Biden’s Retaliatory Strike Hits Wrong Nation

| February 2, 2024

Retaliatory US strikes hit Syria after Jordan attack: US media

The US military has launched air strikes against targets in Syria in the first retaliation for a drone attack that killed three soldiers at a remote US base in Jordan, US media reported Friday.

The Pentagon did not immediately comment on the reports. Fox News cited an unidentified Defense Department official saying the strikes were launched from multiple platforms.

Another report — from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war monitor — said that six members of a pro-Iran militia group had been killed in eastern Syria during strikes believed to be carried out by the United States.

Warplanes carried out four rounds of raids on sites housing Iran-backed groups in the eastern Deir Ezzor province, the Observatory said, three of them targeting al-Mayadeen and one striking Albu Kamal, near the Iraqi border.

The reported start of US bombing in the region follows President Joe Biden’s vow to retaliate against pro-Iranian militias over the drone attack last Sunday against a US base in Jordan, near Syria.

Just minutes before the first US media reports, Biden had attended a solemn military ritual at a Delaware air base for the return of the three dead soldiers.


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Forest Bondurant




Forest Bondurant

/365 (366 on leap year)

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Did someone take Herr bidens watch off when the remains passed him

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Nice for Herr biden to telegraph the Mil. moves to the enemy.

Skivvy Stacker

I was gonna ask how many times he checked his watch…


I suspect one of his handler/minders removed his watch or Jill hid it from him. They did not want a repeat of the last time he was at Dix for the coffin return ceremony.


Are we bombing Iraq again or still?


Simple answer: Yes.


Should be more like this, too:
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And the country who is sponsoring a lot of the crap in the middle east is left alone?

Here’s 6 billion dollars, we promise not to bomb you.


Lloyd Austin woke up?


What wrong nation?
Syria and Iraq.
Iraq and Syria.
Any others??


Well, at least it was still bad guys that ultimately deserved it! Still, embarrassing to accidentally kill the wrong bad guys!

Or was it just something to show everyone, that “something” was done?


Something. Nothing more.

The Dead Man

This was Operation Desert Fox 2 as far as I can tell.


Who’s Monica this time?

Dragoon 45

Last I heard they waited till the targets were evacuated, before bombing them. Fox News.


Wouldn’t want to kill anybody 🙄

Slow Joe

You have to be kidding!

Dragoon 45

Hannity Radio show Friday referencing a Fox News Report. Also a number of politicians have come out today and said the same thing. Evidently the Pentagon told the Iranians and they told the Militias who evaced while the US waited for the evac to end to begin bombing. Nothing like wasting several Million Dollars worth of munitions on worthless targets.

Anna Puma

Heck’va job Joey.

You killed the puppets but not the hand manipulating the puppets.

Sure this move plays to those screaming ‘to do something’ but it accomplishes nothing of lasting import. It is akin to the difference between tactical bombing and strategic bombing. In tactical you are breaking the milk bottles. In strategic you kill the cow.


Kill the cow, burn the barn, salt the pasture and poison the well.


Make the glowing rubble bounce.


Since we’re killing the cow and burning the barn, can we make it a BBQ while we’re at it? Slow smoked of course.


Very good point. That way, the point can be made without being wasteful. Excellent morale booster too.


To really piss them off, bring in a hog and slow smoke that as well. Who knows, their rabid Muslim upbringing may change when they get a whiff of bacon.


No need to waste good beef!!! I like it !!!!

Green Thumb



I hope this errant retaliation didn’t kill his son Beau.

Skivvy Stacker

Shoot the neighbor’s dog because his son raped your daughter.


Warn the neighbor, then blow up the empty doghouse.

Hack Stone

So glad that Donald Trump is not occupying the Oval Office, otherwise America would be dragged into conflicts in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. And gas would be under $2 a gallon.


Without Trump in the oval office, the MIC is making up for money lost by NOT getting involved in a war for 4 long years. How did they keep the lights on.


Who would have ever guessed that Eisenhower was correct about the military industrial complex? So long ago, for the roosters to come home to roost!


Reminds me of the 1964 Presidential campaign; Democrats declared that a vote for Goldwater was a vote for getting us into a war in Vietnam. A joke involves a guy saying “Well, I voted for Goldwater and sure enough, the Democrats were right, we got into a war in Vietnam”.


They are both in the Middle East. At least the general region was correct.


Actually, for once I sort of agree. If an honest BDA says we took out a lot of their shit, if we indeed caused them some hurt, we have the same deniability they have with the Houthis. ” We didn’t really attack you., those other militants did.” “”Yeah, well we just took out a bunch of those militants’ shit…but we didn’t attack Iran.” No one actually goes to war, and reports say we killed about 40. Sucks to be in the wrong place, huh…