Sea levels higher in the 1500s than they are today?

| November 30, 2023

Here is an old article that talked about a shipwreck discovery in the desert. The Bom Jesus departed from Lisbon, Portugal, on March 7, 1533. India was its intended destination. The ship may have hit a rock off the coast of Namibia, tilted, and then capsized closed to the shore. It remained connected with the seafloor until the coastline receded and extended the Namibian desert. the Bom Jesus became a “shipwreck discovered in the desert” event.

From Türkiye

The Portuguese ship Bom Jesus (Good Jesus) set sail from Lisbon, Portugal on March 7, 1533. It was bound for India, laden with treasures such as gold and copper ingots, before sinking in a violent storm.

It wasn’t until 2008 that its remains were discovered during diamond mining operations in the Namibian desert.

It is estimated that the hull of the Bom Jesus hit a rock in a storm off Namibia and tilted, causing the ship to capsize. The ship was found to have sunk very close to the shore. As the coastline receded, the Bom Jesus reappeared in the desert.

The condition of the ship indicates that the storm that caused the wreck was very violent. But the absence of human remains in the area, apart from a few scattered bone fragments, suggests that most of the crew and passengers, if any, survived the wreck or drowned in the waters.

Dr. Noli, chief archaeologist at the South African Institute for Marine Archaeological Research, said the coastline has recently been notorious for storms, so finding a shipwreck was hardly surprising.

Türkiye has the rest of the story here.

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All the democrat marxists politicians and Hollywood pefos keep buying expensive beachfront property…that has only gone up greatly in value in the last decade.

They all know it’s all a sham.


Plymouth Rock is still as the same level it was in 1620, too.
comment image


Except that isn’t Plymouth Rock.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Your right, I don’t see the white rock girl kneeling on the rock the same as on the white rock soda bottles


Looks more like a Chevy truck


When I saw it in 1972, the water level was lower, but then it was at low tide.


20,000 years ago…a blink of the eye in geological time…

NYC was under a mile thick glacier.

Ground down glacier massive boulders can be seen Central Park today.

Then….something happened.


The ice core samples are very interesting. Wonder what biological and/or virals will be unleashed on humanity?

Dave Hardin

yep, I found sea shells in the rocks along the Appalachian Trail so sea levels must have been that high before. The Earth is only 8,000 years old. Oh, and it is really flat.


I’ve found fossilized clams at 7000 ft in the Teton Range.


I don’t know bout all that stuff, but AOC says the world is going to end in 12 years. If AOC says its so, its so. She is highly intelligent and edumacated with a background in the barista sciences, so it must be so.


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Uh, she said that about five or six years ago. So, according to her prediction we only have six years left.


Guess I better start spending my retirement savings now. Or something…


Of course, the fact that the levels of the land vary as well as the levels of the oceans is not considered.

Theories abound – creationist and evolutionist – and remain yet theories, unproven and unproveable. The value of a theory is to provide an explanatory value for past events that also provide future predicitve value for future events.
Unless there is a falsification factor, i.e. unless there is a statement to the effect “if x is found to be true, this theory must fail”, then the ‘theory’ is nothing of value.
Einsteinian physics had a number of such statements/predictions – such as gravitational lensing of light – that have since been confirmed, but confirming the theory’s predictive value does not “prove” the theory is 100% correct.


Somewhat. Some things are observable today. For example in Italy the land is rising due to volcanic activity in many areas of the country. This isn’t a theory this is observable.


I do not see how what you say is relevant.
I noted first off the variation in both land and ocean levels.
Einstein’s prediction about gravitational lensing was not observable at the time he proposed his theory – that was a predictive element that later became observable.
That the land is rising in Italy is, likewise, observable and has been for some time. The explanation of why the land is rising is from a theory.
One may adopt the theory (confirmed by other observations) that it is rising due to volcanic activity below and in Italy.
One might postulate that it is rising due to the Great Dragon turning in its sleep, breathing out magma as it awaits the day it is released to take the Throne of St. Peter, as the day grows nearer.
A theory ludicrous to us, but nonetheless a theory. One that can be adapted to explain all the observable phenomena.


Nuttin’ to do w/ “climate change” there.


The lower portion of Louisiana is slipping into the Gulf of Mexico. You can compare satellite and air imagery from 60 years ago to today and you can see what has happened. This isn’t due to rising sea levels but it is due to man’s activity and a series of bad decisions. Even if The sea levels don’t rise, 80% of it will be gone within 50 years. There are other areas on the planet that are in just as bad as shape.

The impact that we have had on the planet has been astonishing. The world’s fourth largest lake, the Aral Sea has practically disappeared all due to man’s activity. To think that we can do whatever we want and there won’t be any consequences is the height of idiocy.


Or is that sediment from the Mississippi River forming a larger delta?


Soviets drained the Aral Sea for irrigation use but took for granted how it got refilled. Dumbasses.

Venezuela looted its oil industry for Socialist “free sh*t” redistribution, but took for granted it “had too much” and didn’t re-invest in sustaining it. Same sh*t, different day/form.

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If this ship was in Philly, it would take the treasure to pay the illegally parked fine. As it is, they’ll tax the treasure (of us all) to “fix” the weather.

Back when my AO was called Appalachia, Firebase Magnolia was ocean front property. Too bad that it’s pert near 140 miles to Tybee Island now, I could go for some shrimps and crab legs for supper…with bacon and cheese grits.

George V

A recent report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation concerning a major storm in the US Northeast last winter describes how close New York and other states there came to a major disaster. climate website has info. Link here:

Climate change will not kill us, but climate policies will.


If sea levels have been getting lower then there is obviously a
leak somewhere. You don’t need to be a plumber to see that.


Thinking it’s spilling off the West flat edge…