Thursday shorts – oil, Bush, and insults

| October 19, 2023

Well, we keep the Strategic Petroleum Reserves up to be able to cushion us from oil shocks, right?

Oh wait – didn’t Joe Biden sell that off trying to rein in high gas pump prices? And then fail to replenish it?

In fact, the reserve still holds 351 million barrels — equivalent to nearly 56 days of total U.S. oil imports last year — though well below the peak of 727 million barrels it held during the Obama administration. That’s on top of 424 million barrels that private companies were storing in the U.S. as of early October.

We’ve discussed this before – the administration wants new crude tested for purity (the old stock weren’t, but we are greener now) and didn’t want to pay market rates. If the SHTF in the Middle East and our buddies in Iran decide to close off the Straits of Hormuz, what do you think crude prices will do then?

Five decades later, the United States is the world’s biggest oil producer, which exports more crude and petroleum products than it imports. Its output is at record highs and is climbing, even as demand has flattened. Politico

What they don’t say is that it’s a zero-sum market and we sell quite a bit of oil to our allies. Trust me, if there’s a crunch, we will see oil shocks and higher prices. I would expect the US oil market to look like the US pharmaceutical market… and we know who pays the highest prices.

Moving to a more cheerful topic: Cori Bush, St. Louis’ Squad member, is back in the news. Formerly, she claimed her now husband was  security consultant and funneled campaign cash to him for security, since she claims to have had multiple assassination attempts on her life and NEEDS private security (while calling for defunding police.)  Interestingly, he does not have a security license.

According to new filings reviewed by Fox News Digital, Bush’s committee paid Merritts $12,500 for “wage expenses” between July and August. Merritts previously gathered money for security services, but the committee switched their characterization in April as they continued to bring headaches for the campaign.

The new cash follows the $30,000 Bush’s campaign paid him before the third quarter. So far this year, Merritts has received $42,500 from the committee. He’s collected $102,500 since he first emerged on its payroll in January 2022.

The payments have subsequently triggered at least two FEC complaints from watchdog groups.

But even more interesting:

The campaign also paid Nathaniel Davis, who has claimed he’s 109 trillion years old and can summon tornadoes, tens of thousands of dollars for security services.  Fox News

Yes indeed, some days do just write themselves.

Here’s a quick view of Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi’s leader.  More than our SecState got when he showed up to meet with him. Want to know what our “allies” think of our administration?

Saudi Arabia’s ruler kept US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, waiting for hours for a meeting, then didn’t show up until the next day, in an astonishing snub to the US’ top diplomat, The Washington Post said. Insider

Not only can I not see this happening under Reagan or Trump, I’m not sure anyone since Carter would have not had a few choice words. Speaks volumes as to the respect the US commands, though, doesn’t it?

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USMC Steve

Not surprising to hear that. The Saudis flat refused to acknowledge Biden as the president for over a year after the election. They knew he didn’t win as well as the people over here who were not libtards and socialist democrats did.


Oil? That’s so 2022. We’re in the EV era, you know, the thing!

Bush (Cori edition) doesn’t need to justify her expenditures for security, nor her husband’s lack of necessary certifications, credentials, or licensing. It’s security…if she feels secure, the expense is worth it. Besides, she’s in Congress. Law, procedure, policy, and so on are beneath her. She makes the law, and we have to abide by it.

The Saudi situation just shows how little respect America is worthy of nowadays. For some unknown reason, in the past few years we’ve gone from being feared and having world-first agreements and meetings to watching the Dodderer-in-Chief stumble up stairs and stutter his way through teleprompter readings. Admittedly, Blinken comes across as kind of weak, but if they sent that stunning and brave “First”, Full Admiral Levine, over there in his stead, Saudi Arabia would have no choice but to respect our authoritah.


I can’t blame her husband. If I were married to her I would demand huge sums of cash to stay with her too. All the while pulling for “the alternative”.


Walking down the streets of crime infested Blue Cities does NOT count as assassination attempts.
She’s doing ‘all my family members are employees‘ aka ‘on the payroll’ for jobs that don’t exist or that somebody else actually does. Tryin’ like Biden.

USMC Steve

Just one of many hood-rat employment agencies.


Cuts to COLA amid inflation and high prices anyway stationed overseas:


Well, he snubbed Blinken but… at least we dont have to deal with mean tweets anymore.

So we got that goin’ for us… which is nice.


A much more peaceful world we live in now that mean tweets and a threat of ww3 have been averted because the mean orange man isn’t in charge.

RGR 4-78

Orange Man in Chief tried to restock the SPR when oil prices were low, he is such an evil man. 🙂

Last edited 9 months ago by RGR 4-78

It was called a Strategic Petroleum Reserve for a reason. POL is a necessary resource for things that are needed to defend our country. Oh…wait…we can’t defend our country only other countries. Ms Racist Buy Large Mansion on the taxpayer dime gotta make sure hubby gets his share.

Good luck on getting the respect of the Saudis…or any other country. The Saudis didn’t have a problem calling us back in 1990. Still waiting for other countries to tax their citizens and send us money.


Did anyone else have “imbecilic OPSEC viation by FJB” on their bingo card?

This is below even his usual low bar for screwups.

At least the person making the complainong post obscured the faces.



Holy fucking shit.

Yeah, new low achieved.

“We did it Joe!” –a trash receptacle playing VP


It was a big f****** deal.


Shhh. Those guys don’t really exist. Kinda like the E4 Mafia.


Plus, the fact that Delta had people in Israel is likely classified top secret. What a bunch of morons, with the moron-in-chief as their figurehead.


I did like “first responders”.


Yes, that’s a good cover, with them all standing there in full battle rattle. They should have been wearing those stupid surgical masks.


They apparently haven’t read about how careful FJB is with classified information.


Another example of the level of competence and professionalism that is emblematic of this regime..

Who says diversity hiring doesn’t work…


Don’t worry, they will file the photos in a closet at Berkley and Hillary Clinton’s IPhone 15.


Brandon will have prints made and keep them in a carboard box next to his Corvette.


MBS kept Blinky waiting for over seven hours.


It’s kinda funny once you get past the embarrassment that is our government.


He should have ignored him all together.


Anyone here wanna take bets that when Ole Brandon Boy Joey Biden speaks tonite, that he will yell and scream AND whisper AND talk about Beau Biden?

Look what he said yesterday to an Israeli Doctor (Video in the article)

“Biden Tells ‘My Son Beau Killed in Iraq’ Lie to Israeli Doctor (Video)”

“While in Israel on Wednesday, Joe Biden met with families, first responders and other medical staff affected by the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack on Israel.”

“One doctor, who said she emigrated to Israel from New York eight years ago, told Biden how she and Israelis treat Palestinian patients the same as they treat Israelis.”

“Biden responded by telling her the ‘my son Beau was killed in Iraq’ lie. Biden followed up by leaning in and wagging his finger in the doctor’s face and lecturing her on the importance of nurses.”

“Biden’s voice was weak, as it has been recently.”

“I wish there was something I could tell you. My uh, I got a phone call saying my wife and daughter were dead. My two boys were (unintelligible). I got a phone call my son in Iraq, killed.”

“I understand about loss. Guess what? A physician makes a gigantic difference. You know who else does? Nurses, nurses. Thank you for what you do. (Unintelligible). II feel just, God love you.”

He also had the nerve to talk about his deceased first wife and deceased daughter:

“Biden Recounts Story Of His Wife And Daughter Dying In A Car Accident As He Meets Hamas Attack Survivors And First Responders”


I thought Beau was killed in Gaza during the Hamas attack?




Didn’t he get off the plane wearing what appeared to be a runners warm up jacket?

Is he taking fashion/ Presidential attire hints from zelinski?


Well, if they have him properly medicated and all he does is read the text on his 85 inch TV teleprompter. He may avoid any gaffs.


Remember late night TV?


11B-Mailclerk posted above as well.

Slow Joe

It looks to me that the people really running the Whitehouse are a group of recent college graduates who think they know better than everyone else.
The level of incompetence surpasses the level of “the most transparent administration in American history”. I am sure the Community Organizer in Chief is proud of his old VP.


It’s not like this misAdministration ran up $600B worth of debt in one month. /s

It’s been said here before (below) and shall be repeated until the heads-in-the-clouds/dirt masses understand this instinctively.

The Plan is servitude to The Empire.

“Prepare” accordingly.