Senators going after Second Amendment related rights

| December 10, 2023

Senators Angus King (I) and Martin Heinrich (D) introduced legislation that would impact law abiding Americans if passed. This bill seeks to outlaw weapons with magazines that could hold over 10 rounds. The proposed legislation also goes after bump stocks and ghost gun kits.

From Townhall:

Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) and Democratic Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) introduced legislation that calls for the regulation of firearms by outlawing weapons with a magazine capacity greater than ten rounds, among other measures aimed at increasing gun control.

The Gas-Operated Semi-Automatic Firearms Exclusion (GOSAFE) Act would ban mechanisms, notably semi-automatic firearms, the “gas operation” cornerstone. It would also ban modifications, including the use of bump stocks and the manufacture of so-called “ghost gun kits.”

Critics of the bill say it would ban the exact firearms law-abiding citizens use to defend themselves and their families.

“Even if they were to pass the law, it’ll never pass constitutional muster, and it will be struck down,” Director of Federal Affairs for Gun Owners of America, Aidan Johnston, told the Daily Caller. “These senators just need to leave our rights alone and let Americans defend themselves with modern self-defense technologies.”

Townhall has additional information here.

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Ah, Democrats…
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Don’t leave out “Independent” Hang us King.
He is just as much a Democrat as Susan Collins.


You mean “Anus” King…..

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Fuckin A Diddely Bop as we used to say on the LPH 3


Democrats floating another gun control bill? Never saw that coming. Not since the grenade blast took out my eyes in World War I.


I wish they were more interested in stopping crime and criminals then they were on infringing on the rights of law abiding citizens.

AW1 Rod

This thing will never pass.


Yeah, that’s what we said in ’94.
What’s that phrase about liberty and eternal vigilence?


“…shall not be infringed…” Again…It’s the control of We, The People they’re after. The guns are just in the way. They would not want to take the guns if they weren’t planning on doing things that would cause We, The People to need to shoot them.

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An oldie, but very correct goody…
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How it worked 80-odd years ago:
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So mini-guns are still OK? Got it.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Those two are very dedicated to being useful idiots to their handlers.


These dumbasses fail to understand that they are the reason the second amendment exists, and are only proving it’s worth.


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Plus, if left/libtards claim “Ha, that’s not us!”:
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One thing we fail to take into account are the feels. If it feels like it will make a difference, and it feels like they have our best interests at heart, it’s good and proper to try to infringe upon our rights. They have protective details, dedicated police departments, and the ability to use their positions to attain enough wealth to pay for private security. All armed with the same weapons we simply can’t be permitted to own.

Think of the kids… If even one life is saved through the passage of this legislation, isn’t it worth it?

Not just no, but HELL, NO! There are so many sayings, most having become used in memes over the past few years, but I’ll just use this one: When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. It’s simple and fitting, because banning any sort of firearm creates felons. Whether Joe Citizen is resistant or merely ignorant, there will be those who keep their suddenly illegal guns. We had customers come in trying to offload their pistol braced firearms weeks after the now reversed “ATF Final Decision” deadline. If SA Snipe-a-Dog was in the building, they might have in federal prison today, just for not being aware of the “legality” of their personal property.

The equally scary part of the above adage is that when we allow ourselves to be disarmed, we put ourselves at the mercy of two entities we should never be subservient to: criminals and government, both of whom often operate outside of the law.


My feels are that these asshats and their faithful minions are a clear threat to the constitution and the republic it protects. Exactly the people our founding fathers envisioned when they created the Bill of Rights.


Our Founding Fathers knew well the dangers of boundless government. They did their best to create a government where We the People held the power. When they found that the Constitution alone did not grant certain inalienable rights, they immediately went to work on the Bill of Rights.

Those Rights still exist on paper, but We the People have allowed government to chip away at them. Now more than ever, people are confused as to what Rights we have and what those Rights entail. There are those who think that abortion is a right, and that children have the right to decide what gender they identify as. Those same people think that the 2nd Amendment was created to protect hunting guns, and that “keep and bear arms” means we should maintain a federal registry allowing only 2-round magazine shotguns and rifles, black powder arms, and maybe some models of self-defense pistols limited to ten rounds. Of course, we need to have permits for everything, have an additional guns and ammo tax, and make it to where gun owners are strictly controlled.

If you can afford a gun, Citizen, it will be trigger locked at all times, kept in a safe or vault behind two locked doors, and registered with the local Sheriff’s Office as well as the ATF. If it leaves your property for any reason, local authorities must be notified. Oh, and each firearm you possess needs a separate permit based on type, capacity, and caliber. Also…insurance…we’ll make that mandatory too. Let’s see, that Beretta A300 with tax and permit will be $1950 (we sell them for under $1k in 2023, but Ol’ Joe and his fellow Demonrats will make sure they double in price), plus transportation permit ($50), ammo with a 300% excise tax, and a $50/month insurance bill, with proof of insurance to be maintained with the firearm.


Good post FM, there’s only one part I’ll disagree with you on…”When they found that the Constitution alone did not grant certain inalienable rights, they immediately went to work on the Bill of Rights.” The Constitution, as great as it is, NEVER has, nor was it INTENDED to GRANT rights. It WAS intended to enumerate and safeguard those rights that were granted to us by our creator. To state otherwise is to acknowledge that those who would take away our rights have the authority / power to do so.


Very true, I misstated that in my comment. Instead of “grant”, perhaps I should have used “recognize and codify”.


It’s all good, the intent was there, but for the uneducated (over indoctrinated) that think our rights DO come from government, it’s always good to be precise and not give them ammo..

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Looks like I’m in DEEEEP trouble if the (koff!) “law” (koff”) passes. Which parts? Nonya bidnezz.

I read thru that “gas operated” part, and I realized ALL guns are “gas operated”. From matchlocks and flintlocks, thru cap-and-ball, up to today.
The gunpowder rapidly burns/explodes, and turns into a rapidly expanding gas, which pushes the bullet down and out the barrel.
So…..(besides all the other anti 2A, anti gun nastiness) this is a not-so backdoor approach to banning ALL guns in civilian hands.

Continue to prepare, always carry, and stay frosty my friends.

Technically, even air rifles and CO2 guns are gas operated.


Like most of these proposed bills, the sponsors know they won’t go anywhere. It’s just campaign fodder for the primaries… “I tried to keep your children safe…”


“I tried to keep your children safe….” while actively allowing drag “queens”, cross dressers, whackadoddled teachers, groomers free reign in our schools, pre k through college.

Do you want to be a boy or a girl? We can help you with that and not tell mommy or daddy. If they do find out, we will have them arrested and charged for interference.

All kids when given the choice between a balanced meal with desert, or just plain dessert with no meal will choose dessert. Kids need guidance, but not from these people.


Those people have an ulterior motive.
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Is it still hunting season in Maine?


I’ts always hunting season in Maine.


Well I guess Anus and Martin will be first in the stack for the first raid to confiscate those evil gas guns.
If not, they need to SDASTFU.
I’ll close with a quote from Alex (not Jones, the Russian one)

Forrest Bondurant

Senators Anus and Himmler can fuck right off.

Slow Joe

So, the authoritarians that are constantly trying to erode our rights and freedoms also want to take our guns. I wonder why.


Now Democrat Susan Collins wants to use the military to take
away guns using “yellow” flag state laws.
Red flag, yellow flag….communist flag.

Last edited 7 months ago by 26Limabeans

And they also want a brain sample so they can justify a brain
sample from everyone before they can own firearms.