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On the surface, it may seem that those who are not with us anymore are “missing out” on Memorial Day, or on any other holiday with family. This concern is a human concern, it’s something that most would think is the case. But, what about those who have passed on and now no longer are able to spend time with their families or do the things that we take for granted?

From their standpoint, we are the ones who are “missing out.” This is necessary, our physical lives are gifts to our spirits. Our true self is our spiritual self, our physical self is just a “tool” used by our real selves as we accomplish our purpose in this current physical life. Our true world, our true environment, is the “spirit world.” When hospice patients talk about “home”, many are talking about where we eventually go.  While incarnated, we go about our daily lives with a fraction of the knowledge of who we truly are. We also have access only to a fraction of what we truly know.

Once we complete our intended life expectancy, we return home. We do the equivalent of “waking up from a dream.” During the dream, we only possessed a fraction of our actual physical world knowledge and awareness. We regain our awake memories when we come out of the dream. Likewise, after we remove our “costume” the amnesia that sets in on most people, by kindergarten, disappears… In many instances, it partially disappears for many who are on their death beds. Along with the disappearance of the spiritual amnesia comes the “lifting of the veil”… We will see some of those who had left before us.

Once this spiritual amnesia starts to lift, we remember who we truly are, and that our physical lives, names, physical makeup, psychological makeup, emotional makeup, “what we want others to see of us” persona, etc., are not who we truly are. They were a part of the “costume” we agreed to use to enhance our spirit’s development as well as that of others. We agreed to play roles for each other, and our physical bodies place us in the best position to do that.

Even the names that we go by, our names are just “stage names.” We already have names on the other side, our real names. Our family and social status will not carry over. We may see our deceased parents as “mother” and “father”. However, where they are at right now, neither Mom nor Dad sees us as sons or daughters. Those were just stage roles that we played for each other to aid with lessons we intended to learn.

We will see, then, what has always been the case from the standpoint of our spirits… That it is our physical world that is the illusion, that our physical selves were also illusions. Even death is an illusion. Consciousness remains and continues uninterrupted through the physical “death”. To our consciousness, physical death will be a proses of shifting/phasing from the physical domain to the spirit domain.

Then we will remember… Why things happened to us, why certain people came into our lives and why others chose not to, why we had certain physical characteristics, etc. We will understand, from a practical standpoint, that we are not separate from “the source”, from “totality”, from “total consciousness” or from each other. We will understand that our consciousness is an inseparable part of this greater consciousness.

We would be able to, with ease, solve mathematical concepts that still baffles the greatest of mathematicians, solve scientific problems that stomp scientists, we would see in dimensions beyond the third, we would see, simultaneously, the totality of the impacts that our actions towards others have had. We will experience our impacts on others again, simultaneously from our standpoint, from the standpoint of the others, and from that of an observer doing a post physical life after action review.

This is but a sample of what we will remember and experience…  We will be happy, the feeling of positivity/love that we would experience could not be completely described with the words that we currently use in our language. The physical world and its happenings, and our missing out, would not sadden us. We would rather that those who survive us be happy and to carry on with their own lives. This is also a part of our soul agreement that we made with those around us, including those who have passed on before us… To continue with our own physical sojourn, to fulfil the purpose for which we were born, and to not allow ourselves to be hindered by the passing of others. We do those, no longer with us, a disservice if our sorrow gets in the way of our own purpose or that of others.

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FIRST thing we need to do is Pay Honors to and Raise a Glass for the Fallen.

SALUTE! Rest Easy, Warriors…We will say your names…we will be your witness.


Matthew, Jose and Gebrah. You guys beat me to Valhalla, for that I salute you! I will not mourn the life You should have had, but instead honor the life you did lead. Keep the fires warm for us.

Hack Stone

Well, Hack Stone mistakenly claimed first post for the Holiday Open Thread under the Memorial Day Thread, and was taken to task for that error in judgment. And now he can’t even claim first on the actual Holiday Open Thread. It would be better off for Hack to sit the rest of the day in the Time Out Box.


At least you didn’t blame the magic 8-Ball.
You might want to check the batteries anyway.

Green Thumb

Phil Monkress probably already stole them.

Hack Stone

Phil Monkress uses Memorial Day to remember those who selflessly gave up their careers to protect his lies of being a US Navy SEAL. Phil says “Don’t mourn the men who lost their careers, savings, reputation, marriage and freedom in the defense of my lies, just be glad these easily manipulated men existed.”

A Proud Infidel®™

Let’s not forget his false claims of being Native American to cut in line for US Government money.

Hack Stone

His Native American name is Lying Fuckface Pony Fornicator.


Never forget, the lives of your men are expendable, but you only get one career.


As ol’ Patton said:

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Milo Mindbender

Not first, but still happy to have participated in the viewing. Cong of rats to the winner.


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Not first, but present and accounted for.


Enjoying the freedom so many have sacrificed to obtain and preserve.
Praying for those grieving today.

lurker curt

Was thinking about you when I woke at 0-dark 30 this morning, Graybeard. Hope all is well with you and yours.


We are all well, lurker.
I appreciate the thoughts, more than I can say.

Old tanker

Raise a glass or say a prayer in remembrance of our Brothers and Sisters who aren’t here. Then go an enjoy the holiday and live like they would want you to do in their place.


I think this song is appropriate for today.
The theme from Band of Brothers.


A little 150mile ride thru the Green Mountains.
Until Valhalla.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I wonder if the late Doc. Knew about omm Sety (Dorothy Eady) British lady that was re incarnated from an Egyption Princess to modern times and went to Egypt Decoding wall writings telling builders who were puting together a wall where every brick was to be placed wiich fit perfectly and told where to dig for a buried garden that was known about but didn’t know the location untill Omm told them where to exactly dig. Got the info from watching the documentary with her in it. Forgot if it was on the PC or TV where I saw it.


Since this likely never penetrated the echo chambers most from you surround yourselves in.

John Kelly confirmed reports that Trump called service members that died fighting for out country “suckers and losers”.

He also has a long history of disparaging serving members. And committing fraud against veterans.


That’s all bullshit and lying by omission of key details.

DC Swamp Creature John McCain lashed out at Trump, so he said he preferred war heroes that weren’t captured as a comeback. The lie is that he was to all referring to all POW’s. He was referring to McCain, period. I’m mean you’re supposedly a veteran, and NOBODY likes you. We can pile on your pinko ass without defaming other vets. See how that works?

You may want to read this about the bullshit story about France:
I’m sure UC Santa Barbara is left-of-center.

That Gold Star family was attacking Trump at the DemoKKKratic convention, so he’s just got to sit there and take it? If you get on stage make a statement then are 100% fair game for any king of response.

To complete your bullshit, your article has the 100% made up story by Cassidy Hutchinson because the ACTUAL driver of testified that it never happened. She just swore to lie about an event that never happened and she wasn’t even in the car, but yeah you believe her.

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Good job shitting up a Memorial Day post with your political bullshit. Somebody has to be “That guy” and your dead reliable for that.

Hack Stone

We need the respect and dignity that Joe Biden displays when it comes to honoring those who died in service to America.


I always thought you had no class. Once again, you proved me right. No one is disputing your right to post this. However, only an arrogant, self-righteous, Berkeley indoctrinated narcissistic prick would use it to hijack a Memorial Day thread. I hope you’re proud of yourself. I’d love to find the stupid sonofabitch that commissioned you and kick 100% of his ass.


The Sissy Punk Asinine Piece Of Sh*t (SPAPOS) Seagull has once again shown that he has absolutely NO CLASS as a self centered egotistical dick headed cocksucking waste of oxygen parasite on humanity, Brother ‘D. He is the epitome of why some ossifers met an untimely, but well deserved, end to their career…or their life. Hi-jacking this Thread with his TDS has got to be the lowest that he has sunk.


And no one knows fraud like you do. You consider John Kelly a reliable source? He’s on a trust level with Michael Cohen. And Hillary. And you.


comment image

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Commissar/Комиссар… speaking of long history of disparaging… this time it’s FJBiden on we, the taxpayers:

“the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, signed by Biden in November 2021, allocated $7.5 billion for EV charging. Of this amount, $5 billion went to states as “formula funding” for the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure program to establish a network of fast chargers along major highways.
Today, there’s seven chargers with a total of just 38 parking spots.”

Then there is the buy-off of student loans before the election.


Obama called it “investment” to lie about it, you know.


You have re-confirmed that you are the most asinine, willfully blind, tasteless, and odoriferous piece of excrement that ever wore a uniform.
Coming here to spread your lies from your puppet masters on Memorial day? That is a new low even for you.


Aren’t there other threads, on other days, that you can come in on and wow us with your knowledge of all things you don’t like? You pick a day like today to drop your pants and show us what an ass you are? In the future, please keep them on as most here already figured out you are an ass, but today, you showed just how big it is.

Did you not get enough love shown to you as a child?


Please just go away

Forest Bondurant

Suck balls Lars, you insufferable pathetic fuckwit dickweed.


Trump wished Americans a “Happy” Memorial Day on Truth social…then, in the same post, made it all about him, his grievance, and how unfairly he is treated.

I remember, before Trump, a public figure wishing America a “happy” Memorial Day would have pissed this blog off. Even more so if they used it as an opportunity to talk about how unfair America is to them and how they are the victim.


Let this day be about those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. No political commentary necessary.

A Proud Infidel®™

He JUST HAS TO hijack threads to get any attention he can get, he craves it like a Junkie does a fix.


Now you are getting creepy. But also… as usual.. wrong.

Here is the post.

Your derangement syndrome is approaching the stalker level.

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Green Thumb

Seems like this day is more about you……


That’s because he’s a textbook narcissistic prick.


You just can’t help yourself, can you. I pity your family and pray that you never reproduce.


Planned Parenthood poster boy?

He should be fans of ’em, you know.


He hasn’t so far.


Just this morning I corrected my wife’s horse trainer. She wished me a happy Memorial Day. I gently told her it was not a day of celebration but a day of remembrance. I get the picnics and all that but just remember what this day is about. She got it. Veterans have more understanding of this day. We were all civilians before we joined, and this day was mostly a picnic day then. You can either teach people or spread your hate and vitriol. So go ahead and hate on Trump when you should be thinking of your buddies and the ones who didn’t make it back. Hate is all you know,Mr antifa supporter.


comment image


Your toxic attitude is not welcome. It’s a day of remembrance, try to show some respect.


Just for you…you get The Frog:


Only 12 more likes to go.


Froggy won right out the gate!🤣


Makes it about ‘him’ is your problem?
Every time Pedo Joe makes an appearance its about him
Oh, your kids were killed because of his incompetent administration at Abbey gate? Let Joe tell about his son dying in Afghanistan except it was cancer in hospital bed in the US. Oh, your house burned down on Maui? Let Joe tell you about small fire in his kitchen. Oh, you just graduated from West Point? Let Joe tell about being appointed to USNA after graduating from Delaware cuz the need to replace Roger Staubach at QB. He got a sought after appointment to The Academy (supposedly), but his asthma kept him out of service in Vietnam. You lost loved ones? Oh, Joe will tell about his wife making a u-turn into the path of semi-truck and slander the driver the rest of his life. Yes, its sad his first wife and daughter died in the crash she caused, but he tried to ruin the guy’s life everyday afterward saying he was drunk driving. No charges were filed.
Keep dreaming, chump.

A Proud Infidel®™

Yeah, Joke Biteme claimed he had asthma, which disqualified him from Military Service, but despite that, he worked as a Lifeguard. OH, and just how quickly did Hunter Biden’s “Military Career” end as soon as it was known that he pissed hot for coke, let alone him getting commissioned while he was too old to be, but his daddy got him a waiver while being 0bama’s VPOTUS?

Green Thumb

We had a major healthcare foundation up here in the Great NW send out an email on Memorial Day a few years past – right after COVID.

It more or less told everyone to get out in the warm sunshine and work on improving their mental health, etc. No real issue.But no mention of what the day was about.

I politely sent them a response pointing out that IMO they should at least mention the reason as a lot of Veterans, widows, Gold Stars, etc., donate to their cause (this particular foundation).

I was removed from the mailing list. No shit. No questions asked.

Yeah. Well, at least I know they are clowns and I have been letting EVERYONE know for a few years now.


Headline – Reps. Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush
mix up Memorial Day with Veterans Day
in since-deleted posts on X

Byline – X users mock Squad members
for seeming not to know Memorial Day’s meaning

Last edited 17 days ago by MarineDad61

Well, they are a couple of idiots.


A bit late but found this. Caution to those who suffer from eye watering allergies.