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| February 12, 2024

TP-82 Space Gun

Police: Decatur mom chases man to nearby store after kids report him breaking into their home

By Jessica Barnett
A mother and her children were not only able to thwart a home burglary but also chase the suspect to a nearby store for police to arrest him.

Court records show Morgan County Central Dispatch received a call from a child about 11 a.m. Wednesday. The child said there was a white man inside their home on Sixth Avenue, and he had been rummaging through boxes there.

When their mother returned home, she saw the man leaving the house without a shirt on. She chased him to a Family Dollar, where Decatur Police arrived and arrested him.

Christopher Jason Hovis, 42, of Toney is charged with second-degree burglary. He was booked into the Morgan County Jail in lieu of $5,000 bond.

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Seems Mr. Hovis is on the LEO frequent flyer list. I’m shocked too.

2 dead, 1 injured in Hartford shooting: Police
After the initial gunfire, someone in the residence fatally shot the person who fired their gun, police said.

HARTFORD, Conn. — Two people were found dead in a home Saturday morning after an overnight party, Hartford police said.

Just before 5 a.m., officers received a report of shots fired at a residence on Garden Street, Hartford Police Lt. Aaron Boisvert said. Officers who arrived on scene found a large after-hours party that had taken place in the basement and the upstairs of the home.

Police found three adult male victims, two of which were dead. The third victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment of his non-life-threatening injury.

Based on preliminary information, officers determined there was an altercation in the basement of a home where two shooters began firing, according to Boisvert. One of the shooters was one of the men found dead. The other shooter remained on scene and cooperated with the investigation.

After the initial gunfire, the second shooter shot the first shooter. Police believe that it appears to have been an act to prevent further gunfire.

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Fox 61

Nothing good happens after 0400 now? Thanks to 5JC and Gun Bunny for the links.

The significance of the passage of time, right? The significance of the passage of time. So when you think about it, there is great significance to the passage of time.
Vice President Kamala Harris

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Well he has gone on to his great reward, whatever that might be.



Posted on the Sunday FGS Thread. I guess the drop dead gorgeous Ms Thang distracted you from the article. Not to worry, that’s totally understandable.
“ELKMONT, Ala. (WHNT) — A suspect in an overnight home burglary in Elkmont is dead after he was shot by the homeowner, according to the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office.
Deputies with the sheriff’s office responded to a report of a burglary around 4:20 a.m. on Saturday at a home in the 17000 block of Morris Road. The homeowner reported they were woken up by someone who was, “violently attempting to gain entry” into their home.
LCSO says the owner of the home armed himself and waited for deputies to arrive, but before they made it the scene, the offender kicked in the door and entered the home unlawfully.”

Mama Bears defending her cubs and the trash being taken out always make me Feel Good.

A doddering old pedo and a mouth whore (s)elected to the highest offices in the land. And people think that we will (((vote))) our way out of this.

Marvin would probably appreciate the Earth Shattering KA-BOOM the Rooskie Space Guns should make. Oh…wait…In space, no one can hear you shoot.


Unless you have a method of supplying the oxygen to the explosion, there won’t be much bang to make a noise…in space!


MI Ranger, you may have a point but I believe propellant powders produce their own oxygen when they are initiated. It is incorporated in the formulation. I am not a scientist but am of the opinion this would indeed work in space.


The seldom seen two-time member of the feel-good story of the day. I have my doubts there are three time members.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Two dead, one injured.
I love it when he trash takes itself out.
And it’s not in my neighborhood.


I continue to wait for an explanation of what the heck Vice President Harris is trying to communicate!

…still waiting!

RGR 4-78

Brain salad spewery.

Skivvy Stacker

Mama Bears can run long distances at 35 miles per hour.