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| December 16, 2023

Yamhill County deputy charged with masturbating in patrol car

A Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office deputy has been charged with 12 misdemeanor counts related to exposing his genitals and performing sexual acts in public, according to court documents.

According to court documents obtained by FOX 12, the Benton County district attorney’s office on Dec. 14 accused David Richard Mills, 36, of masturbating into a water bottle of another person, with the intent of that person unknowingly drinking it, and then posting video of the incident online for a financial benefit. That incident happened on Jan. 5, 2022, according to court documents.

Mills was also accused of masturbating in a public building and posting a video of it online the same day.

On April 2, 2023 Mills allegedly posted a picture of himself online while he was wearing his uniform with his penis exposed.

He also allegedly placed his exposed penis on a countertop in the sheriff’s office on Aug. 6, 2023.

In total, Mills was charged with: Official misconduct in the first degree, public indecency, official misconduct in the second degree (four counts), disorderly conduct in the second degree (three counts), public indecency, and abuse of venerated objects.

“With respect to general principal our position is that we understand that the community has a high level of expectation for the professionalism for those who work in public safety. When there is any breach in that professionalism, we take that very seriously,” wrote Benton County District Attorney John Haroldson in a statement to FOX 12. “There is an expectation from the public with respect to professional standards from those who work in public safety. We strongly support those standards and take seriously any concerns regarding a case where there is misconduct or abuse of that authority.”

According to a statement released shortly before 7 p.m. Friday by the Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were told about the content on Sept. 1.

“Using information provided by the reporting party, YCSO Command staff were able to confirm there were, in fact, publicly accessible images and content available online which could constitute both violations of internal policies of Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office and general policies of Yamhill County,” The YCSO statement says.

That same day, “the same employee depicted in the content” was placed on leave, the statement says. YCSO did not name the deputy in their statement.

YCSO also asked the Washington County Sheriff’s Office to investigate and the Benton County District Attorney’s Office to review the case.

“While the filing of criminal charges is a very serious consideration for a law enforcement agency, we must be thorough and accurate in our response, follow the appropriate due process steps, and follow the applicable steps as outlined in the collective bargaining agreement,” the statement says.

Source; Fox 12

Someone tried to sneak anti-aircraft ammunition through security at Hawaii’s biggest airport inside a thermos flask

A checked-luggage room at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Hawaii was evacuated Friday after officials found anti-aircraft ammunition inside a thermos.

The Transportation Security Administration told Business Insider that its X-ray technology flagged a checked bag for a potential security threat.

The agency said that its officers and an explosive specialist reviewed the X-ray image before contacting airport law enforcement.

State sheriffs, the Honolulu Police’s bomb squad, and the US Air Force’s explosive ordnance disposal unit responded. TSA said they chose to evacuate the room “out of an abundance of caution.”

“They identified the suspicious item as a 50 caliber anti-aircraft round of ammunition inside of a thermos,” TSA said.

The statement added that operations returned to normal about two hours later at 7:30 a.m.

In October, TSA announced that it expects this year will break the record set last year for the number of firearms intercepted at airport security checkpoints — at an average of nearly 20 per day.

“What we see in our checkpoints really reflects what we’re seeing in society, and in society there are more people carrying firearms nowadays,” TSA administrator David Pekoske previously told the Associated Press.

Later that month, a Washington state senator was arrested in Hong Kong after he said he accidentally brought an unloaded gun in his carry-on, which wasn’t detected when he passed through security in Portland, Oregon.

And back in 2022, the then-congressman Madison Cawthorn was fined $250 after pleading guilty to bringing a loaded handgun through a TSA checkpoint, per CNN.

Source; Business Insider

Florida police officer quits after being arrested for shoplifting multiple times: authorities

A Haines City, Florida police officer was arrested over the weekend after he and a woman he was with were allegedly caught shoplifting from Walmart when they failed to scan items before bagging them, on multiple occasions.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office said 48-year-old David Griffin of Mulberry, Florida was arrested on Saturday after deputies responded to a Walmart on Church Avenue North.

Upon arrival, deputies learned Griffin was employed as a police officer in Haines City since 2019 – he has since resigned from the department.

The sheriff’s office also said 28-year-old Shelbi Dubose was with Griffin at the time of his arrest, and she was arrested as well.
“It is always disappointing to me when someone in law enforcement commits a crime and betrays the trust of their community,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said. “Haines City is a wonderful city, and they have a top-notch professional police department. We will absolutely hold Griffin accountable for his actions. The only thing he did right was immediately resign upon his arrest.”

Detectives learned that a store employee observed Griffin placing items in bags without scanning them. The employee spoke to Griffin about the unscanned items and helped correct the problem.

But when the employee walked away, Griffin and Dubose allegedly continued bagging items without scanning them.

When the duo attempted to leave, security team members stopped them.

Griffin and Dubose allegedly scanned and paid for $207.72 worth of merchandise, while failing to scan $343.22 worth of merchandise.

Walmart personnel investigated Griffin’s debit card usage at the store, which involved pulling security video of the transaction. They allege that Griffin committed four similar thefts on Oct. 15, Oct. 29, Nov. 10 and Nov. 26, and on three of those occasions, Dubose participated.

Griffin was charged with five counts of retail petit theft, and Dubose was charged with four counts of the same crime.

“I want to assure the public that we hold our officers to the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct,” Haines City Police Department Chief Greg Goreck said. “The recent arrest of one of our officers is deeply troubling and contrary to the values of our department. This behavior is not representative of the dedicated men and women who serve our community with honor and commitment every day. Let it be known, had Officer Griffin not resigned, his removal from duty would have been swift and decisive. We have zero tolerance for such actions and are committed to maintaining public trust through accountability and transparency.”

Source; Fox News via MSN

Walmart shoplifting suspect busted at ‘Shop With a Cop’ charity event

You hear about a lot of retail fraud around the holidays, but The Grinch That Stole Christmas at a Livingston County Walmart, took it to a whole new level.

It played out during the annual “Shop With a Cop” last weekend at the Walmart near Howell – meant to help kids in need. Police partnered with the little ones to help them shop.

“We bring children that might otherwise not have a good Christmas get to come to the store,” said Lt. Rene Gonzalez, Michigan State Police. “They get $100, sometimes a $150 gift card to go and shop for themselves with your family.”

The event included state troopers and police parading in lights and sirens, so it was very clear they were there. But for a 62-year-old shopper, it didn’t matter at all.

She loaded her cart up with about $730 worth of stuff and dashed through self-checkout.

“Groceries, clothes, all kinds of stuff,” Gonzalez said. “It wasn’t bagged up. And then she walked out of the store with it.”

She ignored the clerk – who asked for her receipt and then out to her car, ironically parked right next to a police cruiser, and began loading up her sleigh.

Walmart told a trooper who had to leave his little shopping buddy behind, to stop the Grinch – who couldn’t produce a receipt for any of it.

Gonzalez remarked on the brazen nature of the caper.

“I do have to say it surprised me because when I’m driving a patrol car, people slow down,” he said. “When you see 75 cops in the store, I mean, I don’t know if maybe they thought we were too busy.”

The trooper was able to get back to finish the event, but the 62-year-old woman was arrested.

She was taken to the Livingston County Jail, but bonded out – she will be charged with retail fraud. FOX 2 will release her name once she’s charged.

“I honestly think that’s something that you can’t be in your right mind, doing something like that,” said shopper Mariah Manion.

FOX 2 did a court records search of the suspect from this story – she doesn’t have any priors, just some traffic tickets out of East Lansing.

Source; Fox 2 Detroit

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Those cops are dumb as is the airline passenger.

Retail theft is on the rise, and not just in the big cities where we see reports and footage of the large scale runs on businesses and theft often goes unprosecuted. Earlier this year, we had a couple try to walk out with over $5k in ammunition. A Lead intercepted them; they’d made a small purchase and had a diaper bag and their infant carrier covering the ammo. I guess you could say the baby was an accomplice…

We had a retired Secret Service Agent take the Asset Protection Lead position and get this, actually start having shoplifters prosecuted. Local authorities ended up busting an organized retail theft ring, where a guy and his wife would steal from BPS, Cabelas and Academy and had them stored at his mom’s place as well as a few storage units. There was no way to know what came from where, so the Sheriff’s Office ended up splitting the goods and it took three 8′ pickup truck loads just to get the stuff back to our store. I think the recovered items were somewhere around $15k, and of course that’s not counting what was sold or otherwise not recovered.


I’m very careful about my self-checkout behaviors. You have the scare articles like this: “Never Use Self-Checkout” — Lawyer Explains Why Scanning Your Own Items Is a Bad Idea ( I’m not as worried, as there is a very slim chance that you’ll be erroneously accused of shoplifting, so long as you’re honest. A few years ago, I completely forgot about the 20 pounds of chicken wings under the cart at a Sam’s Club. Fortunately, the receipt checker saw them. Nothing major, I went back to self-checkout and scanned them. I think he knew that I wasn’t going to spend $400 and try to make off with $50 worth of wings. Had he not caught them, I’d have been back in the store once I realized what happened. So, I try to make sure I slowly scan everything, bag it and keep the bags separate from unscanned items, check and recheck the cart, scroll up on the screen if I’m uncertain, and I often ask the kids if I missed anything (if they’re with me). The receipt’s printed and in hand as I walk out the store, though by now the employees all know me as, for better or worse, I sometimes spend $150+ 3-4x a week at that store. Brother Meth is different. He’ll grab the cart and go, while his companion is still paying for stuff, and he stops for no one. We had a couple of carts full of supplies and materials at Home Depot a few years ago, and before I could pull out the card, he said, “I’m taking this to the truck” and walked out with over $800 worth of electrical wire and other stuff. Had my card not worked, he’d have looked like a fool, especially considering he forgot where the truck was and pushed the cart to the other side of the parking lot. Scan and Go at Sam’s Club is my new favorite. I can get toilet paper, food, and whiskey, pay while on the way to the exit, and skip every line. At the exit, I just need to present… Read more »


I wave to myself as I enter Walmart.


Not a bad idea, acknowledge the cameras, and as an honest person you should have no reason to be worried. I’m sure there are some cocky criminals out there that think they know the blind corners of a store, though. If I were AP, I’d find it amusing until I noticed a pattern of someone waving at cameras, then spending extended periods of time away from them.

But I’m just a lonely Gun Vault Specialist, acquiring and disposing of guns, doing final checks on paperwork, and surrounded by 1500+ guns in my tiny little room. The good thing is, I don’t have to worry about shrinkage. We have an entire agency devoted to us keeping track of firearms inventory, the AFT! If a customer decides they’re just going to walk off with a gun, we have state and local police as well as deputies, and can probably have ten officers at the store in a couple of minutes. 👮🚔


I tie the bags closed so I know that I scanned the items in them.
It also stops them from twisting and disgorging the contents all over the floor of the car…


The cop who likes to show his penis will end up in a place where other men like to show their penis. Then they will shove it up his ass.

The Florida cop must have thought if eveybody is doing it, why can’t I.


A lot more than showing your junk is showing your ass…
with somebody junk going in and out…
He states he’s persecuted for who loves…
Really? Butt-fucking and capturing it your phone in the Capital building is okay?


As long as you don’t dress like a shaman while in the capitol building, it’s all good.

Old tanker

Given the shafting the dems have been providing the entire nation I can understand why the staffer figure a mor personal version is just business as usual. I mean, what’s one more sex offense in this administration…


Evacuating a portion of an airport over a single .50 cal round OMG, the potential horror!!

What a bunch of maroons!

Old tanker

I mean, just WTF is an anti aircraft 50 cal round anyhow???

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Bottom line is DON’T use your luggage bag as a range bag. I have luggage bags and one range bag.


Yeah, tripping off the explosives wipe scanner leads to a lot of attention. I no longer store my range bag with my suitcase.


Whole new meaning to…


Have a Happy Ending!


He should have stuck to pocket pool!


from the US Senate in Washington, DC.

If you see this, you can never unsee it.
Icky to infinity.

As for the Seinfeld rule “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”,
this obviously does NOT qualify.


I wonder if the senators will have the table burned, or give it to the staffer?

Last edited 5 months ago by UpNorth

Maybe some senator(s) were filming it while the junior staffer got stuffed.

Just thinking out loud is all, not accusing any of our betters(?) with perversion.

Read somewhere that this story Is trending on X, and is/was currently #10


There may be precedent.
What did senators do about tables and railings,
back in the days of brothers John (Jack) and Edward (Ted)?

Hack Stone

He was just dramatizing what Congress does to the American taxpayer.

Hack Stone

Some guy named Hack Stone called into the Chris Plante Show on WMAL just before 09:30 this morning. Hack was discussing the situation, and told Chris and his audience that the Senate Aide was being polled by a constituent.


Bad day (embarrassing)for law enforcement personnel!


I should add: what should be expected when trying to hire in a “de-fund” environment? Who wants to work in law enforcement these days, other than desperate, broke, little-man-syndrome, or the very few that actually want to “protect and serve”?

I’m now a curmudgeon! “We”(not some of us), get what we asked for”!


What left/libtards want.
comment image

Last edited 5 months ago by Anonymous

The cop should have known better to do that it public. It’s not June