see someone who says so… refer them back to ol’ Enes ?im?ek.

* one of the oldest and hoariest jokes in academia – the Holy Roman Empire, which was neither Holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire.  And using Reich for it? I knew language instructors personally who still called it the Holy Roman Reich.

Have a good day off. Call a service buddy. Lift one for those whom you can’t call. Fly your flag.



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Again…Trump is not the ultimate target here…We, The People, are. The domestic enemies of Our Republic are running scared because he got in the way of their nefarious plans. He didn’t exactly expose them to us…he caused them to expose themselves.

Still think we’re going to “vote” our way out of this?



As has been said:
comment image

George V

My view is some of Trump’s staff needs to hear that famous phrase “You’re fired!” This looks like pure incompetence. Whoever developed the post should have read it, whoever checked it should have read it, whoever did final approval should have read it. And if there’s no person doing checks or approvals of published campaign info then whoever is managing that staff function should be fired.

When I was a newly minted junior officer one task I had was checking the plan of the day before it went to the squadron admin officer, who checked it before it went to the XO, who checked it before it went to the CO. Did the same thing with documentation when working in an office for a major corporation. The people who did this are just stupid and incompetent.

Hack Stone

Trust, but verify.


wear a condom anyway.


You are wrong about the simony. Back in 2018 when he moved the embassy in Israel the left had a complete come apart and accused him of serious pandering.

Hack Stone

For an alleged Nazi, Donald Trump is not very good at hating the Jews. Some members of the Democrat Party, on the other hand…


Rule number one is always accuse the other guy of whatever it is you were already doing. A friendly media will repeat your lie, and a Soros appointed prosecutor will make sure you never see the inside of a jail.


He not only let his daughter marry a Jew, he was okay with her conversion and raising his grandkids as Jews as well. He also had his now Jewish daughter and Jewish Son-In-Law consulting for his administration. Oh, I almost forgot. He moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Remember all the bloodshed between Israel and the Arab states when he was President? Neither do I. I remember the peace deals his administration brokered while O-Bomba shipped pallets of cash to Iran during his reign. No matter what the truth is the DemoKKKrats will always tell you a lie.


See? The perfect Nazi cover.


Agreed… he’s against Big Gov’t and his daughter married a Jewish guys, so that’s not very Nazi at all (just sayin’).


If it concerns Trump, it’s more of a high speed come apart.


Meanwhile, “woke” d*ckheads at Princeton support Hamas for our Memorial Day:

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Ahhhh, to have a sniper hide and a nice rifle. Even a Ruger 10/22 with 22 short, or a paintball gun and paint pellets.
Make ’em prove the conviction of their beliefs against adversity. Most of ’em have never been punched in the face during childhood, and it shows.


A 12ga 870 loaded with rock salt would do a great job dispersing these collegiate shitstains

Frozen in liquid oxygen. Freeze the paint balls fast and hard.

BlueCord Dad

I saw that. I live in the next town. Those assholes have been “protesting” every weekend since the weather got nice. The missus and I have a favorite Chinese restaurant there. Got stuck in one of the demonstrations. Interestingly enough all the individuals with the bullhorns were not college age. There were maybe 20 students. The rest looked like refugees from the late sixties. All the wife kept saying was “Don’t you dare…”


You could have told her that would be your version of dessert……

AT1 ret

Bidens speeches were better in original german.


I liked him better as a killer robot hell bent on extinguishing all of humankind.


…but equipped with off brand crapout batteries…


Lars flaccid PeePee twitching.


He isn’t a closet Nazi. He is overtly a fascist.

If more people actually understood fascism you would know he openly advocates fascist rhetoric and policies.

He also has a long history of saying positive things about Hitler, and admiring fascist and authoritarian leaders.

And he has used fascist or Nazi rhetoric in speeches several times.

Last edited 17 days ago by Commissar

In the spirit of the times:

Go fuck yourself, fool.


You are the fool who admires fascism. Not me.


He can go fucketh himself in good times or bad.


I have come to realize that many on the right like him BECAUSE of his fascist rhetoric.

Fascism is a far right ideology, arguable the most salient far right ideology.

And most of the tenets of fascism are extremely appealing to the far right…especially when integrated into political campaign rhetoric at rallies.

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That which opposes Communism is Fascism.



Reductio ad hitlerum… Joe Stalin sure did it:
comment image


The Commissar proudly displays his flag on this day…


He’s not trying to stop free speech, or mandate how we live or what we have to accept and embrace. That’s all your side. Maybe you need to learn more about fascism. I don’t understand how absolutely blind to reality you can be. Open your eyes.


If he opened his eyes, he’d still need a glass bellybutton to see. His head that far up his ass.


Fascism, both by Adolf and Mussolini, came about because its adherents thought traditional economic-based Socialism not patriotic enough and is horribly progressive in all other aspects to include what you describe and stuff Leftists feel is okay when they do it today.

Nazi ain’t short for National Socialist German Workers Party for nothing. They just had uniforms by Hugo Boss and didn’t bother with “worker’s paradise” rhetoric, that’s all.

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One of the finest institutions in the world my ass…

You’re such a ridiculous douche.

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The true fascist is currently occupying the Oval Office with your lord and master Obama’s hand up his ass.


The Nazi party was the liberal party in Germany. You can try to twist it all you want. That were.

They even have “socialist” in their party’s name!

Forest Bondurant

I know what fascism is and what it isn’t. You and people like you use it as a pejorative because you’ve fallen for the left’s narrative that Trump is an authoritarian, and by extension, anyone with conservative values must also be fascist – except that everything that you say Trump is doing or will do, Biden has done it or will do it.


comment image


Tell us three fascist things he DID.

Most curious because fascist behavior is pretty uniform.

Show us that and even I will call Trump a Nazi.


Here I’ll give you some examples:

Disregard human rights such as using the court system as a tool to attack political enemies. Hold Protestors for years without trial until they “confess”.

Control of mass media such as having near complete control of all media, establishing a government Ministry of Truth to Censor your political enemies and directing the media to promote your version of events and demote all others.

Using fear as a means of control to the populations and engage in or support hostilities such as with Russia, China or wherever.

Establish a mutually beneficial relationship with big business such as Black Rock (Larry Fink), Newsweb Corp (Fred Eyechaner), Lone Pine Capitol (Stephen Mandel), Renaissance Technologies (Henry Laufner). Then establish rigid controls on the rest of the economy. Give out freebies for support.

Control all of the large labor unions.

Seize control of all Federal police agencies and use them to harass your enemies. Be obsessed with punishing your enemies for minor crimes.

Rampant Cronyism and Corruption. Friends and associates appoint each other to government positions Officials use governmental power and authority to protect their friends from accountability.

Fraudulent Elections. Elections may be manipulated by smear campaigns and media cover up of true wrong doings. Manipulation of the media to control elections.

Something along those lines would work.


Sounds like… what’s the word?
comment image


Seems like a perfect description of biden and crew..


What did he actually DO? He was president for four years and somehow there was no Nazism.

Like other time you fail to see the logic hole flaw.


Opposed Communism.

“That which opposes Communism is Fascism.”

We call him “seagull” (swoop in, squawk, shit, skedaddle), but he is more and more a demented parrot, endlessly and mindlessly repeating what his handler taught him.

Hack Stone

Please provide links about his positive utterances of Adolph Hitler. And the taken out of context “quote” about those protesting the statue removal does not count.

Now, if you would like to condemn those praising overt racists, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden lauded Senator Robert Byrd, who not only was a member of the KKK, he was a recruiter for them.


All the sources are John Kelly. Apparently he is the only who heard that and heard the losers and suckers comment. He is totally not selling his book either where upstages the Trump, literally. And not like with figuratively the WH Press Sec alluded to the other day.

Here it is on Amazon where it is selling like Ice Cream in a blizzard with four one star reviews.


Who writes something that is only 55 pages and calls it a book?


My eight year old daughter’s short story was 200 pages.
I think the definition of a pamphlet is 60 pages!




The lucky ones got paid. The rest were “convinced” that silence was golden.

Hack Stone

Never accept a midnight picnic invitation at Fort Marcy Park from Hillary Clinton.


Yep! But he has a “D” behind his name


It’s okay when Democrats do it!


You go Zee/Zem!


That’s funny, coming from a man who serves as a medic to the most fascist organization in America. Antifa. You may go now.


For him, as he can’t tell:
comment image

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Have you even listened, ever to Biden’s speeches?


This is why smart folks put their gibberish in lorem ipsum.

pookysgirl, WC wife

When I was in college, the Mac word processing software had a “Jabberwocky” option that was funnier.


I’ll take the bloviating bully over the senile old man any day. I saw what we got with the former, I see what we have with the latter.


One thing I know for sure: The last guy being president did it a lot better than the current guy.


Still waiting for LarZ ARMY?


Just like ISIS:

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