Wednesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| April 10, 2024

I honestly thought this was Danny Devito as the Penguin

Coming for the kids

Defund the UN!

You’re all racist if you think his chicken is shit and his employees rude

They aren’t your kids

Mr. Plessy rolls over in his grave

What the fuck?

This guy seems radicalized

I too refuse to date a woman with a more luscious beard than mine

Who thinks this is acceptable?

Her ‘apology’ is even more offensive

You can’t make this up

No shit? Chemical castration is bad for kids

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Stan Marsh said it best:


Meanwhile, librarian fired for “hateful” newspaper article promoting respectful debate and allowing materials of more than one viewpoint for that debate:

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Read her article (you too, Lars… I’m sure you’ve got plenty of reasons why “equity” demands she be supressed to add):


The chicken place has no ketchup, salt or condiments available. Just some weird sauce that nobody likes. Also nasty sweet pickles. If your business model is flawed, attacking the customers is seldom the way to go. But maybe they can get a bailout from the government? That way they can keep selling food that nobody wants. That is how our government works these days.


Socialism in a nutshell– buy our sh*t and be happy about it or you’re racist!


Even when I practiced a certain amount of ‘progressive’-[not so-]liberalism I’d still frequent Chick-fli-a, often with the insistence with then-wife who’s uber-progressive/anti-religion.

Personally justified it by way of them not just being tolerant but honestly grateful to do His work by being welcoming and humble to serve all.

I can disagree with your politics but good food is good food.

Free market’s yellings only are heard by those that can and will listen. Mister Moss* and his manager need hearing aids.

*see the reported incident in 1995… Interesting
edit: another article saying other things for ‘truth’s’ sake.

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Is “Kurt” a little butt ” hurt”?

And to the guy screaming about law enforcement standing behind Trump, get over yourself. The ones who don’t like Trump are probably providing security outside.

And somebody should explain to him that indictments are one thing, convictions are another. Not the same. Trump has been found guilty in the court of public opinion, not a court of law.


It musta been the kangaroo court of public opinion. Those of us who are not deluded with TDS know Trump is the victim of lawfare.

Green Thumb

I like sweet pickles!

Maybe we could send the radicalized dude there to work after a hearty handshake and a warm cup of soup.


A warm laurel and hearty welcome?


To our new……..


The Sheriff is near.


What’d he say?


The booger-nosed yelly ‘man’ has a point, I’d prefer officials to tuck in their personal biases while in public forums by the bare minimum of refraining to attend political rallies uniformed.

Of course, this opinion comes to me by my way of time-in-service to this country and the implicit honor of wearing the uniform of the same, as I believe the oath to tarnish not a stitch of those threads, as they’re the blanket of freedom. That call and answer being the highest reflection of selfless service next to the willingness to headbutt boollets.

That being said; that brainwashed moron has no honor as he believes justice is applicable only to non-‘orange man bad’ individuals, for feelings are more evidentiary than actual evidence and the system’s systemic dissymmetry in its suspensions of due process are a preferential way to achieve peace and tranquility.

I got news for [him]….


No idea what he was talking about but police are often requested or hired as security. If an elected Sheriff knows Trump is around he will definitely try to jump on stage with him and bring a few deputies along.


No idea what he was talking about but police are often requested or hired as security.

True, I just don’t like the appearance of political favoritism. It is understood there are rules about wearing the uniform during side gigs, and that’s probably the case here. The loudmouth Fface don’t understand this so it’s likely incidental he’s run into an opinion (I agree with); LEOs should dodge, dip, dive, duck and dodge from situations that could hint at political bias.

That being said, those Sheriffs/Polices don’t work for me so I wouldn’t dare try to inject my opinion at them, save for one: obey the Constitution and serve it passionately.

If they can do both, attend a rally and carry justice, good on ’em.

Green Thumb

My Tuesday morning puke just moved to Wednesday.

Appreciate it, TAH.

On another note, maybe homeboy’s chicken just sucks. Just an observation.


“I honestly thought this was Danny Devito as the Penguin”

Oswald Cobblepot


Jerry Nadler would be better casting. He already waddles like the Penguin.


He waddles, and has the appearance of a penguin with diarrhea.


Fire up the chipper.


From the underrated (IMO) Hollywood Shuffle:

Sam Ace: My name is Sam Ace. I fight crime. It was Friday night, I sat in my office waitin’ for the phone to ring.

[phone rings]

Sam Ace: Could it be one of my dames? Nah, it was some fag. It’s a long story. I was drunk at a Christmas party.


There is nothing that can be said about the stupidity and absolute disgusting behavior of all of these fuxx.
Good thing I’ll be dead in a few years so I don’t have to listen to anymore of this hoerse patootie…


F*cktard AIr Guard SSgt/E5 caught with kiddie pr0n on his phone skips court appearance, runs off and joins Russkie army:


His lawyer, John M. Cicilline, told The Boston Globe that he called Puello-Mota on Jan. 8, the day before he was expected to plead guilty. According to prosecutors, he boarded a flight from Washington, D.C., to Istanbul, Turkey, a day earlier.

“He said, `I joined the Russian army,’ or something like that,” Cicilline told the Globe. “I thought he was joking.”

What are the odds…?

When news broke last year that John M. Cicilline had racked up $5,880 in parking tickets and fines — making him one of the largest parking scofflaws in the city — it created a headache for the mayor. The older [Cicilline (see below)] brother eventually paid $2,300 in August to settle the issue. But looming was an even bigger headache — a federal indictment accusing John M. Cicilline and a now-disbarred lawyer and family friend of requesting more than $100,000 from a couple facing federal drug charges. (link)

And his brother being the guy who doesn’t understand pistol braces ain’t {check notes} machine guns. (see vid)

Mister David Cicilline (read this for more data on his brother)

Turds of a feather…?