WaPo hit job on former SEAL

| April 16, 2024

The Washington Post may have outdone itself.

There is a Republican former Navy SEAL name of Tim Sheehy who is running against Democrat Jon Tester for one of Montana’s Senate seats. Tester is the sole Democrat holding a state-wide office in Montana. Sheehy, who purportedly the first midshipmen to graduate from Ranger training Candidate site  and went on to become a SEAL and serve in multiple combat zones overseas.

The story is that he injured himself in a fall at  Glacier National Park and when his arm was X-rayed, there was a bullet in it.  Then it gets hinky: he at first told the park ranger in 2015 that his revolver had been dropped and went off (the ol’ Alec Balwin defense) and the bullet was from it. Recently he said the bullet originally hit him in Afghanistan in 2012, and to avoid a teammate possibly facing charges, he did not seek medical assistance at the time and just left the bullet in place. Okay, now we are off the beaten path, but over a decade later WaPo is dragging him as hard as possible.

The Post, which began the report by claiming Sheehy left the bullet in his arm “as evidence of his toughness,” spoke with several individuals who called Sheehy’s story into question. Public records reviewed by Fox News Digital reveal these same individuals combined have donated thousands of dollars to the Democratic Party.

Nice assumption there. Never met anyone who said “leave it there, I’m tough”. Have seen many cases where the docs said “I could get it out but would do more harm than leaving it”; don’t think those two are equivalent.  (Might remember Greg LeMond, who won his last Tour de France  with some shotgun pellets imbedded in his HEART.) Not being a doc or having access to his records, I can’t say. If anything, I would think a .45 at close range should have gone through if it didn’t hit bone but a ricochet might easily have stopped part way through.

Most notably, he told a Glacier National Park ranger in 2015 that he accidentally shot himself when his revolver fell and fired in the park. When the Post reached out to ask about a citation he’d received for the incident, he said he’d lied to the ranger in order to cover up a 2012 war wound, possibly caused by friendly fire, that he’d never reported in an attempt to protect his platoonmates from a possible military investigation.

The story he told the Post is at least inconsistent with Sheehy’s other public statements regarding his war wounds. He told the Post he wasn’t sure if his injury was the result of friendly fire or not, but in his 2023 book, “Mudslingers,” he wrote that he was hit by a “friendly ricochet bullet.” On the campaign trail, the Post reported, Sheehy has described being shot multiple times during the course of his service. The campaign later told the Post he was “shot” three times but wounded by a bullet only once — on the other two occasions, the campaign said, bullets glanced off of his body armor and his radio.  MT Free Press

Maybe I am not too bright – I see no inconsistency in his descriptions of being shot – you get hit yet the bullet deflects and you don’t have a wound – you damn sure got shot, and got really lucky. No question of being shot, though. So if a couple of lucky bullets tagged him but he got away unscathed, and another bullet possibly ricocheted and got him – that’s getting shot three times, and injured once. Bullet possibly from a friendly? SEALs like .45s, and know that what the man called “tractor sized slugs moving at truck velocities” get the job done. Another SEAL with a .45? Highly possible. Possible negligent discharge in combat from a friendly? Not a combat vet, but I sure would believe it.

Now let’s look at WaPo’s list of impartial witnesses.

Upon looking at an X-ray of the wound, which was provided to the Post by Sheehy, Joseph V. Sakran, a Johns Hopkins trauma surgeon and longtime Democrat donor, raised questions about the Republican Senate candidate’s story. Sakran told the Post that Sheehy’s wound “probably depicts a bullet, but it is not possible to tell what type of weapon it came from nor the age of the wound.”

This is evidence of falsehood? Even if this guy founded “Doctors for Hillary” (which he did) while he is trying to impugn the wound, his choice of words is actually entirely accurate – yo may be able to tell a heavier .45 rifle bullet apart (BIG bullets) but modern .45 handguns typically all shoot a .452 bullet and the weight range is smaller – normally 185-230 grains. A 230 grain round nose from a .45 auto and a 230 grain round nose bullet from a .45 Colt cartridge – they don’t just look the same, they ARE the same bullets.

The outlet spoke with another expert, former Air Force attorney Rachel VanLandingham, who questioned Sheehy’s hesitancy to report the incident. She said she believes it to be “very unlikely a years-old potential ricochet injury would compel naval investigators to open any kind of investigation based on a park ranger’s report.”

Is that supposed to be condemnation? One thing, she claims to be a centrist moderate.

“Trump is a terrorist recruiting poster child. Tx for making America less safe & w/ less real power!” she wrote in 2017.Fox News

Sounds centrist to me.

There is a bunch of vets piling on to this “implausible” story: VoteVets. Don’t think I need to add anything to THEIR story.  MSNBC

If you judge a man by who his enemies are…I’m keeping an eye on Sheehy. He seems to piss off the people I like to see pissed off.

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Hack Stone

If they want to do a “hard hitting investigative article” on politicians who embellish or outright lie about their family history, academic accomplishments and political successes, maybe they can look into some old fart who trips a lot, is always on vacation, and can be found at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC.


Ditto. The MSM and the Progs could care less about the serial fabulist residing there. He makes Walter Mitty look like an inept amateur.


Does he have a VA claim in for it?


And, still, we do not have one hard hitting “investigation report” on visitors to Epstein Island.


Is he saying he is the first midshipman to graduate Ranger school or first SEAL?

100% not the first SEAL, I had a few in my class… just a decade or two before him.

all the other shit is just odd.


Seems his claim to be a First isn’t anything important: first midshipman ranger school – Search (bing.com). If he were the First [Black, National Guard, Reserve, Space Force, Transgender, etc.] Woman we might be able to find out more. As it stands, it seems he was part of a Special Operations exchange program, having been selected for SEAL training at the Academy, and graduated Ranger School while still a Midshipman–not a qualified SEAL.

Now, adding his name to the search pulls up his candidate site and a bunch of articles that mostly seem to be hit pieces like the above article. The bullet story seems like shaky ground to use as a basis for attacking him. If it was a negligent discharge (or two separate ones), why tell either story if not true? “I’m a jackass, I was either carrying an unsafe revolver (was it an original Colt, or something?) and/or playing around in an unsafe manner and gun go boom.” “My teammate was a jackass, he accidentally shot me, but I wanted to cover his six.” Either story doesn’t seem like something someone would want to make up. I can see someone ‘fessing up, though, for the sake of that overused political term transparency.

Now, if he were claiming that he sucked up a (not-so) friendly bullet, said “I ain’t got time to bleed” in his best Jesse Ventura voice, and then singlehandedly wiped out a battalion of Predators with an MRE spoon, yeah, he might just be trying to come across as Mr. Tough Guy. Otherwise, what’s the deal? Legitimate SEAL, legitimate (if underrated) First, legitimate BSM/V and PH. I know he didn’t perform the combat heroics of someone like Kerry, lacks the long and storied service record and family heritage of someone like McCain, and is probably only 1/10th the SEAL that the aforementioned Ventura was, but the guy seems more legit than 95% of politicians with supposed military service.


Welp, the x-ray shows he has a bullet in his arm. It wasn’t likely inserted in an alien abduction. And he isn’t claiming he was shot in a gunfight with the NVA, VC, or Taliban, or while being forced to play Russian roulette; so, I think I will give him a pass.

IIRC, back in the 1950’s or 1960’s, the Chair Force took all the 1911’s away from their men because they kept shooting themselves; and it replaced them with S&W 38’s. The first time I flew back seat in an OV-10 in the Viet of the Nam, I was surprised when the USAF supply clerk handed me a Model 10 .38 special with a survival vest.

I guess, Dr. Sakran is implying he recently shot himself in preparation for his political career. Having seen an x-ray of an M-16 bullet wound to a leg with a shattered femur, I can opine that it wasn’t a military rifle bullet that stayed in the extremity. So, it is likely a pistol bullet; and I seriously doubt Dr. Sakran can tell the caliber of a .38, 9mm, or .45 bullet from looking at an x-ray.

Green Thumb

He did claim that, though.

He claimed he was shot in battle.


If it really was due to a platoon member’s ND and Sheehy covered it up to shield him from bureaucratic bullshit….

Might be time to speak up and return that favor.

Then again, given the lawfare of today’s democrats (and the sycophancy of today’s military leadership), that might screw them both and it’s better to stay silent.

Skivvy Stacker

Or, the former members of that particular platoon could all stand up and yell; “I’M SPARTICUS!”

Green Thumb

As did I.

Green Thumb

I think he did the Summer Program or such. My understanding he was down there for like a semester or such.

Must be nice….


Yes, it would be nice. I went through in the dead of Winter.


Dahlonega in January. Ah, memories.


I had two in my platoon at Ranger School. They both successfully completed the course, were given graduation certificates, but were not awarded the tab. (They did not pass 50% of their leadership assignments. I think Florida’s FTX did them in because we operated like an infantry platoon in Vietnam.) We loved them because they would always volunteer for unpleasant tasks, like swimming the line across rivers and creeks.)


Multiple explanations help muddy the water for whatever it is
you are trying hide.
See that scar on my ass? Let me tell you how it got there.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone still has the scar on his right forearm from Day 2 of being assigned to Delta Company 1st Tracked Vehicle Battalion.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I still have a burn scar on my elbow from the steam pipe under the shirt/pants press in the ships laundrey while working on it with my dungaree sleeves rolled up which is a no no in the engineering dept when working around steam. Was in A-Div. (Auxillary) which maintained everything from the ships whistle down to the reefer flats. So to make a short story long like I usually do, The local radio Norfolk Va. radio station was on and they played a song by the Beetles whom I didn’t like because they killed the 1950’s R&R and I turned over and my elbow hit the steem pipe as I started to roll out from under the press.


How many dudes are seeing your ass that you feel the need to lie about the scar?


So far just the team that did the hip replacement.
Butt (see what I did there) it could just as easily been from
that time a VC jumped out of the bush and grazed me
before I fought him off…(sarc).


If this is the worst they could dig up on him, then Jon Tester is in trouble.

He was fortunate to win his last race in 2018, and him rubber stamping everything that’s been put forward the past three years probably hasn’t done him many favors in Montana.


I wouldn’t vote for a Democrat even they were running for local catcher. I’d vote for Vermin Supreme before anyone anywhere with (D). Let’s face it, not anyone with an (I) either because so called independents are wimps that vote Democrat but its unpopular to be a democrat.


“Let’s sling some fecal matter into the oscillating device and see where it sticks…and who it splatters.” Politics 101.




Jon Testor vs the guy carrying a bullet for years without comment till he got found out. The WP doing a hit piece is verification that’s our guy.

Green Thumb


Know a few dudes that met this guy to include myself- all of us line, combat arms, and combat decorated SMs.

Real deal, for sure. But his story changes a lot. And I mean a lot. And to be honest, I would know who shot me.

My understanding was that the Ranger and MD (first look at arm from Park) were from 2015. Way before this nonsense surfaced. Not sure what would motivate them to lie.

The Post is a joke. Vote Vets are a bunch of losers as well. Get it.

But I did not get the feeling this dude was a 100 honest and clear. Time in service changes, reason for separation changes (medical issues uncovered in training versus wounded in battle, etc.). Although I have not heard directly from the horses’ mouth, he claims to have been wounded several times versus only once. You get my point. The book and former audio recordings (to my understanding) were examined to corroborate this statement(s).

You might like folks that piss people off, but make sure its for the right reasons. Dishonestly, arrogance and playing people for stupid is not one of them. Bottom line: know your audience and act accordingly. Political Science 101.

Green Thumb

I would also be remiss if I did not tell you that my buddies and I came out of this conversation wondering what our contribution to the war was, if any. Condescending. Several higher degrees in the room as well.

I mean, all CAR / CIB IN (USA / USMC) dudes (PH’s, BSMs, BSVs, tabs, wings, etc. and a SS to boot in the mix). Now keep in mind, most of us had gotten out before he came in.

I guess we “softened” up the enemy enough for him and his to come in and SEAL the deal.

Shit on me.


Teddy Daniels rides his Phony Rambo pony with “shot 4 times”.

As we know from multiple MP and VG articles,
even a combat veteran,
even a Purple Heart recipient,
even someone who “took a bullet for my country”,
can be easily caught when LYING about his military service.

(Rick Jowers, of Foley/Jowers MP / VG fame,
was a PHONY “took a bullet”, but that’s another story.)

Flashback to 2020, and “Mr. Bob” Walker,
the retired elementary school janitor,
truly Rambo for a day, but not Triple Rambo.
But that’s NOT what he told schoolchildren (and their parents)
for 25 years, and that’s NOT what his goofy looking medals shadowbox showed, either.


comment image

jeff LPH 3 63-66

He forgot to add in his Korean War/Conflict ribbon on the shadowbox plus the Nicaraguan campaign ribbon (1912)


The crooked ARCOM says it all.


That is not an ARCOM. It is the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (NAVCOM). The white stripes on the ribbon are different than the ARCOM. To make sure I checked my ribbon rack.


Yeah, just checked mine again.

The badge part in the photo is different but the top still looks like an ARCOM. Maybe he put one together?
I did look up both and see what you mean.


That shadowbox looks like it was made by elementary school kids. Why do so many phonies just haphazardly toss medals together? It’s like they grab a handful of decorations and play pin the tail on the donkey. Order of precedence is easy enough to find online.

Green Thumb


Old tanker

Favorite tactic of the dems. Throw feces non stop until they get the candidate to quit or something sticks. Dirty tricks are their stock in trade,


I cannot imagine a soldier wishing to cover up a stupid wound story. This may or may not be true.

Team leader: Doc, I need you to quietly stitch me up. 
Doc (examining a rather deep forearm slash): WTF?
TL: I had a knife fight. 
Doc: why?
TL: for the fun of it.
Doc (after doing numerous stitches): effing Marines are nuts!

Hack Stone

Worked with a fellow SNCO in a Communications Battalion who liked to imbibe, at the most in opportune times. Yet another instance of him getting shitfaced drunk, this time while participating in UFL at Pohang. He had a Corpsman treat him “off the books” by giving him an IV behind the chapel. Camp Guard caught them. Corpsman got busted, Staff Sergeant sent back to his Command. Apparently he had the Teflon Camouflage Utilities, because he still got selected for Warrant Officer. So, did he continue with his bad decisions? At least one, probably more, DUI’s were wracked up in the later part of his career.


Stupid shit is no stranger to special operators back in the rear or out on an FOB. Especially when alcohol is available.

Grimmy, I thought of you when I first read this story. I suspect that is exactly what happened.


How do I main in a vote to Montana from Texas?
Aren’t there some instructions in the (D)emon-rat playbook for that?


I’ll ask my grandfather. He’s got decades of experience in following that playbook since he passed away nearly 30 years ago.


I would think that even a Park Ranger could tell the difference between a fresh gunshot wound and a three year old, presumably healed, gunshot wound.


How is a former Air Farce attorney considered “another expert” in combat-related injury? None of those modifiers suggest she has any expertise in getting shot.

Did she study ballistics before going to law school? Was she a cop or EMT beforehand and actually had first-hand experience with bullet wounds? Or does simply being a chick in uniform mean she’s as badass as the recruitment ads suggest?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure she’s smart and funny and could kick a Green Beret’s ass while wearing high heels and an evening gown. Still, being a zoomie lawyer hardly seems like the credentials of an expert on ground combat or small arms fire.