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Taylor and Company TC9

Armed man shot outside home of woman who had restraining order against him in Monrovia

By Laurie Perez, Iris Salem
A man who was allegedly armed with several knives was fatally shot outside of the home of a woman who had a restraining order against him in Monrovia on Friday.

Officers were sent to a home in the 400 block of S. Shamrock Avenue at around 9:20 p.m. after receiving a call from the woman, according to a statement from the Monrovia Police Department.

“Officers responded immediately and discovered the male subject deceased with a gunshot wound,” the statement said.

During the course of their investigation, authorities said that the man had gone to the home where he allegedly tried to stab two people.

At some point during the confrontation the “female adult discharged a firearm,” deputies said.

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CBS News

Caution, fun with Tasers.

Bringing multiple knives to a gun fight works about as well as a restraining order. Thanks to Old Tanker for the video.

Can you skin Griz, pilgrim?
Bear Claw Chris Lapp

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I used to be a knife-fighting guru… in my mind, at least. What can I say? It was the ’90s and Soldier of Fortune magazine had all sorts of articles and ads for the latest knife fighting techniques. Granted, I never paid for any training–in-person or via VHS–but I’d study books and practice quite a bit. Hey, Steven Seagal made it look cool in Under Siege, and who wouldn’t aspire to be an overweight Aikido “master”?

Then I grew up. I don’t like getting cut after bearing the scars of everything from machetes to screwdrivers to broken bottles to papercuts (mostly self-inflicted due to accidents and half-baked “training” attempts). A knife fight virtually guarantees getting a few slices, if not stabs. Speaking of the latter, I hate puncture wounds much more than mere cuts. They hurt deeper and take much longer to heal. I’ve never been shot and plan to finish out this life without having that experience.

Carry a gun, stay situationally aware, and probably most importantly, don’t put yourself in unnecessarily risky situations. Keep your gas tank half-full so you don’t have to pull into that shady inner-city station on the way home from the hospital at 0200. Hit up the local Walmart during daylight hours and go in the entrance that doesn’t have the energetic bum hanging around outside talking to himself while carrying a sign about being a “homeless vet with six tours in Afghaniland”. Avoid the city altogether if you can. Baton Rouge is less than ten miles from me; I’ve crossed into that parish maybe 20 times in two years, and into the city itself no more than five times.

Finally, if you have enemies, have a plan. My coworkers used to joke about me having range cards at each window of my residence. Funny stuff, but if I felt a threat, I’d probably have at least sector sketches to protect the family against potential aggressors. Knives are useful tools and effective weapons, but I’ve outgrown the BS involved with relying on them.


We all did it.


Yeah, I even did it when I enlisted and served in a certain Regiment. But I got a little older and wiser when my buddies the knife collecting gurus (I was just an amateur) were demonstrating some defensive techniques and one accidently sliced all the tendons in his hand (across the palm).

Shortly there after this, we were in downtown Savannah at a club, and a buddy got in a dispute with a short Marine. They decided to step outside… and before the rest of us could get outside their car is speeding off and our buddy is standing on the sidewalk with a big slice down the front of his previously nice shirt… and he may be bleeding! He did not even realize he got cut, he thought the Marine just waved his hands and ran off. Turns out he had a roofing razor and sliced enough skin to require sixty stitches… and an X-Ray from a nice young technician.

I’ll keep my distance, and remember my Tueller Drill!


My perspective is that if I have to resort to my knife, I’m already deep in the avian fertilizer, hopefully with a dry magazine. But if I get there I want my knives to be so sharp the other guy doesn’t realize he’s cut until he’s dead.

I prefer to keep my head on a swivel.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

That knife-to-a-gunfight worked as well as one would expect. That is, not at all. And definitely not as well as yesterday’s motivated example. This will not be going into the 3″ three ring loose leaf binder set.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

The TC9 looks nice and all, but there’s a Ruger model revolver that does 357/38 and 9mm with a separate cylinder, for about the same price (last time I looked anyway, may have gone up by now)

Also had .45 Colt/.45 ACP models.


Ms Thang felt no need to restrain herself in order to shoot the dirtbag.

Barefoot and stoopid is no way to run thru life, dumbass. You may find yourself in a shocking situation.

The pilgrim should be thankful to have Bear Claw to give advice.

A 9mm Cowboy Pistol? Paladin…weeps.

Old tanker

In defensive tactics training we had a bit that was run by a dedicated knife tactic guy. His one main point is that a knife fight is a losing affair for all those involved. Everyone will get cut and chances are both are going to go terminal. Like the saying says, before starting a knife fight, dig two graves.

I saw first hand the results of one knife assault as a rookie in training. The loser was in a full panic running away from anyone and his right arm was sliced open to the point that it looked like a dissection example. Because we were constrained to “honor” his refusal of treatment, we had to wait for his loss of blood to take effect and put him on the ground. The slash went from the mid upper bicep to almost his wrist. I decided then and there that knives scared me a hell of a lot more than guns did.


Yup. There’s a guy I see in our local Wal-Mart that carries a K-Bar on each hip. He scares me a hell of a lot more than all the guys carrying openly in the store. And there’s a bunch. God Bless Arizona!


I was going to post something similar, but you covered it.

Our DT instructor made it clear that even if you did everything perfect, expect to get cut bad, and possibly die anyways. But at least you’d maybe get enough distance to break leather and shoot the assailant.

Fuck knives.


The only Sabre one should carry is Remington Golden Sabre Bullets. Let the pedals do the cutting.


Did you say “Remington”, Jimbo?…Reporting for duty on The North Wall…
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See, now most of us here would have accidentally kept our taser trigger finger in the deploy position…
Just for making us run to catch their raggedy dumb ass…


Me, I don’t have a question– how ’bout y’all?
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Would pissing on her grave be a form of sympathy?