Joe Biden is thinking about an executive order giving amnesty to illegal aliens married to Americans

| April 25, 2024

The illegal aliens that would benefit from this executive order, if implemented and not stopped by the courts, are those married to Americans but not eligible for green cards. Biden is also considering other actions related to illegal aliens as the 2024 election gets closer. Spouses of American citizens initially denied citizenship would be allowed to reside in the U.S. legally.

From The Daily Fetched:

The “parole in place” program will allow spouses of U.S. citizens who were initially denied citizenship to reside in the country legally.

The program will address the primary reasons for denial, such as repeated illegal entry into the country or forging legal documentation.

Under the program, temporary status would allow immigrants to obtain work permits and establish a pathway toward citizenship.

The Post Millennial’s Libby Emmons responded to the news on X:

“First step in mass amnesty for illegal immigrants incoming.”

Meanwhile, other X users vented frustrations with Biden’s potential amnesty program.

“This is a great way to piss off all the Americans who’ve been living apart from their spouses while trying to get them legal visas,” said one user.

However, the specifics of this potential executive action have yet to be approved.

The White House also discussed the possibility of timing such an announcement before the election.

The Daily Fetched has additional information at this link.

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USMC Steve

It doesn’t matter if he does or not. IOt wouldbe illegal the moment he signs it. Executive orders cannot fly in the face of federal law.

Old tanker

Yeah that concept has worked well for closing the border the last 3 years hasn’t it.


So does the number of illegal immigrants outnumber the voting base in America now? I can’t see how this will incentivize anyone to vote for creepy Joe, except sycophants!


Anybody still deny the border is open to change the election?
If you won’t vote D’s, then they’ll find someone who will. Someone docile, subservient, and not hung up on having ‘rights’. Change my mind.


Next up:
Sweeping amnesty for all US prisoners.
Empty the prisons with a heartfelt handshake and a ballot.


Bet that’ll come next.

They could be pardoned in a day.

By the time SCOTUS hears the case, all the prisoners will have been re-established in their lives (if not dead / locked up again) and it’ll be “inhumane” to round them all back up.

Old tanker

Typical, finding any way the election can be bought. If there was any doubt as to why president diaper opened the borders it is becoming plainly obvious. Fixing the election to a single party rule.

A Proud Infidel®™

Just like how the likes of Hitler, Stalin and Mao did.


I’ve got it narrowed down to Italy, Portugal and Ireland. I figure Ireland will probably fall last because nobody wants to do with those crazy bastards. I would go to Switzerland but I just can’t afford it.


I kinda like it where I am but maybe a nice young lady would
like to leave Mexico and become a US citizen and work her
way by caring for an old war veteran.
I’m pretty sure that’s what Biden has in mind.


Not a bad idea, worth a try! However… MRS D would not approve.


It could work if you could afford to live on 50% or less than what you currently make. Don’t forget, you would have to buy another home at today’s prices and interest rates, furniture… you know, start over.

Be my luck, she couldn’t cook either.


Great idea until she brings her illegal boyfriend in the back door to rob and stab you to death.


Yeahhhh there’s a lot of negatives to this idea.

A Proud Infidel®™

That and/or brings her extended family to live in your house, before you know it, there are suddenly at least 30 other “migrants” in your casa!


And not a gardener in the bunch.

A Terminal Lance Coolie

Saint Browning would like a word with said boyfriend.


I am quite surprised. I just don’t see “Joe Biden” and “thinking” used together in a sentence much.


It’s an oxymoron.


First step in legalizing all illegals in time for the election.


comment image


Been saying that for over a year now.


Dominion has already (s)elected the next (p)resident of 1600 PA Ave.

You think we’re gonna (((vote))) our way out of this mess? Bwaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

We damn sure didn’t (((vote))) our way into this mess.



And I was having such a good day.


Even when we are trying to help them, the Hamastanis are trying to kill us.


My first thought is “Fuck ’em”. It’s also my last thought, and nearly all the thoughts in between.

A Proud Infidel®™

That’s the Paleoswinians for you!


This surprises absolutely NOONE with more than three functioning brain cells… I’m sure the lefties will claim the following, in no particular order

  1. Trump made them do it
  2. It’s russian disinformation
  3. It’s a false flag op by Israel

He, meaning his controllers, are considering declaring a national emergency over “climate change!” It would be similar to the pandemic national emergency, with the president issuing all sorts of executive orders and mandates. The D-rats would change the voting rules to help Biden win again.


“Climate change” does seem to be in news a lot more lately.


Only because EVERY DAMN THING is blamed on climate change. Rain yesterday? Climate change. Got a speeding ticket? Climate change. Etc.


Every time he speaks, the Curb your Enthusiasm jingle needs to be playing in the background.