Gaza Pier Problems

| May 22, 2024 | 27 Comments

Aid Distribution Gaza Style

Gaza aid pier mission involving US troops is off to a chaotic start

By Geoff Ziezulewicz

Editor’s note: This story was updated May 21 8:26 p.m. E.T. to include further comment from Pentagon and U.N. officials.

An effort involving the U.S. military to surge much-needed humanitarian aid to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip is off to a chaotic start, with aid trucks being overrun and at least one person feared dead over the weekend, prompting a pause in aid distribution.

U.S. soldiers and sailors built a floating pier off Gaza and stabbed it into a Gaza beach on Friday with the help of Israeli forces.

The plan, announced by President Biden in his State of the Union address and using a capability known as Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore, or JLOTS, has been touted as another way to get food to Gazans caught between the Israeli military and the Palestinian militant group Hamas, which attacked Israel on Oct. 7.

It involves no U.S. troops on the ground in Gaza, as the U.S. military’s efforts have involved building the massive floating platform and pier that was installed last week.

But aid trucks stopped trundling off the military’s floating pier on Saturday, and only resumed moving out into Gaza on Tuesday, according to Pentagon officials. The U.N. said it was not aware of any deliveries on Tuesday, however.

Pentagon spokesman Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder said Tuesday that the issues have arisen once the aid was loaded onto nongovernmental organization trucks, departed the marshaling area and headed toward distribution warehouses in Gaza.

Over the weekend, some of those trucks were overtaken by Palestinians, according to U.N. officials.

Military Times
Some of the trucks? Of the 16 headed to Gaza distribution warehouses on Saturday, five trucks made it with the humanitarian aid intact. The rest were mobbed along the way and arrived stripped, with one person reportedly shot dead. It is unclear who fired the shots, but Hamas has vowed to resist any foreign presence associated with the aid.

At the risk of public math, that’s about a 70% failure rate, par for Medicated Joe and his String Pullers.

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My shelf of shocked faces at this news is as barren as my field of f*cks. Did anyone expect any different?


And here’re the Hamas f*ckers taking female Israeli troops captive on Oct 7th… left/libtards support that:

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More about that… Oct 7th a blow to leftwing Israeli peaceniks in more ways that one, Hamas primarily attacked them in the kibbutzes in Israel’s south along the Gaza border:


Or as was posted elsewhere here today:
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We don’t call them Hamanimals for nothing.


Well, if my kids and grandkids were being starved, and the ruling power was the cause, you better believe I’m taking matters into my own hands. What do we expect to happen?

Amateur Historian

Anyone with half a brain would’ve seen this coming. Biden and most demonrats do not have half a brain (doubly so for Biden, whose brain’s processing power has numbers in the negatives).


It’s almost like Hamas doesn’t want the aid to reach the people that need it, in order to create a larger humanitarian crisis. Surely they wouldn’t starve their own people so that they could get more power and wealth for themselves? It just seems so strange.

I am curious though. How many college protesters were driving aid trucks? If they really want to make a difference here’s their chance.

Hack Stone

The college protesters will not be personally delivering relief supplies until the electric vehicle cargo trucks are on site. They want to make sure that their efforts do not create a carbon footprint.


It’s going to be a minute. They are autonomously crossing the ocean but have a top speed of 10 knots. They have to rest to solar recharge 4 days for everyday that they are underway.

They have lost contact with most of them. Several were seen enslaved to Columbia drug Lords and infiltrating the highly secure Southern border with loads of future voters.


Too much peer pressure.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

It would a pier that way Beans.


Reportedly, many shipments have been seized by Hamas and they subsequently sold it to raise funds to buy more weapons.

Old tanker

I’d say that no one in this administration could possibly envision the fecal sammich of putting food and supplies into the hands of hamas. There is no one there outside of hamas to organize anything. Might as well just dump grain on an ant pile because the ant would have their feces adhered far more than the folks in gaza.

Hack Stone

Somehow The Clinton Global Initiative is working their way into this money laundering operation.


Here we go again…

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Hack Stone

Hollywood keeps recycling material by making updated version of film classics, which usually falls far short of the original, so why shouldn’t the Democrats rerelease their greatest successes, like they did 30 years ago?


And original wasn’t that geat for ’em either.


The original was actually in Beirut.


Pics of CNN gleefully showing Shughart and Gordon dragged through the street hard get on liberal-owned Interwebz now for some reason…
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Well, hey, I can’t wait to see “This is my safety!” in the remake/sequal:

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P.S. Hey, c’mon, Hunter could redeem himself!

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RGR 4-78

Will there be an NDSM for the US Service Members who built and are manning the floating field artillery target offshore of the Gaz?

Skivvy Stacker

But I bet they’ll get a Gaza Pier Victory Medal before the Cold War Victory Medal is authorized.


Hey, so far, three of our guys have been injured (one of ’em requiring evac to a hospital.on Israel):