Service Academy Affirmative Action Lives On

| January 8, 2024


West Point and the Naval Academy can keep affirmative action — for now

By Irene Loewenson

Two federal judges recently rejected legal attempts to halt affirmative action in the military’s service academies, at least for now.

The anti-affirmative-action group Students for Fair Admissions filed lawsuits this fall seeking to end the use of race in admissions at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York, and the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

Students for Fair Admissions asked the two judges assigned to the lawsuits to ban affirmative action in the institutions immediately, before the cases went to trial.

But the judges put off making a decision on the contentious issue of affirmative action in the service academies, instead opting to let the lawsuits run their course.

To answer whether the use of race in admissions at West Point was constitutional, Judge Philip Halpern of the Southern District of New York wrote in his opinion Wednesday that he would need to see the “full factual record,” rather than just the early filings in the case.
Students for Fair Admissions, the same group that successfully challenged affirmative action in civilian universities at the Supreme Court, argued the service academies’ admissions policies amounted to illegal racial stereotyping.

Military Times

The indoctrinated position is increasing racial diversity in the officer corps prevents internal strife, builds faith in the military among the public and aids recruitment and retention. This is simply accepted as fact and any disagreement is sacrilege. Exactly how diversity accomplishes these intangibles, and to what extent is never defined. Why affirmative action is unconstitutional in civilian universities and not the military academies is baffling and will not stand.

How’s that recruiting going these days?

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Hey, hey, ho, ho, affirmative action has to go!

Just taking a page from the liberal protester’s handbook. What time does the looting and pillaging start?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“Where de white wemmen at?”


Would you actually want to? (assume goofy emoji here).


After that pic all those years ago that leaked of the black female cadets giving the black powah fist salute, and West Point graduating that commie who was clearly indoctrinated by staff, I lost all hope for the service academies.


You know, if I were to go to war again, I wouldn’t care how qualified my officers were. So long as I had an empowered minority transwoman lesbian as a Platoon Leader, I’d follow her to hell and back five times. Affirmative Action FTW; Diversity is Our Strength ™…

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Prior Service

The funny thing is how everybody is scrambling to get their cut of fixed demographics that only spread so far. The raw, mathematical truth is that the only way to spread the diversity butter of minority demographics (race, gender, orientation) equally across every organization is to lower standards. For every organization that manages to recruit the top performers in that demographic, another organization is now taking the middle or bottom performers. But there is a way: Let people go where their interests and professional abilities take them.


“Let people go where their interests and professional abilities take them.”

You mean let people exercise free will, chart their own course, follow their own path, think for themselves? Holy shit, that’d disrupt everything! What are you, some kind of conservative?

Prior Service

Please don’t tell anybody—I’m only six months from retirement now; I don’t need the word that I’m some radical free-thinking conservative to get out.


Your secret is safe. You’re part of the vast, right-wing conspiracy. BTW, the next meeting has been moved to Wednesday. Pass it on.


Who’s bringing the Yuengling?🍺🍺🍺


I’ll bring the dangerous-er Jameo!


Hmmmm. Now that you mention it.

(opens bottle)



I had a decent-sized fire last night, and while drinking my last Black & Tan, decided to place some older Yuengling Lights on the altar. Those things blew up with 5x the vigor of Mulvaney’s Mead Bud Light and I was worried for a bit that someone would think I was outside shooting. I almost took cover. It was only 1830, but darker than Brandon finding out about Austin’s absinthe absence…

Old cans of beer + fire = fun sounds and volcanic boiling liquid. Don’t stand too close.


What is this “older Yuengling Lights” that you speak of? You should know that Ten Bears prefers his beer to be like his woman…Fresh!


I am Ten Beers


Bud Light? I call it Tranny Fluid now


All I have is Shiner Bock 🍺🍺🍺


I reluctantly accept what’s on offer!🤣🍺🍺🥃




Well, Shiner is great stuff, but I’m a Vitamin Y man through and through.


That is a very subversive concept. They will be coming for you.


“…builds faith in the military among the public and aids recruitment and retention.” When is that part going to happen?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Caddyshack ted knight’s niece Cindy Morgan passed away at 69 between Dec 19th and Dec 30th. according to the PD.


And the Pentagon will wonder why they still can’t recruit.



President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

By force

Skivvy Stacker

Oh well.
West Point is the only place I know where you can graduate last in your class, become a General, and have an epic charge named after you.
George Edward Pickett, last in his class (1846), Major General, CSA. Division Commander at Gettysburg (“Pickett’s Charge”).


Yeah, should have been called Longstreet’s Charge or Lee’s Folly. Picket, stood back.

Skivvy Stacker

And Longstreet desperately tried to talk Lee into disengaging and moving around Big Round Top.


The irony was not lost on Pennsylvanians 30 years ago, during filming of the movie Gettysburg, when the actor chosen to play Gen. Robert E. Lee was
Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez.

You know him as Martin Sheen.

Last edited 3 months ago by MarineDad61

I had the pleasure of participating in the making of that movie. It was shot in the summer of 1991. I watched Sheen’s performance of one scene. That man really knew his trade. He acted his part in that scene perfectly in about ten takes, while the other 8 or 9 actors screwed up repeatedly.


You could also have a “Last Stand” named after you…as in “Artie” Custer. (Last in his Class, June 1861 AND the most demerits of any KayDette EVAH.)

jeff LPH 3 63-66

If Custer stayed at his stand and not gone to the Little Big Horn, it wouldn’t have been his last Custard stand which Mr. Carvel took over. Check out the Pearls singing ice cream baby, 1957 on the Onyx label and after listening to it, please don’t curse me out.

A Proud Infidel®™

Custer died wearing an Arrow Shirt.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Great Rimshot API
So Custer lied on the ground straight as an arrow

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I named my fence after Pickett.


Custer, too:


Just another reason for quality young people to stay away from the military.


“…builds faith in the military among the public and aids recruitment and retention.”

Prove it.

A Proud Infidel®™

So instead of say, Harvard denying those of Asian descent in order to maintain “diversity” which has been denied by the Courts, now we have DEI determining who gets Academy appointments, GOD help America.


The ultra liberal senators from Vermont just recommended some new cadets. I wonder what the qualifications were for that.


Gender dysphoria, CRT honor roll, Che Guevara t-shirt and a Palestinian flag tattoo.


West Point losing its edge?

I’ll see myself out.


Turning the academy into a 2nd tier public school. The best and brightest are mostly looking elsewhere. If you’re going to embark on a career, the smart people are looking for maximum earning potential and the least bullshit. The desire to serve and do your patriotic duty has been the driving force behind great kids joining the military for the entire history of our country but sadly our own leaders have managed to squash that and turn it into a jobs program for kids with few opportunities. Affirmative action at the highest levels of the military and general incompetence are not recruitment tools. There are much better options than being underpaid, having no control over your life, under the thumb of incompetent leaders and subject to a harsh system of discipline that can be used to ruin your life if you don’t tow the party line. And I almost forgot get you maimed or killed for protecting the interests of a privileged few then thrown away.


I am trying to imagine myself as a black 2nd Lt., just out of training, being given command of a rifle platoon in combat. Will they think that, due to affirmative action, I am even dumber and more ignorant than a typical 2nd Lt. and should therefore be immediately fragged in self defense, or will they give me a chance? Life is tough enough for new Lts without adding that burden.


Affirmative on that action, 2LT Black…

One of the things that affirmative action and DEI stuff in general doesn’t take into account is the fact that they create more barriers for people who are actually qualified regardless of their race, gender, or other attributes. Three USMA Cadets, Asian, Black, and White. Cadet Asia is an excellent student. Cadets White and Black are middle of the pack, with similar grades. Nearing graduation, they receive their branches. Cadets Asia and Black are being groomed for 75th Ranger. They’ll report to Ranger School and then their first assignments. Cadet White is branched Logistics because, well, he failed to meet academic standards for a more desirable branch. But wait, didn’t Cadet Black have the same grades? He did, but we need more Black senior officers. White may eventually make COL or even BG, but everyone knows that Combat Arms officers have a better path to see stars. We have to look at things long-term. 2LT Black is just another Infantry officer, but give it 30 years and he’ll be a shoe in to become MG Black.


So, the newly minted 2LTs report to their first unit. 2LT White is assigned to the S4, with 2LTs Asian and Black given platoons in the same company. Right away, 2LT Asian is doing well, but there are rumors of the three new LTs in the battalion and their time at West Point. Was 2LT Asian a diversity hire? What of 2LT Black, who seems to be having a lot of trouble adapting to his new position? The Supply Clerk says that 2LT White is a cool guy, and that he mentioned something about having Asian being a stud while Black was a little subpar.

Three years later, CPT Black is a company commander in the same battalion, with 1LT White having been reassigned to a support unit, and CPT Asian wrapping up his time as a PL in 75th RGR. CPT Black’s had some ups and downs, and his company sees through the facade, but his battalion and brigade leadership fully support him and want to ensure he makes MAJ on his first look. SSG(P) Brown remembers him when he was still 2LT Black, though, and all of the rumors going around back then. He’s not too thrilled to find out that his new PL is 2LT Blackman.


Story time almost over!

2LT Blackman graduated at the top of his class from ROTC. He performed really well in both Ranger and Sapper Schools and is preparing himself to go Special Forces as soon as he’s qualified. Unlike now-CPT Black, 2LT Blackman earned his branch and accolades based off of his own hard work, without any preferential treatment.

But… now-SFC Brown doesn’t like the thought of this seemingly squared-away PL having been pushed through the system and artificially elevated like CPT Black was. He does his job as PSG, but little more, and never hesitates to throw the LT under the bus. After all, officers are promoted based on their diversity as opposed to their capabilities.

Thirty years pass. LTG Black is being considered as the Army Chief of Staff, while COL White retired as a Garrison Commander and MG Asian has reached his pinnacle in SOCOM. Former 1LT Blackman was forced out after a training accident where now-CSM Brown provided a sworn statement that Blackman was negligent in his duties as PL. Black, Brown, and everyone else was absolved of accountability because a chock block had not been properly placed on Blackman’s HMMWV.

Plot twist: Brown moved the chock block because he didn’t want Blackman to end up like Black.

Is using colors for names racist? Will I never become a Hollywood scriptwriter? Tune in next week. Same time, same channel.


Sequel time!

Retired GEN Black has been nominated for Secretary of Defense. MG(R) Asian runs a successful consulting business, while COL(R) White is now working as an SES with Army Acquisitions. CSM(R) Brown is selling insurance door-to-door while moonlighting as a cab driver in Columbus, GA.

Former 1LT Blackman is in prison for 20 to Life, having been falsely accused and wrongly convicted of campaign interference for refusing to vote Biden ’36.


You just HAD to have the retired CSM driving a cab, dincha? 🤣🤣🍺


I want to see the Quentin Tarantino or Sam Peckinpah version where 1LT Blackman snaps and goes on a killing spree.

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