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| March 2, 2024

Suspect stops for gas while running from police

Source; WREG

Ex-commander charged in alleged illegal recording of Pittsburgh officers

A now-retired Pittsburgh police commander has been charged with using police-issued body-worn cameras to illegally record other police officers last year, authorities said.

Allegheny County police said they were asked in October to investigate after a body-worn camera was found hidden in an unmarked Pittsburgh police vehicle. Investigators later determined that multiple Zone 2 officers “were recorded without their knowledge on cameras that were placed inside unmarked police vehicles,” county police said Friday in a Facebook post.

Former Zone 2 Commander Matthew Lackner, 50, was charged Friday with four third-degree felony counts of interception, disclosure or use of wire, electronic or oral communications. Lackner has retired from the force since the investigation began, officials said.

Investigators allege that Lackner used at least 11 police-issued body-worn cameras to record officers multiple times between Sept. 27 and Oct. 4, capturing about 75 hours of recordings, according to a criminal complaint.

According to the complaint, Lackner told officers he’d recorded that it was part of a federal investigation of an unnamed person and ordered them not to speak of it again, but county police said federal authorities had confirmed that no such probe authorized any such activity. Authorities haven’t provided another explanation for Lackher’s alleged actions.

Asked Friday about Lackner, Pittsburgh police Chief Larry Scirotto said “anyone that betrays the trust of our organization is dealt with immediately,” the Tribune-Review reported.

Court documents don’t list an attorney representing Lackner; a number listed in his name rang unanswered Monday and then disconnected. Robert Swartzwelder, president of police union Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 1, declined comment, the Tribune-Review said.

Source; AP News

Mom loses $820,000 injuries claim after she was pictured tossing a Christmas tree

Her case was felled by a Christmas tree throwing competition.

A court in Ireland dismissed a mother’s $820,000 insurance claim after a picture emerged of her winning a contest to see who could toss a tree the farthest.

Kamila Grabska, 36, had claimed that a car accident in 2017 left her with “debilitating pain,” leaving her unable to lift heavy bags and keeping her in bed on bad days, according to disclosures made at Ireland’s High Court and reported by the Irish Independent newspaper.

The constant pain in her back, neck and thoracic spine left her unable to lift groceries, do chores or play with her two children, the newspaper reported the disclosures, made to the court sitting in Limerick, as saying.

She sued RSA Insurance on the basis that she could not work for over five years, claiming past and future loss of earnings that amounted to around $542,000 of her total claim, according to the Irish Independent.

Her case came unstuck when a photo published in the newspaper almost a year after her accident showed Grabska winning a Christmas tree throwing contest.

The picture, taken in January 2018, shows Grabska, wearing a yellow jacket, forcefully throwing the tree in the town of Ennis in western Ireland, where the championship, based on an old lumberjack competition, takes place. The winner is the person who throws it the farthest.

A second picture published the day shows her smiling as she holds a mounted certificate declaring her the champion.

When she was cross-examined in court, Grabska said she still felt pain when she threw the Christmas tree and was smiling in photos because she was trying to “live a normal life,” the Irish Independent reported.

But Judge Carmel Stewart, who presided over the case, said she had no choice but to dismiss the claim because of the “very graphic picture” of Grabska’s throwing the Christmas tree, which was “at odds” with the medical evidence provided. “I’m afraid I cannot but conclude the claims were entirely exaggerated,” she said.

She also took into consideration video from last November, played to the court, showing Grabska play-wrestling with a big Dalmatian dog for up to 1.5 hours, according to the paper.

An entry on the Courts Service of Ireland says Grabska’s case was dismissed last week. It did not include any further details.

A spokesperson for RSA Insurance said in a statement that “the significant majority of claims that we handle are genuine.” They added that the firm was “very pleased with the outcome of this case and it sends out a clear message that we will robustly challenge any attempt to pursue claims that are not genuine.”

Grabska’s legal representatives not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Source; Yahoo! News

Sex offender known for impersonating cops arrested again in Central Florida

He’s back! And appears to be having a rough go of it. He’s lost all of the military grooming standards he gained from his time as a Green Beret in FallujahSARJENT! 

A registered sex offender who’s known for impersonating law enforcement was arrested yet again on Thursday, according to court records.

That man — Jeremy Dewitte, 44 — was arrested in Osceola County, court records show.

Dewitte made headlines in 2019 after he impersonated an officer while directing traffic for a funeral procession. During that incident, investigators said he reached for his gun during a fight with an actual deputy.

During that encounter, Dewitte yelled at the deputy, “You cannot drive in and out of my funeral” and “It doesn’t matter, get out of my escort, (expletive) boy,” records show.

According to Dewitte, he was not impersonating a law enforcement officer but instead offering a safety service.

“We can direct traffic only in regard to our funeral. If somebody is pulling into our funeral (procession) and slamming on their brakes and causing the funeral to slam on their brakes, that’s putting them in danger. If we ask them to get out, we’re not directing them. I’m asking them to get out of my funeral. I’m not saying, ‘Turn here, go there, pull over.’ Never saying those words. I’m saying, ‘Get out of my funeral.’”

At the time, he explained that he had been doing the job for 10 years without issue.

Dewitte was arrested twice more after that incident: once in 2021 when deputies spotted Dewitte armed and dressed as an officer, and again in 2022 on charges in both Orange and Osceola counties.

In 2005, Dewitte was convicted of sexual battery on a person 12 to 15 years old. As a result, he is not allowed to carry concealed weapons.

In Thursday’s arrest, court records show that Dewitte faces a charge of failing to report a change in vehicle ownership under the state’s sex offender statutes. He is held on no bond.

No additional information has been provided at this time.

“Motor One, Moving!”…to jail.

Source; Click Orlando

Brian Stelter Is Reportedly Running for School Board in NJ…As a Republican

Brian Stelter is reportedly running for school board in Readington Township, New Jersey. The amusing part is that the former CNN host and media correspondent is running as a Republican

And Stelter isn’t the only CNN alum running for elected office—John Avlon is running for Congress as a Democrat

I’m hoping this trend of former liberal media figures leaving their employer to run for elected office ends with these two. It’s already bad enough that these folks in the legacy press view themselves as valuable as first responders. Congress is already filled to the brim with the insufferable.

Yet, Stelter’s run does allow us to rehash the times he got owned by college students who lambasted him for being on CNN, which has arguably become a misinformation factory concerning the Russian collusion hoax, the Hunter Biden laptop, the Covington kids, and the unsubstantiated sexual misconduct allegations lobbed at Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

He also did a hilarious 180-degree turn concerning the legal baggage and allegations facing Hunter Biden. It’s why his show, Reliable Sources, was always a source of comedy.

Source; TownHall


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Story #1.

Gonna guess stereotypes exist for a reason.


Getting captured in a KFC parking lot? Would that be like “hunting over a baited field”?

Cameras are everywhere…even in places that they shouldn’t be in. Be Aware!

DimWit the attention whore will get all of the attention he wants in Cell Block D…and will become the whore of Bubba, Thor, Julio, and “Tiny”.

From media whore to political whore? Both are about on the same level of trustworthiness.


Jeremy the Twit is back like a turd that won’t flush.


TAH fundraiser for Jermey’s prison husband when?!

Dewitless is a rough looking 44.

All those years hunting for sausage in the man-bush and seeing the elephant c0ck took a toll.



Two submissions to SPotW (week being of somewhat recentlynessitude) and a chaser.

First (h/t CW):
February 9, 2024. Traffic around Washington D.C. make way for the President of the United States to depart in MARINE ONE – except for one police helicopter which air traffic control erroneously allows to get a little bit too close. Watch and listen as the pilots and air traffic control coordinate to get out of the President’s way!
Video time stamped at 1:17

Second (h/t moi):
North Carolina State Senior Owen Lloyd posted the fastest time in the Men’s 1650-yard Freestyle, earning him the ACC Title, an automatic entry to the National Championships, and a new best time. Moments later, an announcement was made that Lloyd had been disqualified for “interference with another swimmer.”
The ref should be ashamed at this call. (link)

Poor kid.

Lastly, for the lolz (hopefully not a repost, link organization ain’t great right now):


Can’t fault the ref on this. The kid crossed into another lane while the race was still in progress. Was there interference? No. Doesn’t matter. Self-inflicted wound. Ref would be remiss in NOT making the call.


Except that the paragraph that covers this is Titled “Fouls” with the article heading of “Interference”.

SECTION 5. Fouls


ARTICLE 1. a. Any competitor who interferes with another swimmer during a race shall be disqualified from that race, subject to the discretion of the

referee. If a swimmer is fouled by another swimmer, including interference by an outside entity, or due to facility equipment failure during a preliminary

heat of an event, the referee may allow that swimmer to repeat the race at a time not later than 30 minutes after the last heat of the last event in which

the swimmer is competing during that session of the meet. If a foul occurs during a final race, the referee may order the race swum over if, in the referee’s opinion, sufficient unfairness prevailed. No person shall be required, as a consequence of this rule, to swim with fewer than 30 minutes’ rest between a repeated race and any of that person’s regularly scheduled races.

b. A swimmer who changes lanes during a heat shall be disqualified.

And no interference took place.

Having been to literally hundreds of swim meets both as competitor and swim dad I have seen this happen all the time. The only time anyone is DQ’d is if someone is actually still swimming a race in the lane.

Last edited 3 months ago by 5JC

I direct your attention to item (b). The heat was not over. A swimmer was nearly a lap back. It does not specify crossing into an active lane,


Like I said, happens everyday and nobody’s ever disqualified for it.


Any other rules we should ignore?


Do you want the unabridged list? It’s pretty fucking long.


Maybe the kid that was a lap down should’ve gotten a head start. Maybe athletes should know and follow the rules of their sport. Ignoring the rules you don’t like sounds like a liberal wet dream. I think the whole heat should have been tossed because there were no transgender swimmers. What’s that thing one of our nautical types says? Swim lane. In. Stay.


He was up last week.


Missed it by 7 days.

Hack Stone

Then put a notification when a 30 minute SitCom is a two parter: Here’s what happened last week, in case you missed it.”

A Proud Infidel®️™️

*WHOOOT!* DeWitte AGAIN, man, didn’t he get his ass straightened out the last time he got locked up ifyaknowhutimean? Oh, and Stelter, I say you don’t interfere with an adversary while he’s cutting his own throat. AS TO the rest, hey, some more 24K Politician Grade stupidity!


comment image


Just when I thought I was out [of tha stooped] they pull me back in.

In Soviet America your house paints you!:

The [Minnesota] legislation, which was posted online February 15, would restrict the “sale of certain solvent-based paint materials to licensees; [establish] a paint contractor board; [and require] licensing for paint contractors and journeyworker painters.

I’d go into the paint smuggling business if I was near Munnasota.

Last edited 3 months ago by Roh-Dog

Just another reason to tell the government, local, county, state and feds to go piss up a rope.

A Proud Infidel®™

JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT Government types couldn’t get any more STUPID, …


Roh Dog.
George Costanza version
(from 1990s Seinfeld).


The AMAZING Health Benefits Of Coffee You NEED TO KNOW! | James Hoffmann

ps. would you please add CC to your blogroll? thanks!


[…] This ain’t Hell… has stupid people of the week […]

The Pirates Cove


I have an entry for the most improved stupid person of the week. Eric Adams has discovered the difference between theory and practice. There really shouldn’t be a whole lot of difference but they’re actually is. Funny how everybody is a liberal until they have to deal with consequences.


Did anyone buy DeNitteWitte’s motorcycles?
Perhaps it was an under the table motorcycle sale that got him pinched?

Hack Stone

Not positive, but Hack believes that in Florida, registered sex offenders must provide make, model, color and license of any vehicle registered in their name, much like requiring updating residence. Hack only knows this because someone who he served with in The Corps was employed by the State of Florida to make license plates for ten years after conviction of sexual abuse of a minor, and now that he has been released, in his sex predator profile they list the auto that he has, a 1998 Dodge van. It doesn’t say whether said van has the windows painted over and a sign on the side reading “Free Candy”.


Hack Stone,
All the above is true in Pennsylvania,
on the PA Megan’s Law website.


That meme/picture at the top of the post is awesome…I’m totally stealing that.

The thing that occurred to me though is how many people under the age of, oh, 50 or so would even get it?

The P-38 is pretty recognizable but even of people in my age group, those who could identify a P-47 by sight are relatively few.


This makes me very happy.
Jeremy Da shit came up in the book of faces threads the other week either on one of the military pages or conservative or something and I start googling when I could not find anything recent something from a year ago December, November like 2022 so hearing he just got arrested this last week was delicious