Kansas City resident startled by Army exercise near his neighborhood

| September 17, 2023

Army units are conducting military training exercises in the Kansas City area through September 22. The Army coordinated with relevant city authorities as exercises in these areas could lead to confusion and routine activity conflicts with the impacted civilian communities. However, Stephen Flanery, 41, was one of the residents who was not aware of these exercises. When he heard an explosion, he sat up in his bed and thought that one of the vehicles in the area had exploded.

From The Kansas City Star:

“It was definitely unlike any explosion I’ve ever heard in my life,” Flanery told The Star on Friday.

A quick bit of online research by his wife on the neighborhood Facebook page provided some assurance: Neighbors a few blocks away had been informed by police that there was a training exercise going on — and gunfire or helicopters heard that night were probably a part of it.

It didn’t make sense, Flanery said, how something like that could happen so suddenly and without warning. He said it was frustrating to learn that the operation was a planned one his family had no prior knowledge of.

“Because we hear gunshots. We hear stuff in our neighborhood and that stuff alarms you. But then if that was planned and intentional, and nobody tells you about it — it’s really disturbing.”

The topic was the stir of the neighborhood on Friday night. But residents of Waldo may not be the only ones surprised by the sounds of war this week.

It was the first in a series of military training exercises being conducted in the Kansas City area through Sept. 22.

Training will include air and ground mobility operations, plus close-quarter battle simulations, in urban areas meant to reflect the places troops may encounter when deployed, a spokesperson for the Army told The Star. The exercises include the use of controlled explosions for breaching doors, the spokesperson said, and simulated munitions.

The Kansas City Star provides additional information here.

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“Robin Sage, Fort Liberty Combat Test For Special Forces, Starts Later This Month In 26 NC Counties”


“For the first time since Fort Bragg was changed to Fort Liberty, U.S. Army Special Forces will be conducting a combat training exam across 26 North Carolina counties — including Wake County — and three counties in South Carolina.”

“Robin Sage,” which will run from Sept. 15 to 28, is the culmination exercise and has been the litmus test for soldiers striving to earn the Green Beret for more than 40 years.”

“Special Forces candidates assigned to the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School patrol are tested in the final phase of field training called “Robin Sage” in central North Carolina.”

“This year, Fort Liberty officials said the exercise includes Carter County in Tennessee, which is on the North Carolina border near Boone and Blowing Rock.”

“The more than 6,700 Army Green Berets are highly trained commandos who usually work in 12-person teams that are often used for specialized combat and counterterrorism operations and to train other nations’ forces in battle skills.”

“During the Robin Sage training, students will be fighting in a fictional nation called “Pineland” which in the past has been an “environment of political instability characterized by armed conflict, forcing soldiers to analyze and solve problems.”

“The U.S. Army wants to alert residents to the exercise, as they may see flares or hear blank gunfire during the training. The Army typically works in coordination with local public safety officials and “controls are in place to ensure there is no risk to persons or property.”

“If area residents do have concerns, they are asked to contact local law enforcement, who are in touch with military officials.”

“Robin Sage has been conducted since 1974.”


We, the residents and citizens of the Republic of Pineland are tired of the abuses by the imperialist demons from the American Army. If you want us to be placated and friendly, send us 24 Billion dollars in foreign aid.

USMC Steve

That dude in the photo needs a bigger pack. Go big or go home.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Where’s Waldo???????

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

See today’s Boomer Sunday, about a dozen memes down.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I did the Waldo comment before I checked out Boomers Sunday and I saw Waldo while scrolling down..

BlueCord Dad



Shouldn’t sound much different than a normal night in many KC ‘hoods. Does the Army have “Glock Switches” too?




Practicing door to door gun grabs and arrests for those who say FJB?

Reflecting areas where troops may be deployed to?

Am I the only one who finds this concerning or am I just being paranoid.


My thoughts as well. The need for realistic military training in real-world environments helps us to maintain a rapidly declining the world’s greatest military power. But is this just a means of desensitizing us to “training events” in the cities and localities we live and work in?

Robin Sage seems to be the subject of many conspiracies. When it comes to training SF troops, though, you need a lot more land than Camp Mackall and Fort Bragg have. I’ve had many laughs at the people who report about convoys of military equipment being moved around the country, thinking it’s a United Nations operation to take over America. I even remember claims that interstate mile markers had symbols on the back of them to direct military traffic (this was back in the ’90s, when militias and NWO conspiracies ran strong).

Coordinating enough “military training exercises” will help ensure that the populace just thinks it’s another day if and when the time comes that our Constitution is overturned by those who seek to destroy it. “I’m going back to sleep, it’s just the National Guard doing Urban Operations training again to get ready for their deployment to Ukraine.” “Wait, what, who’s that at the door?”


You mean you didn’t get the briefing on interstate traffic markings for military use only? That was like the first thing in Unit Movemement Officer school! Think night vision devices, not backwards signs….though some of them do read both ways.
Is it a conspiracy if it is true, or just if you aren’t part of it!?!


They need to start in Chicago. Once they are down to 10% strength they can come down here.

Not sure who’s going to do a gun grab? They certainly won’t get any help from the National Guard. That leaves about 400,000 soldiers. That wouldn’t even be enough to lockdown the DC area.


My thoughts on a potential gun grab are that it will be a failure on a few levels. A lot of law enforcement and military personnel are going to be against any attempt in the first place, so the “authorities” trying to conduct confiscations will be neutered from the get-go. That said, there are plenty of people in uniform who are willing to set aside lawful and ethical conduct for a paycheck, and it seems that many agencies, from local police forces to the DOD itself, are trying to attract that newest of demographics–the brainwashed “Me First” people who live on TikTok and feel like their gender identities and other traits must be respected above all else.

I’ve shared the story before of our attempts at getting guns in Husaybah Iraq in 2003. 3rd ACR was getting torn up due to only conducting mounted patrols, with the enemy stepping out of alleys and firing RPGs at the rear of 3rd ACR’s armored vehicles. We were sent in to relieve a unit from the 82nd and ordered to go house-to-house confiscating all weapons. Day one was a success, but within a few days, word of mouth had gotten around and we were finding only a handful of unserviceable guns each day.

The National Guard will be all but useless for those in power who seek to disarm us. Active-Duty forces will be similarly “unenthusiastic” about disarming Americans, as will a majority of law enforcement officers, especially those down South and in the Midwest. I can see some “enlightened” cops and military personnel from Big City, America getting on board, but what happens when a federal decree comes down and Governors activate the National Guard to prevent the Feds from seizing guns? What about the Sheriffs who will refuse to comply and perhaps will even assign deputies to ensure that no alphabet agency or military force will enter an area to disarm our citizenry?

It’s plain to see that a gun grab in this country will be a bloody affair, and one which will very possibly start another Civil War.


Gun grab was probably a poor choice to put first, but a why would you want to practice close quarter drills if there wasn’t a reason for it. Did they not get enough training in the past 20 years? Yeah I know, train, train and train some more until it becomes second nature. They trained for it I seem to recall before going into Iraq and probably again before Afghanistan. They did need it there.

As 5JC suggested, train in Chicago. Illinois could use the money it would bring in.


No one has gotten enough training in the past 20 years. The little bit of urban/MOUT/CQB training joes received before going into Iraq was a joke… basically, the trainer had to look at a few diagrams from the Ranger Handbook and then ignore all the specifics as they taught a bunch of guys who’d never even fired while standing up how to get killed easy.

Tell a dog, “sit!” Wait 20 minutes until it happens to sit of its own accord. Give it a treat and say, “Congratulations! You’re validated!”


“only conducting mounted patrols”

I have always thought of those early day operations as “trolling for IEDs”. They didn’t make sense to me then, and they still don’t.


From what I recall, there was an article about 3rd ACR’s exploits in Maxim magazine of all publications. It was about Husaybah being one of the most dangerous places in Iraq, despite Fallujah getting all the attention at the time. We were originally supposed to go into the latter city but were redirected to assist 3rd ACR instead. But just as we were attached to 3ID for the Battle of Baghdad, the Mech and Cav forces back then didn’t have a lot of dismounts and really loved riding in their Bradleys and Abrams.

I did get the experience of being rear security on an Abrams, though. Between the coax, M2, and M240, there’s 270-degrees of protection (I’m sure the turret-mounts MGs can shoot to the rear if needed), so they had me and another SAW Gunner alternate riding on the turret to watch the rear. It was cute: the Tank Commander told me I was welcome to use their MREs and rucksacks for cover if we took fire, while he would be buttoning up. Not being the most ignorant of Light Infantrymen, I knew that the second we got in a fight I was unassing the tank. Small arms rounds ricochet, and a ruck or case of MREs is not cover. Also, tanks usually attract bigger weapons than 7.62mm AKs or machine guns. No way in hell was I going to stay on top of an RPG magnet.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

WOW, if their is going to be a nationwide gun grab, I;m going to have to get my Kentucky long rifle out of the closet and start melting lead. Hmmm, where did I put that powder horn and tri cornered hat and be ready to pipe all hands to general quarters, this is not a drill.

USMC Steve

Not with this regime. Or any socialist democrat regime.


No, Odie, you are not being paranoid. You have either been paying attention to my comments over the last few years or you have gotten into my head…or both? ‘Fess up!


RGR 4-78

Jade Helm for president.

Slow Joe

And FJB.


Back when I was a street cop, every July and/or August, we’d have someone call about the Army taking over the country, they’d be on the main street, in miles long convoys, ready for the order. We’d have to go to the homes of a few of the complainers to try to convince them that it was one of the several companies of National Guard troops leaving town for their A.T.
And yes, it was even worse when they returned in convoys after training.


Serious question. What happens when in training, they come across someone doing something they shouldn’t be doing, and that someone would prefer nobody knew.

I have no idea where the Waldo KC neighborhood is that’s being targeted for “close quarter simulation “, but I don’t see the upside to this. Especially if one of those “somebody’s” takes exception.

Amateur Historian

“meant to reflect the places troops may encounter when deployed.”

Made me raise an eyebrow since American architecture in towns and cities are distinct from other locations (I think the UK and Canada may be comparable). Unless the plan is to avenge the War of 1812 or to incorporate Canada as a new territory for some reason, I am a little concerned.