American veteran flees to Russia and joins their army

| April 12, 2024

Wilmer Puello-Mota, A U.S. Air Force veteran and former elected official, was supposed to show up in court. He reached an agreement to plead guilty to charges related to having an image of a 17-year-old girl on his phone. In exchange, he would be sentenced to 18 months in prison. However, he did not show up in court to plead guilty. Instead, he traveled to Russia and joined the Russian army.

From the Military Times:

Puello-Mota served in the U.S. Air Force and deployed to Afghanistan in 2015, when he was 19, media releases show. He later served with the Massachusetts Air National Guard’s 104th Fighter Wing as a security forces airman.

Puello-Mota was arrested in 2020 in Warwick, Rhode Island, after he called to report a stolen gun and police said they found nude images of a 17-year-old girl on his phone. He was charged with one count of having sexually explicit images of a child. He was later also charged with trying to deceive prosecutors and his commanders about the case. Cicilline told the Globe he reached a deal to plead guilty to all charges in exchange for an 18-month prison sentence.

Videos surfaced on Russian social media and local television in March showing the blurred image of a man in a uniform in what appears to be a war zone displaying the U.S. flag.

In video posted online last week, a man who looks like Puello-Mota talks directly to the camera, speaking in English over background music and Russian subtitles and discussing a military operation. His face is not blurred. He does not say his name, and the videos do not mention the Rhode Island criminal case.

The Military Times has additional information here.

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Green Thumb

Massachusetts Air National Guard’s 104th Fighter Wing.

Ranger that.

Forest Bondurant

Wilmer “Puto Mierda” Puello-Mota


Whiz Wheel®™ FUBAR score of 406


I heard about this guy last week. Chomo-Political Nasty Girl Airhead. No offense meant to my brothers and sisters with honorable Guard and/or Air Force service.

It’d be really nice if he ends up on the receiving end of some of our Ukrainian aid. Not worth a missile or even bullet, but a pallet of 20-year-old MREs “accidentally” dropped on his head would be worth it.


Dumbass…on both counts. Another candidate for The SPoTW Thread.


The type of dude who’d identify with this tune:


The musical selections never fail to amuse and entertain.

Sounds like a Dr. Demento type song.


Used to love Dr Demento


You would think that he would have gone along better with the UAE foreign legion, tickle monster and all. They pay better and you get a passport.

This is what happens when you don’t do market research.


Good. Saves the cost of warehousing him 18 months. Do the Ivans know what “fragging” means?


I’m curious how they found the photo of a 17 yo girl in his phone when he called police to report one of his guns had been stolen.

Why were the police looking at his phone, and how did they figure out the girl was 17?

I don’t care that some dumbass ran away to Russia to play bullet catcher. I’m more concerned about how they found the image.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Possibly along the lines, JBTs beingJBTs;

“BECAUSE…. REASONS! Sounds more like get a warrent as I’m pretty sure my phone didn’t steal my gun.


I had the same questions. I’m glad the chomo got busted, but how does a weapon theft report become a phone search? There’s something missing here.


I would imagine in MA or RI it’s like here in CT, losing a firearm is a crime until it ain’t, reason be damned.

Fucking jackboot thug mother fuckers wanna rape gun owners with these conjured-up process crimes to alleviate the taste of asshole and dick from their mouths.*

*not all, but enough of you ‘law’ ‘enforcement’ officers NKVD tools.


I’ve only dealt with a stolen firearm in AZ, and it was fairly easy. I had the serial, the box, and the original receipt (from Walmart, back when they sold handguns). The gun was never recovered, but the thieves had to pay restitution. I got full retail price for the gun, a Ruger GP100, stainless steel, 6 1/2″ barrel. $275.00 when I bought it.


Possibly he had a photo of the gun on his phone, and the nice Officer asked to get a copy of the photo… and accidently downloaded all the phones content… and then searched all of his contacts… and found one that belonged to a person known to them as being underage.

If he had a half decent lawyer all of which would have been thrown out, but then… he was a politician!


Did he defect for the space balls type helmet? Wise choice dumbass.


I was wondering what the fuck he was wearing on his head.

Prior Service

“If he dies, he dies.” Especially with an extra several hundred rounds of AK headed for Ukrainian magazines.

Amateur Historian

Having a lot of these guys lately:


Guys like this?


Read about this a few weeks ago
What a stupid MF


Was he 19 when the gun was stolen? The story is a little vague on that part. IF,,, he just turned 19, AND she was almost 18, it’s a LITTLE different, I get the laws. I get the morals. A little common sense could help here!

Regardless, he’s fighting for/with the Russians now, so F him!


He entered the US Air Force at 19 in 2015 and served overseas in Afghanistan. Then I guess he joined the Massachusetts Air National Guard after active service.
The gun was stolen recently.
The age of consent in Massachusetts is 16. The federal age minimum for sexting images or pornography is 18. I guess he’s being busted for that. Or being 27 vs 17 years old, means the Romeo and Juliet exemption clause doesn’t apply.

A Proud Infidel®™

I distinctly remember reading in my US Passport that one can forfeit their US Citizenship by renouncing it in front of US Consulate Personnel overseas, and serving in a Foreign Military will also do that, here’s hoping someone does the right thing and wipes him off the rolls to leave him with the Ivans.


If he’s a registered dim they won’t


They absolutely would.

But not until he is extradited and facing charges.


I am pretty sure the mix of 1960s eastern block uniform and space balls helmet is an AI generated image.

This is what the guy looks like IRL.


Seeing as how NONE of the stories I can find mention his political affiliation, it seems highly likely that he’s a democrat.. so no surprise he defected to a communist country


The American right is far more aligned with Russia right now than the left.

Especially the MAGA movement that is completely aligned with Putin from the US ceasing any support for Ukraine and the US pulling out of NATO.

And Russia is not communist anymore. Just a kleptocratic oligarchy. A mafia state.

Putin also is aligned with many of the right wing fever dream policies. Such as being staunchly anti LGBTQ.


I’m suprised the AI didn’t also make him a black tranny