Happy “Death to America!” Day

| February 11, 2024

Iran Cheers 45th Anniversary of Islamic Revolution with Promises of ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel’


The 45th anniversary of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution was celebrated Sunday amid the backdrop of tumult across the Middle East sparked by the Hamas Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel.

General Mohammad Salami, commander of the powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, was amongst those leading the calls for the destruction of the U.S. and Israel which the regime has blamed along with “Britain and many European countries as well as their stooges […] complicit in the Zionist regime’s criminal acts against the Palestinian people.”

AP reports thousands of Iranians marched through major streets and squares decorated with flags, balloons, and banners with revolutionary and religious slogans.

In Tehran, crowds waved Iranian flags, chanted slogans, and carried placards with the traditional “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” written on them.

Some burned U.S. and Israeli flags, a common practice in pro-government rallies, the report notes.

During the public celebrations, a paratrooper jumped from a plane while displaying a Palestinian flag.


Iran has been at war with the US since 1979. A young Navy helo crewman was shocked by the debacle of Desert One– there but for the grace of God go I- and the leadership failure of a weak and feckless President. Now I’m hearing rumbles of a mid-east pullout in the works that may rival Afghanistan’s surrender.
Stay tuned.

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After conference with FBI Director, Sheriff from Butler County, OH, says big terror attack in U.S. is question of when, not if, nowadays… and it’ll be civilians and first responders facing brunt of it (prepare) until NG, military, Feds, etc. do stuff:

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Watching this now (on my phone). Is it really any surprise? As an American in my mid-40’s, I’m well informed by my nation’s media that, outside of the brief post-9/11 period, it is domestic and homegrown Right-Wing Extremists we have to worry about, not some goat fuc farmer from halfway across the world who’s entered our country illegally.

We are an armed society, some of us more so than others. The whole point of terrorist attacks is, well, terror, so what better place to attack than a densely populated area with minimal chance of the attack being thwarted? While it’s a possibility, I don’t see my local Walmart being targeted. The event about to take place tonight, though, will have many large gatherings associated with it across the country. The same for the ongoing Mardi Gras parades down here (culminating in two days), or next month’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Savannah, Boston, and elsewhere.

Of course it will be local authorities responding to the initial attack(s). It will take time for the Guard to ramp up and the Feds will be on scene ASAP for what it’s worth, but that’s all reactive in nature.

A Master Sergeant I served under on staff once told me that my team was being reactive as opposed to proactive, something that bugged me at the time and still does. We can have the entire US military on standby to react to a terrorist attack, but the effects of that attack can be mitigated, if not avoided altogether, with a little bit of proactiveness. Top priority should be to close the border. Next, detain all illegals and screen them for possible terroristic connections. Detain those with questionable affiliations and backgrounds, deport the majority of the “innocent” back to their home countries, and make it known that America is–or at least was–a naturally defensible country full of men and women who still believe in freedom above all else.


Thought about in the ’70s… “What is this ‘Super Bowl’?”:

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And then there’s Red Dawn… what one screenwriter can imagine, terrorists (or the Chicoms) can think is feasible:

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^This^ Spot on fm2176, and Thanks to Anonymous for the vid. Coming to a town near you…soon. Good to see that what I have been preaching for years is being put out there. Notice how many times the High Sheriff used the operative word (((PREPARE)))? Shore as God made Little Green Apples the proverbial fecal matter is gonna hit the oscillating device…and IT WILL happen between now and the upcoming (s)election…many times and in many places. TPTB will only use those incidents to declare Martial Law “for your protection” and it is THOSE despotic domestic enemies that have allowed this situation to develop as it is today. Wouldn’t surprise me too much if some type of nefarious activities come down during tonight’s latest episode of the Swifty NFL Tour. If you haven’t perused Mr. William Forstchen’s tome “Day of Wrath”, you may want to give it a look. He breaks down how easy it would be to start the ball rolling. Prepare

10 MILLION ILLEGALS have invaded our country. And that’s just the #s TPTB will admit to. I guess TPTB think that the 69th Intersectional Dildo Brigade will go all out to defend them. Nope, those sissy mofos will be in the unisex bathroom looking for a tampon. They, too, will be placed in the mass graves alongside their political masters.

As the Good Sheriff said…no one is coming to save us…no one is coming to help. It will be up to each American Patriot to defend his/her own blade of grass.



Oh great. Another holiday that I have to buy greeting cards for


A button was good enough 45 years ago:
comment image

Amateur Historian

Here’s mine:


Number of-

Persians/Iranians escaping to Western countries: too big to number

Westerners escaping to Iran (willingly): zero.

I’m sure the Ayatollahs are weeks away from the fundamentalist utopia they’ve been on about for near-5 decades.


Final Tweet: The sexy bearded hipster guys😍 from the Revolutionary Guard promised they would take me out and get me stoned 🤪
Hopefully when we are all high, they will make me airtight before covering my face in Tahini! YOLO LOLZ


1979, baby! /sarc
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A disgusting episode was the early release of the African American embassy employees in 1980. They should have refused. We’re all Americans first. Really unfortunate.

Dad was employed by Raytheon as an instructor after retiring from the Army and the family got posted in Tehran in 1977. Disgraced former FBI senior agent Peter Strzok is the same age as me & attended the same American School in Tehran as I did. I don’t know if our paths ever crossed.


Can’t find the street #


Just like the doughy, zit faced, blue haired, non binary Commies say…….
” It will be difficult and work THIS time around “

Green Thumb

Biden should send them a anniversary check.



Amateur Historian

Here’s a video from an ex-muslim (apostate) that I found fairly interesting (please forgive the format. The author of the video I believe had to take great pains to conceal his identity, due to apostates being liked a whole lot less than infidels in majority muslim countries.).


Yes, he is definitely fatwa worthy under the Islamofascism that calls itself a religion.


I’m diverse in my self-defense arsenal. I’ve got German, Italian, Spanish, British, Indian, Turkish, Russian, Soviet, Polish, Yugoslav, Chinese, [most importantly, AMERICAN], and other countries’ firearms at hand, with a plethora of ammo to feed them. My neighbor is same-same, though as a lifelong deer hunter most of his are sporting rifles. The good Sheriff need not worry about my little neck of the Bayou.

I have no idea what’s going on in Vegas at the moment, be it the SB score or any potential security threats, but suffice to say that it’s an event with a lot of unarmed and vulnerable people watching overpaid men in tights touch each other in order to score…

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Sporting rifles work better than nothing.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Sporting rifles are excellent.
If they can hit and kill a deer at several hundred yards, they’ll do just fine against peop!e.

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Can they be belt-fed?


I worked with Lt Kirtley, he was a Cpl when the hostages were taken. He would tell us stories of his time as a hostage. He is a good guy I believe he retired a Major.

USMC Steve

That’s okay. There are a lot of us who would not mind at all seeing the Iranians wiped out entirely.


No, nononono! Iran & company are just kidding. RUSSIA is the real threat! Even now the Russian hordes are preparing to desecrate our Capitol and hoist their Red, White, & Blue over the White House!

Just as soon as they crush that little speed bump they ran into on the way to Kiev. It’s only a matter of days until the Russkies befoul our shores.