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| February 11, 2024

Help a brother out?






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I think we all know who dies in this scene.


good stuff

My, My, My

Yup, that is funny as f’ right there.

and liberated to my collection to send/post. 🙂

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All good smile makers. Thanks for putting them all together in an easily pillferable package.


Careful, Odie…Our Beloved AW1Ed may call his lawer…
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Speaking of “lawers.”


Chili’s all female swat team.


Pronouns v. Imaginary Friends…

“In a World of Craziness, there are two often intertwined personalities that demand that you respect their reality: transpeople and schizophrenics.”

The most pronoun happy people usually come from the younger generations, mostly Gen Z and some younger Millennials; people who have been catered to for their entire lives while often living in a fantasy world where online gaming, social media influencers, and overall lack of personal interactions has warped them into believing they can be anything they want to be. While I don’t agree with the transgenda, I will at least try to attempt to use gender-neutral language and give as much respect as I get. But when you add more genders than man and woman (even if “trans” has to be inserted before it), I refuse to use your custom “Bronie/Zhear” nonsense.

Unfortunately, I think my friend’s claimed diagnosis of being a paranoid schizophrenic was actually meth-induced psychosis, but before he got locked up, I got to hear all about his revelation that he is Christ David (his given name is Christopher, took him 44 years to realize the name derives from Christ) and his nonexistent driving partner who often prompted him to speed and drive dangerously, so he had to constantly fight the urge (granted, he lost his license about 25 years ago).

The memes, as always, are funny but many accurately summarize some of the madness going on right now.

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RGR 4-78

I have spent an ambulance ride or 2 in the company of schizophrenics, it was enlightening to say the least to be in the company of Jesus Christ on so many occasions. I am truly a blessed shit magnet.


Good data!


Yep, we could use a Dude that ain’t skeered to pick up a whip, start turning over tables, and chasing evil ones out.


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I read Peter Bergen’s Holy War, Inc. back in the 2000s. He got a better deal from his interview with Osama bin Laden and his lieutenants than what Tucker Carlson got with Vladimir Putin. With Osama bin Laden and his men, Bergen got a mixed bag of propaganda and actual honest intent. These different radical Islamic groups may have differences in opinion, but the idea that the whole world would be Islam is a common belief they share. How to make that happen is a contributing factor to their division. With Vladimir Putin, Tucker Carlson got Russian propaganda. Biden’s speaking with dead foreign leaders would rate more credibility than Putin’s nonsense. 


A different perspective of the interview. I would argue that Carlson’s Putin interview is good journalism, as was Bergen’s interview. With 185 million views so far, Carlson’s interview demonstrates that people want good journalism.

One thing Putin points out is that approximately 18 months ago a negotiated settlement to the war had been reached but then got scuttled by the British who were pushed by the US to do so. Have many in the U.S. have heard of this provable fact? Thus, the question becomes, ” Who are the bad guys in this mess?”

Watch the interview, but I would tell you that it helps to find a better understanding of the Ukraine/Russia history because it is not always clear in Putin’s explanations of what lead to the war.


I’ve been arguing against Russian trolls since 2022, shortly after the Russians launched their full-scale invasion. The themes in their arguments are consistent with the themes that Putin and his allies have advanced, which are consistent with what Putin argued in the interview. 

I would take those 185 million views with a grain of salt, not all of that audience are Americans “looking for good journalism.” The Russians will inflate viewership and engagement in a way that favors pro-Russian arguments. I’ve seen Russian nationals do this on social media. 

That negotiated settlement is a myth. The idea that they had an agreement in place, ready to be signed, just to be derailed by the west, ignores the fact that Ukraine tried, even after the invasion began, to get a negotiated agreement and an end to the conflict. The Russians refused. They had since laid down their conditions for getting a settlement… Ukraine’s capitulation to Moscow’s demands. 

To answer your questions, no, we are not the bad guys. The Russians are. As for things not being clear in Putin’s explanations, again, I’ve followed this war since shortly after Russia launched its full-scale invasion. What Putin said in that interview is consistent with what he has argued, with what his proxies have argued, with what Russian troll farms have argued, etc. Putin is clear with his explanations


For a better understanding of Putin’s history lesson, here’s a website that adds maps to the Carlson/Putin transcript. UPDATED with Full Transcript…Tucker Carlson Interview with Vladimir Putin Scheduled to Broadcast Tonight, 6pm. – The Last Refuge (


The interview, the transcripts that you linked to, don’t change the arguments advanced by Putin, his allies, the Russian troll farms, etc. They’re like NPCs when it comes to repeating these themes. Tucker properly asked what the relevance was regarding what happened since the full-scale invasion. Using Putin’s logic, the United States is “properly” still a part of the British Empire, as we got our beginnings as a fringe of English civilization. Based on Putin’s logic, the Mexicans would have every right to “reincorporate the US southwest into Mexico”. 

Treaties; however, changed those previous states into the current state we exist in. Similarly, the former Soviet Republics recognized each other, including their boundaries, after the disintegration of the USSR. This is key, the agreements signed by the former Soviet Republics, and what is internationally recognized. The history that happened before that doesn’t matter at this point.

I got a good laugh when Putin suggested that he pulled troops from Kyiv and northern Ukraine to facilitate negotiations with Ukraine. Putin told Carlson that his Western counterparts pointed out that Ukrainian side was at the negotiating table with a gun pointed to their heads. In response, Putin claimed that he pulled troops from the Kyiv area. That’s nonsense. They got their rear ends handed to them in their attempt to take Kyiv, and it did not help them that they had their troops spread thin across a long front. This forced them to change their strategic objectives and to focus on the east and the south. So, they had a “goodwill gesture” move to pull the troops out of those areas. The Ukrainians and Russians weren’t at a point to where they could sign an agreement ending the conflict.


Putin’s straight-faced claim World War II was Poland’s fault for not giving Danzig to Germany was pure self-admitted d*ckhead gold:
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How horrible of tucker to interview Putin. It’s never been done before. Just who does he think he is.


Odie: How horrible of tucker to interview Putin. It’s never been done before. Just who does he think he is.

Tucker gave Putin a platform to spew his propaganda. What Putin said in the interview has been consistent with what he, his proxies, allies, Russian trolls, etc., have said. He didn’t present anything “novel.” 

I’ve hammered the left for being useful idiots for the terrorists. I’m willing to hammer Tucker Carlson for being a useful idiot for Putin and for the Russian media space. 


Nobody whined when Barbara Walter’s or George Stephanopoulos interviewed Putin.

Were there questions more softball in nature or pre approved before hand? Or are they just pissed that Tucker got more views with his interview than they received. Last I read, it was like 100 million or so.


There’s a meme for that…

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Thanks. That’s the meme I copied, but for whatever reason wouldn’t link.

Might be an ID 10 T problem.


King of Battle…King of FIRSTs…King of Memes

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One of these interviews is not like the others
One of these interviews doesn’t belong 
Can you tell me which interview is not like the other
By the time we finish our song? 


Oh, I agree that we’re not comparing apples to apples with this meme, considering the different time frames, and who was doing the interviewing. The “journalists” were looking to get air time to promote themselves (or their network) and Pootin was using them for his own means. Seems as if I remember there was rumblings/controversy when the “other” interviews were done. TC is doing the same.

Most of us don’t know who or what to believe from any “media” source today and I have read all I can find from various sources. IMO, the links you have posted on progress (or lack thereof) during this sh*tshow has been the most reliable. Opinions are all over the map as to who “fault” it is that the slaughter goes on. I don’t have a dog in this fight, tho I do have a lot of my, and my grandchildren’s tax $s invested in it. I did give willingly to a fund to help one of our own get some family out, and would do so again. Do I want to see Americans dying to “defend” Europeans from themselves again? No, I don’t, just as I don’t want to see Americans dying to defend Middle Easterners, Asians, or any other group from themselves. I want to defend Americans and the USA.

I do find it odd, still, that a country known to have colluded with, and paid the Klintoon Foundation money, is fighting with a country known to have been paying $ to our current (s)elected heads of state.

Memes, to me, are 1 part joke, 1 part truth, and 1 part hmmmm.



Actually…several memes…

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Odie: Nobody whined when Barbara Walter’s or George Stephanopoulos interviewed Putin.

Barbara Walters interviewed Putin in November, 2001. George Stephanopoulos interviewed Putin early in 2014, prior to the Winter Olympics held in Russia that year. Tucker interviewed Putin in 2024. 

One of those interviews occurred after the conflict between Ukraine and Russia began (late February 2014). Nobody “whined” about the other two interviews because Putin hadn’t invaded Ukraine when those interviews happened. 

Odie: Were there questions more softball in nature or pre approved before hand? 

Not relevant. The first two interviews had nothing to do with the war happening in Ukraine. 

Odie: Or are they just pissed that Tucker got more views with his interview than they received. Last I read, it was like 100 million or so.

As I mentioned to aGrim above, not all of those views are from Americans “looking for real journalism.” There is a widespread Russian disinformation campaign happening in the west, and a part of that campaign is inflating views (video) and upvotes/downvotes (social media) to further aid the Russian message. 

This disinformation campaign is being waged in conjunction with cyber warfare and other unrestricted warfare being waged against the United States in particular, the West in general. Guess which side Tucker Carlson helped? Tucker Carlson served as a useful idiot, and his interview did not obtain information that I hadn’t come across since 2022. 


Larry David, the guy cuckolded by Al Gore schlongin’ his wife, paid a shrink to give him a letter saying he was nuts to get out the Army Reserve:

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Via Salty Cracker by way of PDW:


A Public Service Announcement for a training course being offered…Sign your Lady up today!


Buahahahahahaha! This guy gets it.

Also, Class 13: The Shower Drain Hair Trap, Is It Really Magic?

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I figured that you would like it. You gonna sign up your Trophy Wife for the next class?