Army Corps of Engineers to Baltimore Recovery

| March 29, 2024 | 29 Comments

Army Corps of Engineers supports Baltimore bridge recovery efforts

By Zamone Perez

More than 1,100 Army Corps of Engineers engineering, construction, contracting and operations specialists will take part in recovery efforts and clearing debris following the bridge collapse in Baltimore, Maryland, according to a statement from the Army Corps of Engineers on Tuesday.

The Army Corps of Engineers will lead the efforts to clear the federal channel as a part of federal, state and local response efforts, according to the Corps. Remotely operated vehicles and sonar will be used by the Corps, along with the debris removal vessel Reynolds, which patrols the waters of the Baltimore Harbor for drift and debris that could be hazardous to navigation.

Hydrographic and topographic surveying will also take place via the 61-foot survey vessel Catlett, the Corps said.

“Our thoughts are with those impacted by the tragic collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge,” said Col. Estee Pinchasin, the Baltimore District Commander, in a statement. “Our Emergency Managers are closely monitoring the incident and coordinating with partner agencies for any potential support requests.”

Military Times

Someone is thinking clearly- get the right people involved early. Now let them do the work they’re trained to do.

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Green Thumb

Get in there boys (and girls) and get it done!




1100 Engineers in Bawl-tee-moore? Somebody better increase the Class VI Stores’ Supplies!


Yeah, if we run out of Yuengling, we may have to make do with National Bohemian (Natty Boh). 🤣🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

Hack Stone

Caution: Consumption of National Bohemian Beer may lead to loss of eyeballs and the growth of Hitler mustaches.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Well, just grin and beer it.


Simple solution: Just drink the beer until you need glasses and grow a little Freud goatee.


USACE already has a fairly large presence in Baltimore. Should already be at a good advantage point to move forward.


Quiet, you…that beer ain’t gonna drink itself. 🍺


The challenge will be for Balmur to beat Minneapolis’ time replacing the I35(?) bridge’s time – took them less than two years.


The Skyway Bridge in Tampa Bay took 7 years to build the new bridge and reopen.


With all the modern advances in bureaucracy and DEI today, it will take a decade and cost much more than expected to replace the Francis Scott Key bridge.

Last edited 18 days ago by Anonymous

With the DEI it won’t be the FSK bridge anymore.

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BlueCord Dad



Just wondering why not install a ferry dock at both ends or near both ends of the FSK. Bring in a couple of large ferry boats or barges to at least carry haz mat vehicles and as many passenger vehicles as possible. They would undoubtedly be busy and would at least relieve some of congestion on I-95 and the other side of the beltway.

Hack Stone

Would the ramps to load and offload vehicles utilize the remains of the approach ramps, or would new access ramps need to be built. And with the constant traffic of ferry boats, that would impede the progress of rebuilding the bridge.

And Hack Stone will bet a copy of Red Hat Software that the Woke Left will demand that the replacement bridge not be named after Francis Scott Key, the Ultra MAGA White Supremacist. We can look forward to it being the George Floyd Memorial Bridge, or name it after a local hero, Freddie Gray.


You may be right but that is what happened when the Crown Point bridge was replaced on Lake Champlain. The ferry docks and the bridge both were complete in record time. I know that bridge is tiny by comparison but I would bet there is a lot of traffic that only used to go that way on695 to basically get to the other side. Literally, rather than go much further. Live on this side work on that side. The ferry docks would only be built for a few years duration.


That was a good time, I was Halling counter tops from VT to NY but paid by the hour.


That was the only time I ever saw the two states do anything correctly. Nice bridge too.


All our dock-building resources are currently tied up waiting to resupply Hamas.

Last edited 18 days ago by Hate_me

Good one!


“Now let them do the work they’re trained to do.”

How long now before the unions leverage their Democrat political puppets in order to gain access and stick their corrupt noses into this process and start to obstruct the Army Corps of Engineers effort?

Or get their Democrat political puppets in DC to micromanage this effort into complete and perpetual ineffectiveness that will only serve to exponentially drive up costs?


That happened with Signal units more than once. Huachuca had a battalion (1199th) of installers, experts in inside plant cabling (phone, CAT5, etc.). They were about 25% through with a complete revamp of Greely Hall when unions complained. Huge job, they had to just walk away. Unions said it was unfair competition. Job had to be put out for bids, took over a year just to get a contract, another to complete. 10 years later, a former 11th Signal Brigade commander who had been exiled to West Point tried to have 69th Sig Co. do some work there. It would’ve been great experience and economically wise. Nope. Can’t do that.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

That should keep them busy and out of trouble for awhile.
(yeah. riiiight. as if)


Drove over it today with my cousin.


Well, I’m shocked that somebody’s actually doing the right thing here but like you guys have said, I also see where the lefty MD Democrats will come in and fuck everything up.
Can’t leave well enough fucking alone. I would be shocked if this goes smoothly.
I have an idea….


AKA The other Engineers.

Chaplain Tim

This is the same Corp of Engineers that mismanaged the Missouri River, causing massive flooding twice in 20 years. Billions in damages, nobody held accountable.


During my last tour, I asked an ACE slice about possibly getting a job with them after retirement. He asked my MOS and he stopped me when I listed 12Z….

“We love everything you guys do, but the Corps of Engineers isn’t big on hiring Combat Engineers.”

Ever since, there’s always an element of schadenfreude whenever ACE fucks something up.