Army Meeting Recruiting Goals; Not So Navy

| April 23, 2024

Army on track to meet lower recruiting goal, Navy may fall short

The Army lowered its recruiting goal. The Navy increased its — and now might miss it.

The Army expects to meet its recruiting goal for the first time in three years, but the Navy continues to struggle to sign up enough new sailors, causing manning shortfalls at the junior enlisted levels, service officials said.

Army Secretary Christine Wormuth told lawmakers on Thursday that February and March had been good months for recruiting.

“We still have six months to go in the fiscal year, so the chief and I don’t want to be overconfident, but right now we are on a very good pace, I think, to meet this recruiting goal, which is 55,000 new contracts plus 5,000 in the Delayed Entry Program,” Wormuth testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Wormuth credited the Army’s recent recruiting success to several innovations, including new recruiting commercials that ran during college basketball’s “March Madness” games; changes to how soldiers are selected to be Army recruiters; an overhaul on how Army recruiters are trained; the Army Future Soldier Preparatory Course which helps recruits get fit for basic training; and selecting the first cohort of warrant officers to be trained as recruiters.

“We are doing some things to leverage better data to give our recruiters stronger leads, and we’re looking at how to break into the college market,” Wormuth said.
While all the military branches have faced recruiting woes in recent years, the Air Force, Space Force, and Marine Corps are all on track to make their recruiting goals for Fiscal Year 2024, service officials said.

Meanwhile, the Navy projects that it could miss this fiscal year’s recruiting goal of 40,600 active-duty sailors by about 6,700, according to Navy Vice Adm. Rick Cheeseman, Chief of Naval Personnel.

The Navy also fell short last year by 7,000 recruits. That deficit forced it to increase recruiting goals for this fiscal year, according to the Navy.

Task and Purpose

Lower enlistment quotas and those Recruiting Warrants may have turned the tide for Army, while in its infinite wisdom Navy increased its recruitment goals from FY 2023 and promptly failed to meet them.

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jeff LPH 3 63-66


jeff LPH 3 63-66

Gi Beans Gi gravy, Gi wished I joined the Navy, hippo hoppo wring out the moppo


I can’t believe this guy didn’t bring in new recruits by the bushel…

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Am glad their wasnt a typo by the el on bushel being left off.. Ooooooops

Hack Stone

I guess having his buddy “dock his submarine” in him makes him a “digital ambassador”.


Did somebody say “draft”…….Ok I’ll say it. Draft.
Bring back involuntary servitude. Don’t need a war for it and
it will clean up our yute problem.


Fill the sevice with folks who don’t want to be there.

That will make it better?

And when all the connected and powerful folks ensure their sons get the safe/good slots?

And how capable will all those units be, crewed by short-time refuseniks who will be more burden than help? They will be getting master-class guidance on how to resist their masters.

We danced to thus tune before, and it sucked big time. v2.0 would not be better. A draft would just drive votes to the donkuloids, who will game it while loudly opposing it.

A draft won’t help a bit. Well, it won’t help anything good. Kinda surprised you think otherwise.


I was drafted. Back then, the “connected and powerful folks” were busy getting their sons into the National Guard.


wasn’t the goal (they missed) last year 65,000?


Basic training:
And not one of them is armed with a chain saw.


What happened to all of the stunning and brave DEI types that were supposed to flood the recruiter’s offices?

I guess dying in an overseas forever war takes some of the shine out of a free Lopadicoffamy.


Or its opposite: an addadictomy


Left unsaid.

The Army is the smallest since WWII.


With its highest proportion of non-high school graduates in ages!


That makes sense since WWIII is right around the corner.


After two terms of pefo joe…there will be nothing left just due to attrition.

“The Army’s recruiting goal for this fiscal year is lower than it has been in the past. In Fiscal Year 2022, the Army recruited 45,000 new soldiers, missing its goal of 60,000 recruits by 25% Then last fiscal year, the Army fell 10,000 recruits short of its goal of 65,000, a 15% miss.”


Hunh, they dropped the recruiting goal by 15%. Funny that,


Increased openings for Cat IV enlistees and crappy economy, yeehah!

George V

I’ll just leave this here…

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Was that video from the 70’s ???



Hack Stone

Remember when it was quality over quantity? With lower minimum standards for mental/educational, moral (criminal justice system involvement) and physical categories, the only thing that the Big Navy will accomplish is a boatload Seamen Recruits whose only skill is filling the billet for a field (sea?) expedient anchor. They need qualified people to man (send Hack to Remedial DEI Training) submarines, they have enough guys to scrub barnacles.

Green Thumb

What a joke.

Skivvy Stacker

When the hell are these youngsters of today going to listen to that old recruiting song?

“In the Navy,
You can catch some awesome rays,
In the Navy,
You can meet some fellow gays,
In the Navy…..”

Okay, I might be a little off on those lyrics, but it seems to me it was really close to the same dynamic as “Y-M-C-A!…it’s fun to go to the Y-M-C-A-AYY-YAYYY…”


Mmm, maybe a chance to star in hidden camera pr0n might entice the reticent recruit to be all they can be and join up. It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure /s.
Over 100 explicit videos of US troops in Guam found on adult site (