Israeli SF Scores Three in West Bank Raid

| January 30, 2024

Israeli special forces kill 3 militants in covert raid on West Bank medical center

By Paul Godfrey

(UPI) — Three Palestinian men were shot dead in an Israeli dawn raid on a West Bank hospital Tuesday by special forces posing as Muslim men and women and medical staff, Palestinian authorities said.

Calling the killings at Ibn Sina Hospital in Jenin “assassinations,” the Palestinian Health Ministry in the capital, Ramallah, said in a statement that the men were shot as they slept after the undercover IDF operatives entered the building.

CCTV footage circulating online appeared to show about a dozen personnel armed with assault rifles, three in women’s clothing and two dressed as health workers, moving through the corridors of the hospital.

Israel said it had successfully eliminated an armed Hamas cell using the medical center as cover to plan attacks similar to those on Oct. 7 that sparked Israel’s war with Hamas.

The commandos in the joint IDF, Shin Bet and Yamam police counter-terrorism operation went into the hospital at 5:30 a.m. making for a third-floor room where they shot Muhammad Jalamneh and brothers Muhammad and Basel Ghazawi in their beds, the agencies said in a statement.


“They executed the three men as they slept in the room,” the hospital’s director, Dr. Naji Nazzal, told media. “They executed them in cold blood by firing bullets directly into their heads in the room where they were being treated.”
The Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad militant group said the Al-Ghazzawi brothers were members of its armed wing, while Hamas confirmed that Jalamna belonged to its Al Qassam Brigade.

Precision strike on valid targets with zero collaterals. Next time the good doctor hosts a terror planning cell in his hospital just send a TLAM through the window. Hat tip to Mick for the inspiration.

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Anna Puma

Bravo Zulu

Oh the hilarity of those vermin who hide in schools, mosques, and hospitals to launch their attacks of rape and murder now complaining because the Israelis killed a few rats?


Its always a good day…


3-for-3, no IDF casualties, no civilian casualties, no collateral damage except for maybe a stained mattress or three.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

Last edited 5 months ago by SFC D
Hack Stone

They know when you are sleeping
They know when you’re awake
They know when you’re plotting Jihad
So update your SGLI for Allah’s sake

Hack Stone

Change the third line to read “They know when you’re plotting Jihad”.

Hack Stone Publishing regrets the error.


Knock knock!

Who is there?


I said, who is there?


(Just some Phuttz)

John Seabee

Ollie Snackbar

A Proud Infidel®™


Hack Stone

Did the Israeli commandos use silencers? You have to keep the noise down in hospital zones.

Slow Joe

I like the loud noises of gunfire.
Everybody scurries out like the rats they are.
By the time they get their shit together and prepare to respond, they always go to the building where the noise came out from, where of course there is nobody anymore.
If you play it right, you can even ambush their response team.


“Where did you learn to do an ambush like that?”

“I have a degree in fine art from the Benning School for Boys”.

BlueCord Dad

Now rebranded as “The Moore School for Boys, Girls and ?”

RGR 4-78

“The Moore School for Infantrans ?”


They probably ignored the no smoking signs too.

This hospital is a smoke free zone 😏

USMC Steve

Probably so, as they certainly smoked those three.

Hack Stone

The Hamas Minister of Personnel Protection has been relieved for failure to post a sign indicating that the hospital is a gun free zone.

Hack Stone

Will this be filed under “Work Place Violence”?




Prior Service

Much like McDonalds, I’m loving it. Good job.

The beauty of pretending to be doctors inside a Hamas Tactical Assembly Area that’s pretending to be a hospital that’s pretending to treat Hamas that are probably pretending to be patients is something to behold. Now if we could only get the VP or KJP to describe it so clearly and unambiguously. (I wonder if those Hamas died while fighting for their administration?)

Hack Stone

Those “Hamas folks”?

Up until this week, Hack Stone never heard of US service members who died in the line of duty described as “folks”, not that they died in service of the Presidential Administration, but here we are. Anyone know the MOS for Political Commissars assigned to US Military Units? Are they like Chaplains are recruited and assigned, recruited from the Democrat Party based on their ability to recite Democrat Talking Points?


They turned Hamas into Baga Ganoush


That is correct.


Our IBCT in 2008-2009 had a POLAD assigned from State. I understand that was not the norm later.
This guy advocates for the position, since he served as one based on his degree, and worked as a Professor at some school on the Potomac.


Or this one.


The hospital should thank their lucky stars the entire building wasn’t dropped for becoming a hamas C2 sanctuary.

And my motto “Terrorize the Terrorists” is how you win.


That one guy carrying the wheelchair was working hard.

Hack Stone

Peter Sellers in Doctor Strangelove.

Slow Joe

The one carrying the free wheelchair donated by the UN is playing the Jewish stereotype.
I know there is a Jewish joke in there somewhere.


The joke is they were all actually real doctors.


Physician, heal thyself.


Sooo… this was assisted suicide?


Tragedy. Maybe more training and less social media? Here they are at the range having a playful day shooting women and children hostages in the head.


Honeymoon time.


9 months later/



Hack Stone

They were forewarned. A nurse told the three that someone would be there shortly to give them their shots. 🥴🤣😜🤪😝😭

Hack Stone

There is going to a run on Mylar balloons, teddy bears and candles in the hospital gift shop.


…Must pick up a plate of sweets to pass out…


“…and the most you can hope for…is to die in your sleep.” KR grins. These mofos shoulda folded…and I don’t mean hospital corners on the sheets. Wonder if they saw paradise by the bedside light?

If you’re fighting fair…you’re not doing it right.


“They executed the three men as they slept in the room,” the hospital’s director, Dr. Naji Nazzal, told media. “They executed them in cold blood by firing bullets directly into their heads in the room where they were being treated.”

Learn anything from that, Doc?
Insh’allah, bitches.

Hack Stone

No sense of irony in his statement. The Israeli commandos should have waited until they were attending a music festival. That would be fair play.


No fucking shit. Guess the IDF should have raped and butchered their wives and kids first?


I woulda woke them up first.



The Tijuana drill? One to the junk, one to the wallet, one to the head….

  • Spectacles
  • Testicles
  • Wallet
  • Watch

(how to remember to make the sign of the cross when wearing a vest)


I actually prefer the idea of them waking up in eternal torment with no forewarning.

There they are, and they are never getting out. Literally.

Anna Puma

Did the Israelis leave a calling card?

One that read, “We like using your playbook. Check six. XOXOXOXO”

Hack Stone

Looks the 1st Sergeant for the Hamas militants will need to call the Supernumary to fill three DNCO slots this upcoming weekend.


I just want you to know that “Supernumerary” is my go-to esoteric military word.


I ranks right up there with “behoove”.



Hack Stone

Hack Stone never had an answering machine, until… One Saturday morning in 1991 while at 29 Stumps.

Ring, ring.

Sergeant Hack Stone: Hello?

Caller: Is this Sergeant Stone?

Sergeant Hack Stone: Yes, it is.

Caller: Sergeant Shitforbrains did not show up for duty, and you are the Supernumerary. You have twenty minutes to get dressed and report.

Hack Stone

This was an act of mercy on the part of the Israeli commandos. They wanted to spare these three guys of hearing nothing but celebrity gossip about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce for the next two weeks.

Forest Bondurant

In response, the UNRWA plans to send a strongly worded letter in protest because some of its employees were killed in the raid.

Hack Stone

Dat’s a good one. They’ll still be sending his paycheck.

RGR 4-78

Survivor benefits, the goats need to be fed.


The goats may be glad he’s dead so they can get some rest.


Their rectums might even recover.


Rectum, hell…

Hack Stone

A Hamas spokesman said “When we said that we would fight the Israeli infidels with our last breath and our last drop of blood, we didn’t mean it literally. It’s just an expression, like I’m so hungry I could eat a camel or I’m so horny I could fuck a goat. Maybe that last one wasn’t a good example.”


They didn’t expect Israel to fully accept their generous offer. Israel says no take backs.


Starting to wonder if some Israelis have been reading LTC Kratman’s Desert Called Peace series.

I am wondering what happens if the Israelis stop caring much what others think? Ouch. I also suspect that Ham-ass has done a great deal to bring various Israeli factions much closer together, like Bedouin, Druze, and such. And maybe some of their own Left may wise up.


Hey Lars, is this in the Geniva convention?

Hack Stone

The UN Security Council, at the request of Hamas, will submit a strongly worded letter to Israel condemning this attack. Israel will responded with something similarly strong, but it will be two letters, starting with F and ending with U.

Hack Stone

Can’t wait for “The Squad” to start complaining about this crime against humanity, so the Israeli Prime Minister can reply with “Some people did something.”


Surprised that Al-Jazeera hasn’t claimed 3500 women and children also killed as part of the op.


Someone got the security video – who at the hospital was supposed to be monitoring the cameras? They may be subject to some investigation by the supernumeraries of Hamas.

Hack Stone

Nice to know that the video cameras in a 3rd World Shithole Hospital in an active combat zone are fully functional. Can they provide the name of their security system vendor to the US Bureau of Prisons to upgrade the system in the Jeffrey Epstein Suite?

Hack Stone

DNCO Log Book Entry 08:30: Nothing unusual to report.

Hack Stone

Log Book Entry 08:3: Death to Israel.

Hack Stone

Log Book Entry 08:40: DNCO finds trail of blood in passageway, assigns ADNCO to swab deck.


Israel shoots, they score!

Hack Stone

Firing from the 3 point line.

Hack Stone

It was a sudden death game.


The dude on the green couch looks to have had a change of mind.


Is this “The Jenin Hat Trick” or “The West Bank Triple-Double-Tap”?


“Kippah Clippah”?


Dunno, but IDF went hard in the paint.


It feels like Bill Clinton 2.0
They are telegraphing to the Iranians
What they are going to hit


Praying Mantis 2: Sinkex Boogaloo

Operation Rubble Bounce


“Muhammad Jalamneh, and um..lessee..oh Muhammad and Basel Ghazawi?”


“I’m sorry, but those holes have been considered not service related.”

USMC Steve

They should have greased that hospital director as well for no doubt being complicit in their being there.

Old tanker

News last night was already exploring the idea of charging them with “war crimes” for the hit. I have yet to hear of any possible charges for war crimes for deliberately attacking civilians, murdering and kidnapping same including infants, not to mention physical abuse and rape by hamas.

Hack Stone

Much like the people screaming “Black Lives Matter!”, then they cut a check to Planned Parenthood and completely ignore the carnage in Chicago on any given weekend.

One time Hack got a bit curious and went on Al Gore’s Amazing Internet to do some research. Looked up how many African Americans have been killed by the Ku Klux Klan, and how many African American babies were aborted by Planned Parenthood. Can’t find the figures right now, but to reach the number of African Americans killed by the KKK in their entire history takes Planned Parenthood four days to reach.

The Internet, it’s not just for porn, anymore.

Skivvy Stacker

“They executed the three men as they slept in the room,” the hospital’s director, Dr. Naji Nazzal, told media. “They executed them in cold blood by firing bullets directly into their heads in the room where they were being treated.”
What a horrible, awful, inhumane thing to do.
I’m absolutely certain that THEY would never have done such a thing.


I just had a mental image of Mike Sullivan walking down the hotel hallway in Road to Perdition… on his way to killing Connor Rooney in his bathtub. Calm, deadpan, casually pulling his pistol out and takin’ care of business.

Oh my, I’m delighted.