Teacher quits after coming back from retirement due to being assaulted

| February 11, 2024

Sheryl Rogers had a career as a teacher before retiring. However, she returned from retirement to teach at a high school in Saint Louis. Rogers quit after being assaulted, she is 65 years old. She recalls that during her assault, she saw other students in the area. They did not help her. The student that assaulted her was not happy about her belongings being sent to the principal’s office.

From ABC 11/WTOK-TV:

“I’m afraid to go back in there. I can’t trust the children. I can’t trust the system,” Rogers said. “I still have bruises on both of my legs, I still have throbbing in the back of my head and sometimes, I just cry uncontrollably.”

Video of the altercation shows Rogers, a teacher of 20 years, being dragged in the hallway and punched in the face multiple times by a student. Rogers says the student was upset over her belongings being taken to the principal’s office.

“I could see the legs and feet of children around me, but nobody helped me,” Rogers said.

She claims the school district was also no help and wanted her to return to classes the next day.

“I just stopped crying every day,” she said. “That student was hurting, and it wasn’t even about me. It was something else, and I just happened to be a target.”

Students carrying out violence is growing in school districts across Missouri and the United States. Rogers says she hopes her story serves as a wake-up call to schools everywhere.

“Teachers are leaving the profession by the thousands, so that should tell you something,” she said. “These children are so angry. There is something going on that needs to be addressed.”

ABC 11/WTOK-TV has the rest of the story, and the video, here.

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Progressive utopia:
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“These children are so angry. There is something going on that needs to be addressed.”

Yeah, the time out generation should of had the same home training as the “whupped ass” generation.

Another reason why I encourage my Public School Teacher Daughter to CC her Lady Colt.

We’ll see this “student” again in a news feed. Watch


Careful, Bill Cosby got jacked-up over his freaky sex life by Democrats for suggesting people be responsible parents and raise their kids. /sarc

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If they can drag you anywhere, they are not children.

Green Thumb



I’m just wondering at what point these kids thought putting hands on an adult was acceptable.

Charge a few as adults, the rest will figure it out soon enough.


Sadly, there are lots of kids who won’t make the connection. The real world is just around the corner and it’s going to be a hell of a wake up call for all of them.


No wake up call just poverty and probably jail and a lifetime chip on their shoulder. If parents don’t do their jobs and let their offspring go feral then the cycle repeats. Can’t turn a savage into a citizen.


Hell, it’s a miracle if the school will even notify the PD/SD that anyone was assaulted.


Too many kids are taught from an early age that they can’t be held accountable for their actions. 16-year-old Jadavaquious’ Moms is overwhelmed one way or another, whether she works and carries the household, sits around drunk or high collecting welfare, or simply tosses the kids in her own mom’s lap so grandma can give a little better raising. “Dad”, if there even is one, is either mostly absent or whatever flavor of the month mom is bringing home. Big Bro just got off light on assault with a deadly weapon because he’s only 17 and will just spend a few months in the detention center. Little Sis just turned 15 and is pregnant for a second time, with Moms getting even more overwhelmed taking care of an infant. Meanwhile, the pre-teen siblings just come and go as they please and always seem to have a new (to them) bike and a steady supply of candy.

Young people growing up in unfortunate circumstances learn quickly that power, whether through physicality or out of the barrel of a gun, is in the hands of the wielder. While I feared getting reprimanded by a teacher or administrator, too many kids today just see such actions as “street cred”. “Man, I got expelled today, but Moms ain’t gonna do 💩 and Dad’s got another 15 years on his sentence. It don’t matter, Big Worm is hooking me up with a way to make some real money.”


“Being a man” means punkin’ out some petty authority figure trying to make them be responsible. Too late, they’re broke with a f*cked up life and telling young dorks who won’t listen to not be that way.


And what gets me (I live in good ole Bal-mor) is that the Mayor and the Police and the Gov just continue to talk shit about having a new crime plan. They all know damn well what the problem is and that they can’t or won’t ever fix it. You have to just ask yourself this one question…..how come Baltimore of the 50’s and 60’s didn’t have this problem? Of any city for that matter. Sure, there was crime, but not like this and not to this degree.


You may find individuals that are capable of practicing compassion, they may even organize into a readily-transitioning institution doing the same. But the resulting whole of any institution trends toward apathetic at best, downright dangerous at worst.

There are too many of these feral institutions allowed to fester.

I have zero faith in public schools to meet even the basic responsibilities required to continue in a free republic.

And there’s the rub, a’many retirees think the schools function like ‘back in the day’ and the Union of Moms Who Enjoy Wine-time with The Girls won’t give up their “‘free'” daycare.



Weren’t much different 40 years ago– selfish Yuppy parents thinking youth trouble was smoking, chewing gum and talking out of turn like they did in the ’50s couldn’t handle preteen doin’ lines, sexual imposition and crookin’ behavior on their kids’ part. (Rehab and wilderness therapy came out of that sh*t.)

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Seattle PD just busted a 15 year old boy and a 13 year old girl on 2 occasions in 2 separate stolen cars laughing while driving into female pedestrians at night and posting the videos online. In one of the videos the girl can be heard saying “Hit this bitch! Hit this bitch!”. The driver and the girl can be heard laughing maniacally and cursing the victims as they drive away each time. Their videos led police to them.

Mother is shocked the girl is not being released from custody.


To be fair, I too am shocked they’re not being released from custody…

Amateur Historian

But, but, but…. Public Schools work and are so good (sarcasm). (Note: attached video is about kids coming out of government-funded public schools being stupider, not being more violent. Though, I suppose the two do play off each other.)


Not to mention the “woke”-o-mania today:
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Mike B

My daughter is a Para in Pre-K and some of their students are borderline Psychotic. I mean throwing temper tantrums when they don’t get their way, throwing things, striking out at the teachers and fellow students. Even going as far as to accusing the teachers and others students of being racists.

It’s hard to imagine them acting out like that at that age, and makes wonder how bad they’ll be as they get older.

These are the same kids that will be our future….Makes me hope I don’t live long enough to see the havoc they create!

USAF Retired


Rampaging around like maniacs and screaming “Racist!” at any pushback.
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Forest Bondurant

That student should be charged with battery – then tack on a sentencing enhancement for battery of an elderly person.

Without any accountability, students like that learn they can get away with it and are most certain to reoffend.