Biden’s Ironclad Promise

| April 12, 2024

Ironclad, Jack!

Biden vows ‘ironclad’ US commitment to Israel amid fears of Iran attack

US president and allied officials fear ‘significant’ strike within days in retaliation for Israeli bombing of consular building in Damascus

Joe Biden has vowed that US commitment to defend Israel against Iran was “ironclad” as concerns rose in Washington that a “significant” Iranian strike could happen within days, in retaliation for the bombing of an Iranian consular building in Damascus.

US and allied officials fear that a strike is imminent and could come in the form of a direct missile launch from Iran, rather than an attack through a proxy like Hezbollah in Lebanon. Israel has vowed to respond in kind to such a direct strike, raising the prospect of a regional war, which US officials now believe is more likely than at any point since the beginning of the Gaza conflict on 7 October.

Biden’s pledge of support to Israel at the White House, intended as a deterrent, came a few hours after Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, repeated a threat to strike back against Israel over the Damascus bombing that killed 12 people, including Gen Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a senior figure in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and six other guard members.

The Guardian
When Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield voted to allow passage of a UN Security Council resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, Israel cancelled an impending visit from Netanyahu’s advisors in protest. Now POTATUS is swearing his undying devotion to Israel if Iran attacks. Joe, Iran is already attacking Israel, and will likely do so here as well.

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It’s like hitting up a fat chick. You don’t want your friends to find out or anybody to see you. But she needs reassurances, because that skinny b****, Crystal, thinks she’s lying. So now you got to put something out there to get everybody calmed the f*** down, or just let it go.

Old tanker

Never underestimate how badly joe can “F” things up


What comes out of Joe’s mouth and what comes out of my ass bear a striking resemblance to one another


Yours may not smell as bad, and most likely easier to clean up after.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

As “iron” clad as a sheet of aluminum foil

Green Thumb

Joe needs to go home and have a stiff margarita.


The only iron clad promise that sniffy creepy has made that’s come true is “It’s just gonna get worse.”

Good thing that the Bad Orange Man wasn’t (s)elected in 2020. We’d find ourselves involved in wars all over the place.

Still trying to find someone that can ‘splain to me why we have to defend other countries but not our own.



Just remember, Sleepy Joe is an expert in Foreign Relations…
Actually, he’s an expert at getting 10%…
But Orange Man bad or some other bullshit.


Joseph Robinette Biden Jr: greatest diplomat of ALL TIME*!

*as measured by; Raytheon, GD, Boeing, LM,… other welfare pimps of state largess, and the Grim Reaper.


GFY J0e. F your MFing stupid face and hollow heart.


“Ironclad promise”.

If creepy Joe promised me the sun would come up tomorrow, I’d expect eternal darkness.


FJB is going to talk us into WWIII at worst, or into a prolonged conflict at best.

It bears repeating… FJB!!!

Prior Service

“Ironclad.” That means it’s subject to the tears of distraught Muslims who claim they’re not voting for him. Tears hit Biden’s “iron” and it promptly rusts, falling apart. Leaving us abandoning another country (or, again, if you count that recent UN vote….). Even democrats used to care about “who lost [insert country]. No more. Now it’s just whole-sale abandonment. Quite a track record.


Papa Joe could set a pile of Qurans on fire in the middle of Dupont Circle and Muslims would still vote for him.


Look, Jack! Get your facts straight! Here’s the deal. I know what ironclad is. Guess what, folks? My dad lost his job. No joke. C’mon no kidding around here. He then invented iron. Not a joke. C’mon man. Let’s get real for a second. No Malarkey.


He really means it, too. Today’s schedule was a briefing at noon, followed by a public appearance at Al Sharpton’s action scamming network, followed by heading off to Delaware for the weekend, as usual.

Skivvy Stacker

“I see a red door and I want to paint it black…”