William Penn statue being removed to make park more welcoming and inclusive

| January 8, 2024

The National Park Service has plans to tear down William Penn’s statue in Welcome Park. This park was established as a nod to the 300th anniversary of Pennsylvania’s founding. The park is named after the ship that took William Penn to Pennsylvania. Despite this park’s being dedicated to William Penn’s contributions, his statue, and the Slate Roof house model, will be removed.

From The Blaze:

The National Park Service announced last week that it “proposes to rehabilitate Welcome Park to provide a more welcoming, accurate, and inclusive experience for visitors.”

“The proposed rehabilitation of Welcome Park includes expanded interpretation of the Native American history of Philadelphia and was developed in consultation with representatives of the indigenous nations of the Haudenosaunee, the Delaware Nation, Delaware Tribe of Indians, the Shawnee Tribe, and the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma,” the NPS proclaimed.

“The Penn statue and Slate Roof house model will be removed and not reinstalled. In a separate and future effort, new exhibit panels will be installed on the south site wall to replace the Penn timeline,” the NPS declared.

Slate Roof House was Penn’s residence in Philadelphia starting in 1699.

The public may submit comments within a 14-day period, starting on Jan. 8.

The Blaze has additional information here.

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Next month:
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Last edited 3 months ago by Anonymous

Told y’all it wouldn’t stop with just the removal of All Things Confederate. Next will be the changing of the State’s Name. After all, we can’t have anything that is tied to a War Mongering Quaker…not even a Northern Breakfast Food made of oats. Was it the Quakers that taught the Amish and Mennonites how to Burn Loot and Murder? Will Philly finally become the City of Brotherly Love? We have noticed a decrease in violence since the changing of labels on butter, rice, and pancake mix/syrup, haven’t we?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

How DEEP did you stick that tongue of yours into both cheeks?

Lady Friend asked if I had a stash of walnuts there or if I was just glad to see her.

Skivvy Stacker

They’ve changed the Minnesota state flag and official seal because it showed an Indian riding a horse “into the sunset”.

A Proud Infidel®™

IIRC they replaced it with a LOON, which represents moonbats much better.


Pretty sure San Francisco stole the “brotherly love” claim, decades ago.


…with K-Y, no less.


“proposes to rehabilitate Welcome Park to provide a more welcoming, accurate, and inclusive experience for visitors.”

Then or now?

Skivvy Stacker

Unless you happen to be a white male of European decent.

Green Thumb

Or Kennewick Man.

A Proud Infidel®™

WAIT a damned minute, wasn’t it ALL supposed to be happiness, group hugs, love and kisses with a lollipop up everyone’s ass as soon as all the eevil Confederate statues got torn down? Yeah, the commie/Nazi left drives on in its efforts to erase history in hopes it gets repeated, someone try to prove me wrong.


You are being replaced.


WE are being replaced. Can’t have the influx of illegal immigrants feeling like they aren’t welcome or included by a mean old statue.

What happens when the next president wants them reinstalled where they came from, and the grounds restored to pre stupid appearance?

As the next president finds them to have been destroyed or not preserved, can he then demand their firings or just fire them himself without “Congressional approval “?

Phuck these people hard with something that has broken glass and rusty razors in its makeup.


You guys are looking at this the wrong way. Join the movement and think of the possibilities….

For example, We should tear down all of Washington to erase the evils of slavery and then rebuild it and rename it something more inclusive like “Capitol One” or “Amex”; places that are shining examples of inclusiveness.


Here’s my ‘expanded interpretation’ of the Native American contributions (BTW, they weren’t ‘native’ anything, they were just the latest occupants before the Europeans arrived). Anyway, expanded interpretation: You lost. That’s right, you lost. And now you’re retroactively pissed that the Europeans were better at war than you were. The Europeans did to you what you had done to others. So stop appropriating our culture, go back to your primitive Stone Age lifestyle. If you’re lucky, you’ll live to 40.

PS, if the Confederates don’t get statues, niether do you. You both lost. Loser don’t get to write history


This was always our land. The Indians just happened to arrive first 😉

Green Thumb

Kennewick Man.


The only fair thing to do is rename the state.


Maybe they could call it “Injunistan” in celebration of another culture of murdering savages.


This is yet another try at making everyone, other than the folks who pay for everything feel good!!


Supposedly they have backed down after the public shit storm. But that’s how they operate. They do this until there is pushback and then they stop and act shocked and then wait. Then they start pushing again.


Maybe WE should bend them over and start pushing,, pausing long enough to catch our breath and push harder.


Question is what are they trying to distract us from?


I’m suprised they haven’t taken the extra super-duper inclusive step of renaming Pennsylvania something less straight white male.
Such as Transylvania


Goddamn Jimmy Carter’s federal government. This NATIONAL Park Sevice has become a menace to America


comment image?w=480&ssl=1


They’ll wait until next Tuesday, at midnight, when no one is looking.

A Proud Infidel®™

That’s the typical MO of those little shits.

Forest Bondurant.

My bet is they’ll take action on a Friday afternoon just before a long weekend.

Slow Joe

This is crazy.
Why do they hate so much the most successful nation on Earth’s history, the nation that has lifted the most people out of poverty?
Poor people in America have luxuries that only rich people can have in other countries.
This is ridiculous.
Let’s send them all to a third world country and make them survive while working in the local economy.

A Proud Infidel®™

Amen to that, I say give them the choice of a year in say, Cuba, Venezuela or Haiti for starters, maybe also China or north Korea and then they can say just how bad the USA is. The little shits LOVE our milk and honey, but how many of them actually work to contribute anything of value?

Last edited 3 months ago by A Proud Infidel®™
Amateur Historian

And I just caught this: shitbag gaza “protesters” vandalize a veteran cemetery in LA. Video by KeyNewsNetwork.

A Proud Infidel®™

FUCK ALL of those shitty little fleabags.

Green Thumb

Too funny.


FYI, the Director of the National Park Service is a hardcore liberal and Native American so this action is to be expected. “Charles F. “Chuck” Sams III was ceremonially sworn in as the 19th Director of the National Park Service on Dec. 16, 2021, by Interior Secretary Deb Haaland.
Sams is Cayuse and Walla Walla and is an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation in Northeast Oregon, where he grew up. He also has blood ties to the Cocopah Tribe and Yankton Sioux of Fort Peck.
Sams most recently served as Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s appointee to the Pacific Northwest Power and Conservation Council (NW Council) where he held a position as a council member from March to December of 2021. Prior to joining the NW Council, he served as executive director for the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation.
For 30 years, Sams has worked in tribal and state government, and in the non-profit natural resource and conservation management field, with an emphasis on the responsibility of strong stewardship for land preservation for this and future generations.
He holds a Master of Legal Studies in Indigenous Peoples Law from the University of Oklahoma School of Law.