You’d swear the protesters are pros – they are

| May 22, 2024 | 23 Comments

Of all the odd ways to make a living, one would think being a professional protester would be odd, odder yet to be the organizer. Meet “Crowds on Demand”.

Adam Swart, the CEO and founder of Crowds on Demand, told Fox News Digital on Thursday. “Right now, what I see with the Israel-Palestine demonstrations is a lot of noise. It’s two sides yelling at each other, but no one’s convincing the people on the fence. No one’s attempting to make an argument to people who don’t really understand the issue … it’s everybody galvanizing their own side.”

Swart started Crowds on Demand in 2012 when he was a student in college.

Back in the day, protest organizers could get thousands of people to show up by simply handing out some fliers and offering some free pizza. But these days, Swart said, you’ve got to do more to motivate people.

Living in Los Angeles, it was easy to find actors to stand in at protests, he explained, because actors were always looking for gig work. The jobs ranged from things like publicity events to demonstrations.

But since then, things have changed because Swart said he does not staff protests or events with actors. Instead, he finds people who are enthusiastic about a cause to stand in. If there is a protest about the construction of a cement plant, his company would find environmentalists to take part in the demonstration, and they would then get paid for being there.

Swart draws the line: they will not do Israel-Palestine gigs, because the two sides are not talking, they are just yelling at each other, he says. Nor will they help out when he perceives the players are actively anti-American.

“If we feel that we’re being pitched by a foreign actor that wants to cause harm to the United States, I’m a proud American patriot. I would never work with those people, and we’ve declined to work with those people in the past,” Swart said.

Despite receiving many requests with high-dollar values attached that Swart said he’d otherwise be eager to accept, he’s content to stay out of the anti-Israel fray.

“They’re just not the ones that I want to take on because they’re not actually constructively addressing the root of the problem,” he said.  Fox News

Not sure that by enabling and aggrandizing some of these protests that he isn’t undermining his own stated position. How many of these protests are artificially ginned up? How much less attention would be paid if only a few people actually embraced a cause?   (and in an election year, will this be a very good fiscal year for CoD?)

Wonder how many Soros and DNC checks he has cashed?

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A Proud Infidel®™

People brought in from elsewhere to protest are referred to as “Astro-Turf Mobs”, something the left uses but once again accused the Right of, further proof that liberalism is a Mental Disorder. Anyone else find that it’s been reported that a lot of the “Protestors” on college campuses these days ARE NOT students there? Soros and his ilk sure are shelling out money to stir the pot these days.

Anna Puma

The Uber Lyft of Rent-a-Mob


Panty-tifa and Trans-tifa folks got make a few bucks aside from panhandling and blowing out-of-state truckers. None of those people have the mental capacity to attend college. At some schools, the non students are 75% of the ‘protestors’ aka paid agitators.

Hack Stone

Last night Hack Stone dropped Rosetta Stone’s niece off at Union Station in DC. On his way back to Stately Stone Manor in Bethesda, Hack and Rosetta saw a “woman” twerking and flashing his/her ass to the guy driving the 26’ delivery truck waiting at the traffic. Hack was not close enough to identify if it could be Elaine Ricci.


Did she have a mustache and a wig? It could have been Sam Briton.

Hack Stone

Further proof that policies from the Biden-Harris Administration are creating well paying jobs for Americans.


I wonder what kind of degree you need for a job like that?


Depending on the protest maybe Gender and Queer studies!?

Or maybe something like AOC has: A Bachelor of Arts in Economics with concentration in Marxism and Labor Rights

Hack Stone

Hack never knew that you required all of that formal secondary education in order to secure a job mixing Rum and Cokes. Just imagine how long you would need to go to college in order to work for the espresso machine at Starbucks.


Your right to protest ends where my right to unimpeded travel on public highways begins. Not much need for a snow plow on the front of my Prime Mover for snow removal but it may come in handy for removing protesters. Wonder if the paying gig comes with insurance/medical/hospitalization/burial benefits?

Old tanker

I’d wonder how many of the blm riots he helped instigate too.


I wonder what they pay an antifa medic.


Yo, Lars…


Whatever it is, we know for sure that they’re not going to get their money’s worth.


Those pre-positioned pallets of bricks during 2020 rioting…
comment image


Hopefully the Mossad will pay George a quiet visit for his treachery of backing Pro HAMASS thugs

Last edited 22 days ago by RCAF-CHAIRBORNE
jeff LPH 3 63-66

That will be hard because george may be protected by his FBI Schutzstaffel Storm Troopers or IRS armed to the hilt CPA’s

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

And? So? You talk as if taking them out as well would be a bad thing.


Probably right.
Time will probably end Kapo George


IMHO, the Korean Shop-owner Solution would be the best way to de-incintivise these “pros”

A Proud Infidel®™

“HEY Scratch, whatcha-doing?”
“Meh, gotta work, today it’s hop on the bus to the University for a Gaza protest, downtown for BLM on Thursday, got my appointment at the free clinic Friday, …”

Hack Stone

In a somewhat related tangent, Senior Airman Aaron Bushnell is no longer listed in the Air Force Global Address List. So, if you need to communicate with him, best option is smoke signals