Boomer’s Sunday

| September 17, 2023

The hits just keep on rollin’..





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Laughing Wolf

Great job as always! Thanks for starting my Sunday with a smile. Dead people is true though. 🙂




Lots of good smile makers this morning.


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Somebody needs to call Julie and tell them we found the utilities they said weren’t there.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I like the toon with Curly Howard inside the pipes in the bathroom from “A Plumbing We Will Go”


You know how our progressive left/libtard “betters” are about that “racist” Constitution which allows individuals to have rights, guns and generally thwart “who you know” Social Justice (TM):

F6LW22-WgAAED9P const.jpg

P.S. Lenin kept saying it was “democracy” he offered, too.



dem democracy lenin png.png

I feel the need, the need for speed! 🙂


Kid Squid having his very own meme generator may not bode well for Dirt Digging Doggies. We could find ourselves in a danger zone without a lovin’ feelin’. Ol’ Poe take cover… INCOMING!!!!!


Texas sending illegals to NYC, Boston, LA, SF, etc etc.

Proving liberals are the real bigots. Priceless.


Re the ~dozenth ‘toon, the one with Fface Adams:

‘Liberty’, aka Bedloe’s, Island is a New York enclave in New Jersey’s waters, so that cartoon is inaccurate.

Also, if that crane is on Governors Island, Liberty and Battery Park wouldn’t be visible in the same frame as Bedloe’s is almost two miles SWbW from the southern tip of Manhattan.


So, that’s the reason my pool ball set was missing the white cue ball…

I have a pool table that’s been basically a storage space since I moved. I have the full setup, including various cue sticks, a wall mount for them, and even a couple of different racks for 10-ball and such, but need to clean off the table and start playing again. Until such time, it’s a convenient place to put boxes and change.

Anyway, having two sets of balls (get your heads out of the gutter), I’ve yet to find either [insert joke here]. My local Walmart had some on clearance, though. Was $38 and change, marked down to $15. I got home and something told me to check them. Sure enough the cue ball was missing. I suspect the others were marked down for the same reason.

Damned meth heads have their particular tweaking habits, and down here it’s taking little things. I was buying a trash can at the same Walmart and two different types were on clearance, neither having lids. The cue ball incident is likely some tweaker amusing themself, and months ago I noticed that the action figures in the toy aisle were all missing heads.

That takes me back to when I realized my brother has an issue. He called one day to tell me an associate of his had stolen one of my Milwaukee drills. No big deal, I bought two identical ones at 50% off the holiday price. He went on to tell me that this guy just picked up random stuff, and that since a female staying at the property unbeknownst to us owed this guy money, he just took whatever he wanted as collateral.

When we got my brother locked up, I spent many a night there loaded for bear. Had 911 on speed dial, but my Ruger AR-556 MPR, Winchester 1200 Riot, and three or four handguns were all ready. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t almost hope the meth heads or my brother’s Pagan MC associates showed up.


I usually find the the reason the white-striped ball is hard to find is because I have conveniently parked it in a pocket.


I keep mine in a sock or pillowcase



I just talked to my sister, whose 4-year-old will be staying with us while she handles some business in Texas. The pool table is cleared off, with one of my daughters vacuuming the felt as I type this. I’ll have to level it when I get home, but now all I need is a vending machine for beer and Buzzballs.

Daisy Cutter

I used to have a cheap pool table when I was a kid. Plyboard vs. slate bed, and it was badly warped. Cushions sagged. Nobody could beat me on my table. I could shoot, understanding the warps, and it would curve around another ball and strike the one I wanted. Then, I could hit the cushion at an angle and instead of bouncing off it would hug the rail all the way down the line into the pocket.


Mine’s as cheap as they come, given to me by a friend and a $300 Walmart holiday special a few years ago. It’s not warped that I know of, but eventually I may get a slate table.

Speaking of which, I may be going to the Juke Joint tonight. Maybe I’ll shoot a few games to knock off the rust.


Watch for the frantic “come help me” call to get you out of the house.

So they can take the guns you didn’t bring with you.

Had that done to me by an ex.

Safe was actually empty except for one Win1200 and some knickknacks, and enough loose ballast to suggest “jackpot”. (Heh. Peekaboo.) Toys were rolled up in a rug at the home of a cop buddy.

I miss the 1200. I do not miss the ex.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Sounds like a scratch with the white cue ball missing and in the pocket


Just think, if Democrats replace Biden, there’s… Hitlery!
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So that’s what causes cattle mutilations.

Slow Joe

I missed the Boomers today.


No you didn’t, you got in before midnight.