The US Supreme Court refuses to hear cases related to home appliances

| January 21, 2024

A couple of energy development related cases were presented to the US Supreme Court for possible consideration. One of these cases involved home appliances. The Fifth Circuit US Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the arguments advanced by 11 red states. These states sued the US Department of Energy over its policies related to dishwashers and washing machines. The US Supreme Court’s refusal to hear this case allowed the latest court’s ruling to stand.

From Just the News:

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Monday sided with 11 red states that sued the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) over its promulgated efficiency standards for dishwashers and washing machines, ruling that “it is unclear the DOE has any statutory authority to regulate water use in dishwashers and clothes washers.”

The court also stated in its opinion that, even if it does have that authority and the agency had water-usage authority over these appliances, it failed to consider the “negative consequences” of the standards, which would have the opposite effect of their intent.

“The administrative record contains ample evidence that DOE’s efficiency standards likely do the opposite: They make Americans use more energy and more water for the simple reason that the purported ‘energy efficient’ appliances do not work,” the ruling explained.

The Biden administration has committed extensive attention to reducing the energy and water use of just about every appliance in the home, including gas stoves, dishwashers, air conditioners, refrigerators, light bulbs, washing machines, microwaves and furnaces.

In March 2018, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), the Daily Caller reported, proposed standards for new dishwashers that would run faster cycles, which would increase energy and water consumption. The Trump administration adopted guidelines that aligned with the CEI proposal, but President Joe Biden repealed those standards in 2021. It then went on to propose its own, more stringent standards.

Just the News has additional information here.

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AW1 Rod


If the Fifth Circuit recognizes the DoE’s lack of statutory authority in this matter, then SCOTUS should overturn the Chevron Deference and put an end to this sort of overreach by ALL of these rogue three-letter agencies.

Are you paying attention, EPA, ATF, et. al.?


They are supposedly set to review that decision.. here’s hoping they shitcan it.


The Chevron case has been used for decades by the administrative state to justify their lawless over reach where they have run roughshod over people’s property rights.


Read this weekend, that SCOTUS is looking to get rid of Chevron Deference. It was related to NOA forcing commercial fishing vessels to pay for over sight personnel on their ship to ensure they complied with federal regulations that they got no money to enforce.


Yes. The oral arguments on this case were heard this past week. Robert Barnes has an excellent discussion of his assessment of those proceedings. You can likely find his discussion of this and other cases on Rumble under VivaBarnes.


The fisheries agency is charging the fishermen a fee of 20% of value of their catch as the charge for having those inspectors on board. The federal administrative state has decided they are entitled to put small fisherman out of business.

Meanwhile, the ATF is attempting to put an Amish farmer in federal prison for up to five years for selling some of his collection of long guns without an FFL. He has sold all of 11 long guns over the last couple of years, a couple of them to undercover ATF agents. So, the Biteme gang is now prosecuting gun collectors for selling part of their gun collection, as many of would do when we are either downsizing or liquidating. They are doing this even though the ATF regulations say the doing so does not put the gunowner “in the business of selling firearms.”


Stolen elections have consequences

USMC Steve

Tell lars that.

Hack Stone

Is this the same Department of Energy that has employees who like to steal luggage from airports?


Well, he did have a wardrobe to maintain 😏


Wardrobe? Is that what you call it?


Forgot to put “..” around “wardrobe “.


I call it booty for a booty bandit.

Hack Stone

Don’t hate him because he thinks he beautiful.

A Proud Infidel®™

And there are many more Fed Agencies and bureaucrats that need to be officially told to FOAD.

Hack Stone

How much time have you got?


Start alphabetically and work our way down the list. Any sub agency connected or not to the primary agency or next on the list gets axed as well. Leave no overlap, and use a fine tooth comb to sift through the wreckage.

Fire all that’s left, and let them reapply for a job. I bet it’s cheaper to pay them unemployment for 6 months than to continue supporting them until they retire.

You just know everyone of us would be surprised to see what obscure, backwater agency has been getting a budget we don’t even know about.


Good on the court. Damn a bunch of regulations that are put forth to (a) justify a boo you crat’s job or (b) force taxpayers to replace a device that has worked well, and efficiently for years. There is a very good reason that the term “Now you’re cooking with gas…” came about. Y’all may remember that our very own Lioness of TAH, in her Thursday’s are For Cooking thread made mention of her gas stove and the need to possibly replace it. Gas is overall the best way to heat and cook.

Firebase Magnolia has a gas furnace for the downstairs (5 ton gas pack with electric AC) and a heat pump (2 ton all electric) for the upstairs. Over the last few days, with temps below the 20s, that upstairs heat pump has been really struggling to do much good. Naturally the stove is (natural) gas. This morning, since my stove eyes were occupied with other things, I used an electric skillet to fry some bacon and eggs. No comparison. What the politcos could do to help the consumer is to get rid of the “pass thru” fees and taxes on the bill. Those add more than $100 to the total from the “provider”. In the summer time, the gas used for cooking is just a few bucks, but the add ons put the bill around 50-60 $s.

FOB Hawkins Hill has gas stove and a heat pump for HVAC. Works quite well for the most part especially since, when I rebuilt that place, it was heavily insulated top, sides, and bottom. Plus it’s only about 1200 feet. That place is on a city owned gas line and they do not have any “pass thru” fees.

COP CRC Timber Ranch is heat pump with gas stove and a gas log in a fireplace. Propane Tank full (250 gal) will last several years. 2800 sq ft, brick.


I would love to heat my garage since I smoke, but not in the house. My wife is interested in solar, so I wonder if I put solar on the back of the house, dedicate the garage portion of the roof to an electric furnace, and the remaining roof panels to the house. Not including the garage, I’m at 1900ish Sq ft. Garage is 24 wide.

I’m total electric, and wanted to put propane tank either in the yard or buried. City said no way. I wonder if I put an “outdoor kitchen” in, if propane would then be allowed 🤔😏


Curious that the city says no on the propane tank. Zoning? City power company/natty gas? Perceived eyesore? Being a d*ck? All of the above? I rather do like the idea of an “outdoor kitchen”. A lot of the guys down here use the small “gas Buddy” or other types of “construction site” types of propane heaters for garages/shops/man caves. They’ll keep a few of the 15# tanks that they use for the fish cookers and what not. A lot of the new style ceramic electric heaters work well too.

Solar has its place in the tool box, buddy of mine (engineer by trade) started using solar on his cabin 30+ years ago for everything. He does ok with it, but it’s not a large place, no kids. Plus, down heah, we aren’t really concerned with long months of really cold weather and heavy snow loads. Hondo did some really good in-depth analysis on solar (and wind) power several years ago. Between initial cost, install, upkeep, damage from hail, high winds, having holes in the roof, et al the ROI can take a good little while.

Back yonder I heated several homes on wood burners.
Too old and decrepit to cut, stack, and keep cords enough. We’ve been in the low 20s – mid teens overnight the last few days, but by Thursday the temps will be back near the low 70s. The struggle is real.

Last edited 5 months ago by KoB

70s… braggert 😀


*snickers* 10 day outlook is for the lows to be in the 50s and the highs in the 70s, some rain for Thursday into the weekend.

(in his best Price Is Right, Johnny Olson voice) “Come on down! You’re the next visitor to Firebase Magnolia!” (ps…run by and pick up OAM and bring her with you she’s got a hankering for some Waffle House)


Freezing rain coming in tonight about 2am, lasting til about 4p mon afternoon.

.18 inch expected. Temps above Freezing for the next 10 days after that.

Hack Stone

With Bidenomics the success that it is, it doesn’t matter if you have a gas or electric stove, you can’t afford to eat anything requiring heat, so the Government will be passing out Soylent Green, which is much like revenge, as it is a dish best served cold.

Green Thumb

I have a firewood pile ready to go.


In other court related news…. Most of you are not going to believe this but….. The Atlanta DA turns out to be corrupt.

It seems she was paying the attorney prosecuting the Trump case hundreds of thousands of dollars to play hide the salami on the tax payer dime. And now word is coming out then maybe she’s taking directions from the White House. Like I said you guys are not going to believe it. It’s got to be bogus right?


Obviously Russian misinformation, collusion is reserved strictly for the Trump campaign.


Also in other court news.. is the pendulum swinging the other way now?


“here in America we do not arrest our political opponents”, If only that were true. Unless he was just referring to himself as “we”.


Hope she gets her gag reflex tested as this gets shoved down her throat.

Green Thumb

Racist bitch.


There is no maybe about it. Her boytoy special prosecutor has billed for two meetings with Biden’s White House counsel twice. For each visit he billed for eight hours. His billing invoice is online. I doubt he actually had two meetings that each lasted all day, but hey, it is just tax dollars.

His bank statements also show he purchased airline tickets and cruise tickets for big Fani, plus there was a trip to Australia.

But the cuttlefish will never believe it.


I will give up my gas appliances when they pry them from my cold, dead, fingers.


If I could find my old clothes washer tossed at the dump ten
years ago I would gladly pay whatever to have it repaired.
The new modern “efficient”, WiFi, climate control one will
become a down range target. With the lid up.
To say the government is in your shorts is not a joke anymore.