‘Angry Cops’ Discovers FOIA

| November 30, 2023

About those Officer Covid 15-6 investigations Mr. Secretary

We’re all well aware of the Biden mandated military Covid vaccination debacle. The fallout from that apparently is becoming an issue, as was mentioned here:

Army: About those COVID discharges..

Richard Hy aka Angry Cops updates the numbers of actual Covid returnees and takes the story about three levels deeper. In the quiet and subdued manner we’ve all come to appreciate.

You know what to expect.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant, to start with. Best of luck to Angry Cops in his FOIA pursuit.

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Wonder if he’ll see an answer to his FOIA before TAH/VG/MP sees the FOIAs that have been submitted for months/years? Oh…and when has the Feds been concerned about the Feds violating Federal Laws? Seems like that is a daily occurrence now. “c’mon. man!”


And here we are…Prepare
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15-6 investigations get folks attention.

MSG Eric

It’d be great if they also apologized to all those they pushed out of the Army during the Great Purge of 2014 too.

That was the beginnings of why shit got so bad in the Army because a lot of good people got pushed out for whatever reason “bureaucrats” could come up with. (The same bureaucrats that were protected due to job security.)


I served with a bunch of those officers, while we lowly NCOs were getting verbally counseled on QSP/QMP. I, for example, was called into the OPS SGM’s office to be told that I might be QSP’ed. I had seven years TIG at the time, with a couple of years as a Squad Leader, three as a Recruiter, and two in Brigade S3 (having been promised one year there before going to the line). In the SGM’s mind, the Army might consider me “stagnant”.

Anyway, most of those officers were solid professionals and more than competent at their jobs, they just lacked something the Army wanted, usually a timely command and the “right” awards. There was the CPT who was the daytime LNO for RC-East. We spent months alternating, with me working the night shift 2000-0800 seven days a week. His peers back at FOB Shank all got BSMs, but being out of sight, out of mind, he got an ARCOM. Also, he never got a CIB despite two deployments as a PL, and his staff time was before his command time, so while he got a company in 2014, he was out before he knew it. Same for the MAJ who ran the JOC on Shank.

Col Steve

As a retiree, I watched this BS from the Buy-dung Pentagon thru his incompetent DOD nerds, Gen’s Austin and Traitor Milley. If ever the troops had a reason to feel that leadership doesn’t have your back, the Plandemic China-Flu proves the problems with our military. Both of these Alpha-Hotels should have thrown their swords on their desks when Buy-Dung Fucked Up the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Blood on their collective hands because nobody on the ground had the balls to issue a Shoot-to-Kill order to save those brave Marines and soldiers. May the curse of eternal conflagration be upon those that refused that request.

This DOD, if we go to war over the F-Ups of Buy-dung and Blinken’s foreign non-policies the draft will resume. Girls and Boys may be heading to Canada once again. History does repeat itself doesn’t it.
The corruption is everywhere, and Congress is dragging their feet because so many in the body of elite politicians are also compromised by the lure of the CCP bribes and whores furnished to them for their personal pleasures.

I have had friends die after receiving the booster shots. Hell No! I will not get another shot. VA looks at me like I am crazy! they are brainwashed too. I haven’t had a cold in four years, I avoided masks whenever I could. I urge every American to resist the coming new Plandemic of election Year 2024. You are participating in your own loss of the American Dream if you don’t.


Although I had long ago left the military, I watched the 0bama gang get rid of most of the competent flag officers. He wanted nothing but compliant bootlickers for senior officers. So, I am not surprised at the gutless careerists running the DOD now.


Very similar to what has happened in almost all other communist and fascist regimes…


Not a good look. Just sayin’.


I watched the video when I got home yesterday evening, and hopefully AC can get a response to his company’s FOIA request. I like how he just started a business to avoid any repercussions on the military side of the house. I guess with over 1.3M subscribers and still being a full-time cop, he can afford to spend a little to do things “right”. Apostrophes added because he shouldn’t feel threatened had he submitted the FOIA request in his own name, but we know how things work. Kathy Hochul would be coming after him as a NYARNG member, and the NGB and DA would both be after him on a federal level. Hell, they’re probably looking for ways to silence this problematic “Junior” NCO. He’s speculated in the past on why he thinks he’ll never make SFC. He also had a battalion commander’s wife threatening him when he called out her husband and his CSM.