Democratic Congresswoman showcases tax exemption as reparation

| April 12, 2024

Jasmine Crockett, a Democratic congresswoman, participated on an interview with “The Black Lawyer Podcast.” One topic she covered during the interview was the idea of tax exempting Blacks as a form of reparation. She listed some of the ways that Blacks were wronged and tied that to Blacks being behind. Tax exemption was one way to pay the reparations. For those who are not paying taxes, Crockett hinted that they should receive checks.

From The New York Post:

A Democratic congresswoman is calling for black Americans to be exempt from paying taxes as a form of reparations — though she admitted that the plan may not work because many poorer black people “aren’t really paying taxes in the first place.”

Jasmine Crockett, a freshman representative from Texas, said she heard a celebrity — though she could not remember which one — propose making black people tax-exempt, and thought, “I don’t know that that’s … necessarily a bad idea,” she recounted in an interview with “The Black Lawyers Podcast” last week.

“One of the things they propose is black folk not have to pay taxes for a certain amount of time because … that puts money back in your pocket,” Crockett told host J. Carter.

“But at the same time, it may not be as objectionable to some people” as “actually giving out dollars,” she continued.

The New York Post has the story, including interview segment, at this link.

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I’m fine with that.
Then she can just go back to unpaid menial labor.

BOOM!!! No taxes.



She needs a coonskin hat.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

How about me? My ancestors were brought over as Irish slaves….errr…… “Indentured servants”. Do I get an opportunity at that “no taxes” thing? That would suit me just fine.


My Irish grandmother emigrated to this country at the behest of
a wealthy Boston family and “worked” for them all her life.
Never owned anything. Never borrowed anything.

Tax exemptions? Loan forgivness?
Where do I apply?

As we’re mine

Maybe it’s time to organize all us Micks and get our share!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“Why did God invent alcohol? To keep the Irish from taking over the world”

Forest Bondurant


I now identify as black – and if “you” don’t accept that, you’re rayciss or something.



Ha! I knew you were German.

Green Thumb

Pay my taxes, please.


King Gezo of the African Nation of Dahomey had this to say… ““The slave trade is the ruling principle of my people. It is the source and the glory of their wealth…the mother lulls the child to sleep with notes of triumph over an enemy reduced to slavery…”

Get your “reparations” from the descendants of those that sold you. I will contribute to a fund that provides for repatriations…as long as it is a one way ticket. Nobody owes you sh*t. Read a real history book.


Back-to-back days of women vying for “Who is the Biggest Idiot in Congress” award.


She noticed something right away that’s been under discussion for a long time which is the logic hole of a tax deduction. All that’s missing now is for so many to say; ‘we will just give you money’



This would be a GREAT way to excise that pesky 14th Amendment, as taxed versus not taxed is a lynchpin of equal representation and one could argue that this is ‘rebellion’, so…

Do it.

I’m all-in for idiots running into the natural outcomes of their poor decisions, my raison d’être if you will.


Am I the only one wondering how to give a tax break to someone with little to no taxable income?

Veritas Omnia Vincit

The “tax break” would be wealth distribution by another name.

Those below a taxable rate would receive a refund as if they had actually paid taxes at the full amount of the first taxable income tier. It would be funded with the money of those actually creating wealth and the taxpayers who work for the wealth creators…nothing new there unfortunately.

Forest Bondurant

“..funded with the money of those actually creating wealth and the taxpayers who work for the wealth creators…”

(Another form of welfare?)


Our government already does that via the Child Tax Credit. Tax filers get refunds far in excess of the federal taxes they have paid.This is quite common for low income filers with multiple children.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

And don’t get me started on BLACKS owning slaves.
Anthony Johnson, an Angolan, was captured and made a slave.
He was taken to Virginia, worked his ass off, was freed, and bought property and slaves to work the land.
And he was just the first.
Soooooo……is Mz Crockett gonna demand “reparations” (wealth transfer) FROM blacks, TO blacks? And whites?

Amateur Historian

Fixed it:

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Going to be taxed (hard) for me if I have to pay Herr biden taxes to make up the difference from the tax peeps.

Skivvy Stacker

Well, looks like I go back to being a Minstrel Singer.


Yeah nothing will fix race relations better than exempting one whole race from paying taxes. What violence could *possibly* come out of that monumental social justice win?

Fucking idiot. And what, 400 years from now blacks will STILL be exempt and earning reparations for a tiny speck on the map of history?

Sometimes the best way to move on is to.. well… move on.

A Proud Infidel®™

Exemption from taxes SOLEY because of skin color, ain’t that just a little bit Unconstitutional?


It would be a violation of the equal protection of the law.