Pentagon Spox: Houthi Decide Conflict

| February 22, 2024

Pentagon on Houthis: ‘It’s Their Calculation on When They’re Going to Stop’ Attacks


During an interview with ABC News on Wednesday, Pentagon Deputy Spokesperson Sabrina Singh stated that while the U.S. will continue to strike the Houthis if they continue to attack ships in the Red Sea, what it will take to stop the strikes by Houthis in the region is ultimately “really a decision that the Houthis have to make. It’s their calculation on when they’re going to stop these attacks.”

Host Linsey Davis asked, “Houthi rebels, as you know, continue to fire on commercial targets despite U.S. and allied strikes. What’s it going to take to resolve the situation there?”

Singh responded, “Well, it’s really a decision that the Houthis have to make. It’s their calculation on when they’re going to stop these attacks.

The current administration seems satisfied with limited reactions to the attacks instead of actually stopping them. It’s just a matter of time until the Iranian proxies strike a warship or sink a tanker.

Well, well.
Iran’s Export Drone Arsenal

The Shahed drone is a “suicide” or “kamikaze” design, intended to fly an explosive payload to its target and then explode. Iran admitted in November 2022 it has supplied Russia with a large number of Shahed drones to attack Ukrainian targets. Iran also supplied Shahed models to the Houthi terrorists of Yemen, who have used them to attack commercial vessels in the Red Sea.

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Um, if opponents can do shit and at the times and places of their choosing, aren’t we letting them impose their will upon us? (Just a Clausewitzian question.)


You swat the horsefly that bites you, you don’t just shoo it away and hope it doesn’t bite again.

RGR 4-78

FJB foreign policy.

Placate, Placate, Swat.


Guy in the photo has pretty good looking teeth for a shit eater.


It’s the goats who have to worry:


I was watching the TV last night. There was an US Army Colonel on the TV and he was saying that the army was going to run out of money by the summer. He was the spokesman for US Army Europe. I thought that was strange for many reasons. Firstly that he would tell the entire world that. Secondly that they had managed their budget so poorly that they were running out of money. Thirdly, It was even stranger because since the Army has a lot less soldiers in it You think they would be spending less money.

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Well, when you’ve sent the equivalent of the Marine Corps budget to Ukraine publicly, and lord knows how much “under the table” is it any surprise?

USMC Steve

They have sent a whole lot more money than that to them. We wish we had a budget like that.

Old tanker

Translation. We have no strategy or tactical solution. We know we aren’t doing anything constructive so we will continue to do the same old crap and hope the other side gets tired first.


Rolling Thunder again…
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Hack Stone

It’s a good thing that one of Joe Biden’s first acts when he got into office was to remove the Houthis from the terrorist list. How did that one work out for us?


Almost as well as his border policy.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

 “Well, it’s really a decision that the Houthis have to make……”

It’s a decision that we can help them make by turning their country into a glowing molten glass parking lot.

It’s a simple decision, very binary: “Behave, or die”.


We have failed to sufficiently impress that upon the Houthi goat-f*ckers and the Iranians driving their antics yet:
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You kill enough of them and they’ll want to stop. The best way to kill a snake is to chop off it’s head. Jus’ sayin’…


You would think that. But their life sucks so bad already that being dead is actually an improvement. But they hate everybody so much that they want to take somebody with them. It’s very much the same as the mass shooters that we get in the United States.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“….that being dead is actually an improvement.”
Hey! We can accommodate their request for them! No problem!
Just stand over here and smile pretty. Wait for the flash!


We should lay waste to them and return them to the stone age. Oh wait. Never mind.


Napalm would still suck considerably for ’em though:


I love a happy ending.

A Proud Infidel®™

MAYBE wiping them off the face of the Earth instead of saying “Will you guys please cut it out, mmmmkay?” would work a little better?


They and the rest of the world know we don’t have the will to do anything about it. This ain’t the country it once was , we haven’t finished a job since WW2 and at this point we don’t look very impressive. The Taliban proved that if you are willing to go the long haul we will quit.


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Pisses me off to no end. Watching the greatest country in the history of the world commit suicide. What sane country would be as self destructive as we’ve become. We have people leading us who are hell bent on turning us into a 3rd world country and we keep electing them. In the end I guess we are getting what we deserve. Our population keeps getting dumber and more reliant on government, we don’t value freedom and don’t seem to care when it is taken away. The pendulum had better swing the other way soon or it’s over.


Maybe…just maybe…The 5 sided puzzle palace needs to start concerning themselves about defending America…in America… FTA…the majority are “young military aged men…”


Nah, it could never happen. Even the Chinese aren’t wily enough to infiltrate military-aged men into the US to facilitate a collapse from within.


They can watch Red Dawn and get asymmetric warfare ideas too:


Read “The Attack”, by Kurt Schlicter. The board is set and the pieces are in place.


It’s coming, shore as God made them Little Green Apples.


Hope y’all bought ammo and guns that upset liberals. Just sayin’.

Amateur Historian

Kinda related, but I think this is what they mean when they say FJB is sharp behind closed doors:

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Once again for the people who seem to keep missing this concept:

Oderint Dum Metuant

These people will hate us because of who we are for all of eternity. Right now they have zero fear of us because we are perceived as weak and feeble minded thanks to a president who seems to have lost many of the faculties a younger man still possesses…

In order to correct that equation we need a comprehensive attack that forces an equational balance that will once again impress upon those who hate us that there can be serious consequences for interfering with our operations and our people.

I’m not a fan of having to kill anybody, but if someone has to be killed I’m all for it being anyone but Americans….I’d sooner see the middle east filled with dead Houthis than lose a single American soldier, sailor, or marine…

We have the means to force the Houthis into a decision whether they like it or not…I no longer believe we have the will to exercise those means.

That is to our own detriment I believe.


Houthis suck…

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